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How The Media Works

In some quarters the bloggers covering the RNC are getting abuse for not doing professional journalism. Given that we are 15 strong in a space of maybe 7 feet by 30 feet, I think we're handling ourself pretty well.

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hmmm...if i was ther... (Below threshold)

hmmm...if i was there i would steal stuff from the richer more extablished journalist(s).

You know just want in, and casually ask for an interview, and them steal stuff.

I would also proably be kicked out of the convention at some point in time.

You're doing great Kevin. ... (Below threshold)

You're doing great Kevin. I'm enjoying the coverage here and at some of the other credentialed blogs.

I think people forget that bloggers are not reporters. We don't write news copy.

Honestly, I'm not expecting professional analysis from any of the bloggers. I just want to get a look at the insides of one of these things since I (and most other readers) will probably never attend one.

Keep up the good work.

We don wan no steeenking "P... (Below threshold)

We don wan no steeenking "Professional Journalism".

At least as practiced and preached by today's MSM. That's what I hope you're there NOT to do. We, okay, I, want your thoughts. impressions, and THE TRUTH ABOUT THE "PEACEFUL PROTESTERS". If that's not too subtle. ;)

Yeah, we're just waiting on... (Below threshold)

Yeah, we're just waiting on the next installment of the "GOP Babe of the Day".






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