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Protests Turn Violent

Late Monday night there was an isolated incident of violence by protesters. Cable networks have been hyping is pretty heavily.

NEW YORK (AP) - Relations between Republican National Convention protesters and the thousands of New York City officers assigned to police them turned ugly Monday when a march from the United Nations to Madison Square Garden ended with a violent confrontation.

A protester attacked and seriously injured a plainclothes detective, according to police and witnesses. Hundreds of police in riot gear swarmed the area, pushing protesters away from the Garden and into nearby side streets. Four other police officers suffered minor injuries during the scuffle.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly called it "a blatant, vicious attack."

The plainclothes detective who was attacked, William Sample, was hospitalized Tuesday with serious facial trauma, but his injuries were not life threatening, police said. His assailant was being sought by police.

The protest began when a crowd of several thousand outside U.N. headquarters negotiated with police to march to Madison Square Garden despite not having a permit.

"They asked if they could march, and we said yes," police Assistant Deputy Commissioner Tom Doepfner said. "We try to be nice."

A wall of uniformed police on motor scooters blocked off half of Second Avenue as marchers trooped down city streets. Police steered the restless, unwieldy crowd through midtown Manhattan rush-hour traffic as cars backed up 10 blocks in places.

The march ended at the protest area south of the Garden. Witnesses said the confrontation began as police tried to use interlocking metal fences to contain the thousands of protesters. Some protesters began to push against the fences, witnesses said.


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Comments (6)

Being a Vietnam-Era Veteran... (Below threshold)

Being a Vietnam-Era Veteran and overseas during most of the Vietnam-Era protesting ... stateside; when viewing these 21st Century "protesters," I couldn't help but think that they had visited Grandpa/Grandma's trunk...once too many times!

The New Generation of Liberals/Whatever can't even protest without nuance.

Hey, hey!
Ho, ho!
I'm a protester, but what fo?

Sidebar: From what I have gathered since that time of drama; the "guys" in protest where out to score pu**y...the "girls" in protest where out to score c*ck!

:: shrug ::

"They asked if they coul... (Below threshold)

"They asked if they could march, and we said yes," police Assistant Deputy Commissioner Tom Doepfner said. "We try to be nice."

Like Bruce Willis said: "You wanna play it soft, we can play it soft. You wanna play it hard, we can play it hard..."

Looking forward to some serious "police over-reactions", as the MSM will call it. The NYPD calls it "payback"...

The "peaceful protests" are... (Below threshold)

The "peaceful protests" are THE story that will resonate with Responsible America. Show who is arrayed against Bush and what their tactics are.

I was listening to that inc... (Below threshold)

I was listening to that incident as it happened on my police scanner. It was pretty tense for about 20 minutes.

Careful out there Kevin. Fo... (Below threshold)

Careful out there Kevin. For several days, they had quiet and peaceful demonstrations and followed the rules. Most are not from NYC anyway. But now, you have a whole new group who is going to make it troublesome for the peacful protesters and since when did we have a president that was protested?

I'm with you Sargent America. Somewhere here was a quote by General Tommy Franks who said "I understand why Kerry is against but I can't figure out what he's for." ditto. Kerry has destroyed way too many lives whlie collecting Navy reservist pay during his protesting years and during his speeches to Congressional committees. My late husband was there, like you, a Captain, Green Berets, Special Forces, paratrouper, ranger and ADVISOR for 4 years in Vietnam but because of the prevailing attitude when he returned home, ended up driving him crazy till he died in 1978 in a horrific car accident. I'm sorry, but Kerry is gettng exactly what he deserves, after all, he's the one who brought it up. I just hope he doesn't salute again and says "I'm John Kerry, reporting for duty" if by some horrible reason he gets elected. God help us all if that happens.

Actually looking at it agai... (Below threshold)

Actually looking at it again Sargeant America, I am not sure what you were talking about so am not sure I agree. If people made themselves CLEAR instead of using certain jargon, I might have an easier time understanding what they are saying. Talking above people isn't nice either - ie AnonYMoses.






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