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Bono At The RNC

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Bono paid a visit to the Republican National Convention (posing here with an attendee):

Bono hung out in in the Host Committee Suite for 15 minutes...

Then as quick as he arrived, he was gone...


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Comments (10)

Yeah, but Bono has a HOT wi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but Bono has a HOT wife!!!

Bono was on with O'Reilly f... (Below threshold)
Jabba the Nutt:

Bono was on with O'Reilly for about 10 minutes. He came across very well and made a good, reasonable, rational and passionate argument for his side. No name calling, no hatred of conservatives, indeed had great words of praise for Jesse Helms.

Yes, Bono came across as su... (Below threshold)

Yes, Bono came across as surprisingly rational and reasonable on O'Reilly. A welcome change from what we've become accustomed to from the left in recent months. Maybe it's because Bono is more of a humanitarian and less of an ideologue. O'Reilly was more pleasant than usual too.

O'Reilly was more pleasa... (Below threshold)
Bill da'Bill:

O'Reilly was more pleasant than usual too.


That's why Bono was able to stay reasonable. For years the Left has had nothing but insults thrown at it. What you have now is a "we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore" sort of mentality that has erupted. Also, Bush's policies are beyond the pale and have offended so many people both here and aboad. You have to wonder, is Bush really fighting a war on terrorism or is he out to reshape the world in his image?

That said, thank (my) god the RNC is here only one more day. Hopefully some of you got to speak to Nyers and actually listened to them. I realize that might have been impossible considering the amount of anger that might've seemed directed at you this week, but please understand it's nothing personal. We just despise Bush and we despise the fact that you came here to celebrate Bush and that you've wrapped yourself in the flag of 9/11.

Good luck on your last day here. If you can, get out and talk to a NYer. Don't confront them. Talk to them. Perhaps some common ground can be met.

Bill, were you aiming for s... (Below threshold)

Bill, were you aiming for sneering condescension there?

I'm a former New Yorker (lived in Brooklyn, attended and taught at NYU), and Republicans are neither fearsome nor wondrous to me. I wouldn't presume to address someone as you have, encouraging them to "actually listen" to New Yorkers. You rather remind me of my grad school roommate, who had never been west of Philadelphia. Try opening your own mind a bit, sir.

You do your position (whatever it is) no credit.

"We just despise Bush "... (Below threshold)
Ed Colletta:

"We just despise Bush "

I guess Bill has Multiple Personality Disorder. I am a New Yorker. Most of my friends and family (mostly registered Dems who voted for Clinton)love Bush and will be voting for him.

Why is "We just despise Bus... (Below threshold)

Why is "We just despise Bush" the only argument the left agrees on? It's an emotional issue, not a logical one. We'll never be able to reconcile the differences when we're coming at it from two different sides.

Great job Wonkette--I mean ... (Below threshold)

Great job Wonkette--I mean Kevin.

The thing about the left, a... (Below threshold)

The thing about the left, and something I agree with experientially and which I heard Medved say, is that they are so blinkered by their own self-absorbed unicentric worldview that they can go their whole lives without ever encountering a conservative. They don't know any conservatives and all their friends think the same pop-culture way, ever since College. They have a homogenized worldview and thinks everyone is the same way they are. They avoid the un-cool difficulty of personal responsibility for their own thought-processes and adopt the leftist group-think mental response. Because they lack basic comprehension about the world, they get frustrated and upset like infants when things don't go their way. Conservatives are like mysterious ghosts, scary and able to pass through walls, poltergeists that throw a wrench into their half-baked plans, rich and powerful Deus-Ex-Machina pulling strings that they cannot reach.
They are upset with the existence of conservatives, just can't understand why everything and everyone doesn't go along with them, can't understand why or how conservatives exist, and since it's too hard to try and understand and it exists outside their realm of consciousness, they get upset and protest.

I have a question for all t... (Below threshold)

I have a question for all those who would plan to vote this election. Do you feel cheated by the lack of news coverage regarding both parties' plans for the economy?

Which candidate has plans to stimulate small business growth? Innovation for small farmers? Incentives for larger organizations to hire within the US and offer further training to their employees? How fast does the trickle-down effect occur and is it more or less effective than a grassroot development process?

All I every hear is about is whether or not Kerry deserves his medals and before that whether or not Bush reported for duty in Alabama. Guess what? The answer isn't going to protect your job from overseas competition. And, quite frankly, I could care less about the "moral character" of the candidate if either of them had a clear plan for economic growth.

Do yourself and your country a favour. Download both candidates' platforms. Read them. Read them again. Then decide who you are going vote for. Alternatively, if you prefer the easier method of deciding by the number of "I hate Bush/Kerry" versus "I love Bush/Kerry" soundbites you hear, then I advise that you see a chiropractor because having your head stuck that far up your own ass cannot be good for your back.






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