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Swifties don't let up

It is, of course, too early to tell, but it looks more and more like the same antics that propelled John Kerry to the national stage in the early 70's will be the thing that ultimately limits his potential. For all the protestations of the Kerry campaign, it was not some right-wing plot, but his 1971 speech before the Senate that galvanized the will of his former comrades. And for future reference... Never piss off 250+ Swift Boat Veterans. They have very long memories.

Vietnam veterans against John Kerry today are launching a new TV ad that shows the Democrat renouncing his war medals — timed to zing Kerry just before he speaks to vets tomorrow at the American Legion convention.

It's the latest move to undermine Kerry by the group known as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth — efforts that appear to have sent him slipping in polls and have sparked rumors of a Kerry campaign shakeup.

The ad starts with video of marching Marines and paints Kerry — who became an anti-war activist when he came home from Vietnam — as one of those who "turned their backs on their brothers."


But the swift-boat veterans have vowed to continue their ad campaign and have raised more than $2 million in contributions, averaging $64 each, through their Web site.

If Kerry thought they were going away, or even taking a break during the convention, he was wrong. The apparently have 2 more ads in the can.

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Swift y, Swifty, Swifty.<br... (Below threshold)

Swift y, Swifty, Swifty.
Boring, Boring, Boring

How about The Commander in Chief selling out the troops by announcing in a interview, that he doesn't think the war can be won. He wants to make terrorism "less acceptable".

Does he expect us to be like, "On no Ossama, we don't do that. It's just not acceptable." Sounds like a pretty sensitive way to treat the enemy.

Joe, I don't think the Kerr... (Below threshold)
Martin Robins:

Joe, I don't think the Kerry campaign is bored with the SwiftVets. I think the word I'm looking for is "terrified."
Bush misspoke yesterday. This morning he told the American Legionaires that "we will win."

Joe, Either ... (Below threshold)


Either you didn't listen to the president or you are so blinded by partisanship that you couldn't comprehend the point he made. I'll type slowly so you can follow along. He said the war can not be won in the manner other wars have been won in the past. No peace treaty will be signed with the terrorist's. The only way to win this war is to ensure the terrorist understand they can not win. We need to kill the bad guys not push them back across an imaginary geographic line and create a DMZ like between Noth and SOuth Korea.

Back to the swift boat vets... (Below threshold)

Back to the swift boat vets. Keep the ads coming. I am glad they seem to have moved away from the medal BS. I'm not saying they are lying. I'm saying I don't care about Kerry inflating his performance to get commendations. His misbehavior and lying after returning from Nam means more to voters. Couple that with his lack of accomplishments in the 35 years following Nam will result in majority of Americans saying "why him?"

There is no defense to your... (Below threshold)

There is no defense to your own words. Keep 'em coming, every 2 weeks or so.

"Swift y, Swifty, Swifty.<b... (Below threshold)

"Swift y, Swifty, Swifty.
Boring, Boring, Boring"

Really? I guess the electorate hasn't quite gotten the message yet. But then, so many of them are hick religious fanatics from flyover country how could they possibly know what's important, or what cool people think? Can you believe we let these people VOTE? They don't even have a single black-on-black outfit! Cretins!

Now don't be so mean to Joe... (Below threshold)
Jim Price:

Now don't be so mean to Joe. Everyone has experienced being intently bored with things they can't possibly understand.

Let me repeat The Commander... (Below threshold)

Let me repeat The Commander in Chief's new view on terrorism: "I think you can create conditions so that those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world."

No longer "Evil doers",
Just "Less Acceptable".

And Martin, as far as "Misspoke",
One man's misspoke is another man's waffle.

Keep spinning, Joe. Anyone ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Keep spinning, Joe. Anyone who heard Bush knows what he meant, unless they are being obtuse and childish. If you want to hijack threads, though, you might want to donate some money for Wizbang's bandwith. I wonder why the Lefties keep changing the subject?

Bush wins 40 states.

Apparently Steve Gardner is... (Below threshold)

Apparently Steve Gardner is hinting -- broadly -- at an October surprise Swiftie ad.

"Apparently Steve Gardner i... (Below threshold)
Mike G. in San Diego:

"Apparently Steve Gardner is hinting -- broadly -- at an October surprise Swiftie ad."

Well, so far surprisingly little fuss has been made about Kerry voting on whether to assassinate half a dozen senators in 1971. (Yeah, he voted not to ... but a person with any vestiges of ethics or morality would have called the cops.) I wouldn't be too astonished if this turns out to be the subject of the October Surprise ad.

Mike I try to play traffic ... (Below threshold)

Mike I try to play traffic cop on both sides when people make allegations around here. I thought he walked out of the meeting. (and didn't call the cops)
If he actually voted that makes it worse.

Can you please provide a link saying he stuck around. Perhaps my memory is wrong.

You're right -- this is not... (Below threshold)
Mike G in San Diego:

You're right -- this is not well substantiated. There are differing versions of what happened at the November 1971 Kansas City meeting. In fact, for a while Kerry was claiming that he had not attended at all, which *apparently* has been shot down by various eyewitnesses and FBI records.

Here are a few citations:




I think the Kerry story cur... (Below threshold)

I think the Kerry story currently on the table is that he was there, but had forgotten about it, and that he claims was why he may have told a different version before. There is no doubt that he never informed law enforcement authorities about what was clearly a solicitation to assassinate several United States Senators. It seems to me the VVAW members arguing for the hits committed a state crime (solicitation to commit murder), and probably a federal crime (conspiracy to murder fedral official).

About that time VVAW splintered off the VVAW AI ("Anti-Imperialist"). The VVAW AI were the guys who wanted to kill folks. Kerry stayed with VVAW but not only did Kerry never inform the law about a plot to wax elected officials, I don't think there is any record of him circa 1970-75 ever speaking out against VVAW AI specifically, or anti-war violence in general.

Obviously there are going t... (Below threshold)

Obviously there are going to be different versions... Everything involving Kerry somehow does. But having said that, I kinda like to make sure the pure B.S. is eliminated.

thanks Mike


"But having said that, I ki... (Below threshold)
Mike G in San Diego:

"But having said that, I kinda like to make sure the pure B.S. is eliminated."

Amen to that. I shoulda qualified the statement.

Even so ... IMHO, Kerry being there was bad enough. An ad that established that would be pretty devastating, I'd think.

Uh, I think you are off by ... (Below threshold)
M. Simon:

Uh, I think you are off by a factor of 10,000. There are 2.5 million 'Nam vets waiting to take a shot at Kerry. The Swifties are just the pointy end of the spear.

And for those of you tired of the Swifties I have a little something.


Steal this sig:

George Bush never called me “baby killer”.

There is a big difference between William Calley and John Kerry. William Calley is a proven war criminal. For John Kerry we only have his word as an officer and a gentleman.

New Soldier






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