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RNC Day One - Hot Repubs In The City

The word of the day at the Republican National Convention was "sweat". I present for your consideration the security screening line circa 7:45 PM:

Given the fact that the line was nearly 1 hour long, in the stiffling heat (think 85 degrees and 95 percent humidity), spirits among the delegates and guests were remarkable good. I entered next to Rev. Jerry Falwell who was sweeting profusely. I bet you didn't think you'd see much of Falwell at the RNC, right? I didn't check his badge to see what kind of credentials he had, but one thing about the security was how extemely democratic is was. The was no "special" entrance for the party luminaries (that I could tell), everyone went through the same TSA screening. Only once you were safe inside the Garden was the comfort of air conditioning available...

Update: Rumor is that Al Franken got into it with another attendee (wether it was a journalist or delegate is unkown). Supposedly I'll have video or pictures of the altercation in the morning.


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Air Idiot losing it?... (Below threshold)

Air Idiot losing it?
Gimme, pics, Page Six!

So, once you get in...you s... (Below threshold)

So, once you get in...you stay (I'm assuming).






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