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What Scares An NYPD Officer?

Terrorist? Protesters? Anarchists?

Nope... It's this guy:


That's Triumph the Insult Comic Dog from the Conan O'Brien show (Robert Smigel), and a producer prowling the street across from The Garden. I saw New York cities finest heading the other direction, fast, saying something to the effect, "Oh man, NO WAY..."

Triumph did manage to catch a delegate for an inteview. Based on his performance at the DNC, perhaps he wasn't able to get into the convention credentials?


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Comments (2)

That dog (well, his owner) ... (Below threshold)

That dog (well, his owner) is a riot. I hope he gets some good footage.

Well, he did get in Monday ... (Below threshold)

Well, he did get in Monday night, as I ran into Smigel and Triumph twice. The first time was right after McCain's speech, and he was waiting for his camera guy to set up. I introduced myself, chatted with him about SNL and other stuff, and then he noticed I was wearing the "I Believe the Swiftees" button I got at the NR party. He whipped out Triumph, and we had a back and forth, off camera, as several delegates watched and cracked up. It was pretty cool. Later, I saw him trying to chase down Jack Kemp, who just ran away. Funny stuff.






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