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Attack on Chris Matthews???


Attack Attempt On MSNBC Chris Matthews... Live On Air... Street Set Outside Convention... Hooded protester jumps security line ... Police move in immediatly... Guard Tackled... Bush/Cheney supporters gathered near show set at Herald Square were pushed and spat on by protesters, fake blood thrown while Matthews remained on air... Developing...

That's all I know... I had a customer call me and I left the house so I missed it. I'm tivo'ing MSNBC now so if they replay it, I'll update. Anyone with a link feel free to leave it in comments, I'll make it an update.

Update: Video link


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Comments (13)

I saw it live, by chance. M... (Below threshold)

I saw it live, by chance. My wife and I were speechless for a minute or two. I blogged it almost immediately.


I saw it as well, but I can... (Below threshold)

I saw it as well, but I can't accurately describe how far the guy got. There was a woman on the panel speaking and she stopped talking and focused off camera. I wondered what was happening for a second, then the camera shifted quickly to a guy who came over the fence or rail or whatever behind Chris, then the camera shifted away as a guard came across and grabbed the guy away. They seemed to keep cool from what I saw, and just went back into the convention for a few minutes.

Here's the link to the clip... (Below threshold)

Here's the link to the clip


crazy stuff.

I didn't see it but it does... (Below threshold)

I didn't see it but it doesn't surprise me - he's an idiot even though he's republican. He's just plain obnoxious.

How come no one has attached Michael Moore? He sure deserves it more than anybody else. He can't even write a truthful article about what is going on in the RNC. Maybe some troops could run the fat slob down; that would be aprapos.

Are they taking up a collec... (Below threshold)

Are they taking up a collection for bail money and legal fees for the guy?

FirstBrokenAngel:E... (Below threshold)


Even though WHO is a Republican? Surely you don't think Chris Matthews is a Republican ?!? Check out his history. He's a Democrat through and through.

Matthews is a DEMOCRAT...</... (Below threshold)

Matthews is a DEMOCRAT...

BUT, he's also been the brunt of criticism, if not outright "outrage," by the Liberal Left for not being "Liberal enough" (MediaWhoresOnline and the DU routinely have disses about Matthews', and that's from the Left about their own).

The fact that Matthews was the target of a protest act like that is more proof that the Left is nuttier than a nut basket. He's "too conservative" for most among Demos, which is a relief, actually. I mean, just watch the Left implode.

anyone got a link to the ze... (Below threshold)

anyone got a link to the zell miller flip out last night during the matthews interview where he challenges him to a duel?

This link<a href="ht... (Below threshold)

This link
Chris vs. Zell

...should launch the Chris Matthews vs. Zell Miller interview video (msn.com) -- however, I only got it to work in IE.

could someone post a video ... (Below threshold)

could someone post a video link (that works) on the chris matthews attack by the protester. i just walked out when it happened thanks

I saw it live also, I was t... (Below threshold)

I saw it live also, I was thinking to myself, how could this happen. With so much security around there is no way anyone could get that close, especially with a black hood on. Then I woke up today and the first thing I saw on tv was the cover up. They are saying that the person was an actress, Rosalie so and so and it was all a misunderstanding. She was in NY filming street scenes and got arrested. Does anyone see what happened here. NBC or someone connected to the Bush Gang HIRED this actress to do what she did. It was done to make the protesters look like the violent anarchists that the media has been labeling them all week. They got caught immediately or they would have run the feed on every station for a year. They probably wanted to say it was Al Queda but Rosalie more than likely started screaming I am just an actress stop beating me I was paid to do it. Hold the feed because too many witnessed the fact that it was an inside job. Then put it on entertainment tonight as just a big misunderstanding. How in the hell do you accidentally jump onto the stage like that. Are you still watching the News Amerika? Wake up folks we will be seeing more and more acting on the news in the future.

Matthews used the term "we"... (Below threshold)

Matthews used the term "we" when relating a Democratic party anecdote after the President's speech at the RNC. It had to do with his observation that the Republicans are better at releasing balloons than "we" are. He tried to backtrack it a bit and then just gave up and reiterated "we."

that the Left is nuttier th... (Below threshold)

that the Left is nuttier than a nut basket. He's "too conservative" for most among Demos, which is a relief, actually. I mean, just watch the Left implode.






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