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GOP Babe Of The Day [RNC Edition] Day 2

The Bush ladies lead things off...


Congressman Steve King's press secretary, Melissa McKay:

Dana Glover, who performs this evening at the convention.


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Comments (10)

Ya have a good eye for tale... (Below threshold)

Ya have a good eye for talent, but we gotta get you a better digicam.

Holy cow. If this Dana pers... (Below threshold)

Holy cow. If this Dana person doesn't sing like a cat with its tail caught under Grandpa's rocker, I do believe I shall have myself some new iTunes.

Jeff, I just spent the last... (Below threshold)

Jeff, I just spent the last twenty minutes or so watching ALL of the video on Dana Glover's site. SERIOUS talent! Oh, and seriously beautiful (ex-model). Might have to e-mail her and let her know she's gaining fans thanks to the RNC.

I wish y'all could've seen ... (Below threshold)

I wish y'all could've seen the gal who was running Herman Cain's Atlanta-area campaign headquarters, and who accompanied him to the opening of the local GOP campaign shop in Newnan. Yowzah!

If only Cain had won the GOP nomination for Zell's Senate seat, I could be sure that gal would be at the convention. Maybe she is anyway.

Kev, if I spot her in any of your photos, I'll let you know.

I thought that Matt somebod... (Below threshold)

I thought that Matt somebody was running Herman's campaign. Damn. I called on the wrong person when I went to their offices.

Re: McGehee...damn... (Below threshold)

Re: McGehee

...damn! I go through Newnan all the time! Wish I had known about that shop (and chicka)! Oh, and I voted for Herman! Hope he runs again.

Personally, I didn't care f... (Below threshold)

Personally, I didn't care for Dana Glover or her music and secondly, they should not have put on the Bush twin daughters. Sorry but kids today (including my own son) I have no clue what they are talking about and these girls (especially Jenna) doesn't have a clue either.

For Laura's first speech, I think she did pretty good; it's not that easy to do something like that, so I give her a lot of credit for doing so.

The scariest part is when they brought out the Jewish freaky-looking woman to say the last prayer of the night. Then I shut if off, cause man, she scared me.

I missed Dana live at the c... (Below threshold)

I missed Dana live at the convention, but was pretty impressed by the music/video she has online. She's undeniably talented, though that obviously makes no difference if you dislike her musical style... Beats the heck out of Christina Aguilera for talent (and the "role model" factor), not to mention those Voices for Ignorance jokers.

From:GOP Babe-of-the... (Below threshold)

GOP Babe-of-the-Week Winners!
Beauty and Brains Competition Archive

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Ann Coulter

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Karen Hanretty

Miss USA - Shandi Finnessey

Rachel Hunter

Ilana Mercer

Haley Cope


Dana Glover burns with the ... (Below threshold)

Dana Glover burns with the intensity of a thousand white hot suns! She is an amazing talent with an incredibly bright future. I encourage everyone to buy her debut album "Testimony". This is the best album I've purchased in 15 years. If Dana's magical wall of sound doesn't move your soul, you must be dead. Two thumbs up for this mezmerizing enchantress! That's only because I don't have three!






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