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More Franken Pics

I caught up with Al this evening and asked him about the incident. I asked him if it was a fight with the Ingraham producer about, and he said it was. "First he lied, then he lied again... He he lied several times before this"

Matt Margolis has the rest of the transcript of our impromtu inteview.

[Ed - suddenly Drudge Report is interested in the story, of course he has yet to link here for the full story. He's definitly not a blogger...]

Update: More exclusive pictures here and here.


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Comments (12)

Wow. Franken's accusing som... (Below threshold)

Wow. Franken's accusing somebody of lying. That's never happened before.

Is that Andrew Sullivan hug... (Below threshold)

Is that Andrew Sullivan hugging him?

Hugs, not Rethugs!... (Below threshold)

Hugs, not Rethugs!

You're lucky Franken didn't... (Below threshold)
Dick Tuck:

You're lucky Franken didn't kick your ass.

Al Franken closes his eyes ... (Below threshold)

Al Franken closes his eyes and tries to suppress a smile as his man-boobs are fondled.

I think you just found your... (Below threshold)

I think you just found your weekend caption pic Kevin.

I knew a Matt Margolis in C... (Below threshold)

I knew a Matt Margolis in California, I wonder if it's the same person, and it'd be REALLY freaky if it was....

to borrow the perfect phras... (Below threshold)

to borrow the perfect phrase from a friend of mine,
I used to think Al was witty....Now he's just witless.

Pull up to the bumper baby!... (Below threshold)

Pull up to the bumper baby!

Got audio?... (Below threshold)

Got audio?

That looks nothing like And... (Below threshold)

That looks nothing like Andrew Sullivan. It's Rich Lowry.

Franken is a little girlie-... (Below threshold)
Jerry Robertson:

Franken is a little girlie-man.....let him come up to the NW and get nasty with us!!!
And he IS A LIAR...






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