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Live From Bloggers Row

The RNC Bloggers have arrived on Blogger row, and of course I left my camera in the hotel room. These pictures via Captain Ed.


From left to right that's John Hinderaker, Roger L. Simon , and Tom Beavans.

Now I'm off in search of news...


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Come and check out my new s... (Below threshold)

Come and check out my new site, stopthedonkey.com where I welcome people to post grassroots articles and news. The All American News allows people to get back at the liberal media by writing articles the way they should have been written.


I am loving Rogers look. Th... (Below threshold)

I am loving Rogers look. The hat and Hawaiin shirt are cool. Lets see a pic of you Kevin.

thats great pete, advertise... (Below threshold)

thats great pete, advertise your news site on another news site.

CNN Reporter Wolf Blitzer: "This just in, I have most of the story, but Fox News Reporter Greta Van Sustran wants you to check out her story because aparently its less biased than mine."

Kevin,Is Al Jazeera ... (Below threshold)

Is Al Jazeera there, too? They were at the DNC, just curious if they made it to this one.

Is Al Jazeera there, too... (Below threshold)

Is Al Jazeera there, too? They were at the DNC, just curious if they made it to this one.

great question fba.

I was wondering that also. I know they're supposed to be there. I tried to get into the frozen zone earlier today hoping to run into somebody from Jazeera. Of course, impossible to get into security zone w/o clearance (which is a good thing, very good thing).

I wanted to ask someone from Jazeera about its policy of not providing unaired portions of video footage to governments that ask for it.

For instance, in July when Jazeera received a video purporting to show the beheading of Georgi Lazov Jazeera refused to make it available to the Bulgarians who wanted to confirm Lazov's death.

It would only have taken the click of a mouse to send the needed portion to the Bulgarians so they could make the confirmation.

Instead, Jazeera made the Bulgarians come to their studio in Doha to view the video.

Because of this policy, Jazeera prolonged the suffering of Lazov's family. Bastards.

There is more controversy as of today over this policy.

It is rumored in Italy that Enzo Baldoni struggled for his life. But Jazeera, apparently making an already severe policy even more severe, won't allow the Italian government to view even the unaired portion of the tape at its Doha studio.

The Italian Ambassador to Qatar was shown a video grab from the footage at Jazeera's studio on Friday and that's how the Italians confirmed Baldoni's death.

I would really be interested in knowing the reason for this policy.

Jazeera says it's because of "professional and legal" reasons.

Hey Kevin, if you or any of... (Below threshold)

Hey Kevin, if you or any of the other bloggers want to grab a late nite burger, there's a great little tavern on 46th just east of 8th Ave called JR's. The kitchen's open til three am. Ask for Sheila.

Also, if you have any trouble with anarchists and need a little muscle let me know. I have a few friends in the Kitchen who are sons of some, ahem, gentlemen who established their credentials back in the 70's and 80's. ;>)






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