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Charges Against Kobe To Be Dismissed

Given the civil suit filled by Kobe's accuser, this was probably a foregone conclusion/

DENVER (Reuters) - Prosecutors in the Kobe Bryant rape case will ask a judge on Wednesday to drop the rape charge against the basketball player, a source close to the case said.

The case was based on a claim by a then 19-year-old woman that the Los Angeles Lakers star raped her last year in his hotel room in a Vail-area resort. He maintained the two had consensual sex and that his only wrongdoing was adultery.

The 26-year-old's defense team was seen rushing into the courthouse on Wednesday afternoon, followed a few minutes later by the young woman's attorneys John Clune and Lin Wood.

Prosecutors were also seen entering the courthouse in Eagle, Colorado where opening statements had been slated to begin next Tuesday.

This week lawyers for both sides have been trying to select a jury.

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Comments (7)

I'm glad for Kobe. The fact... (Below threshold)

I'm glad for Kobe. The fact that he could be sentenced to 25 years in jail for having sex with a girl that invited herself to his bedroom is outrageous. It is time for women to start taking responsibility for what they do and say. Life is not somebody else's fault.

Given the civil suit fil... (Below threshold)

Given the civil suit filled by Kobe's accuser, this was probably a foregone conclusion

How so? Because normally a plaintiff might wait for a guilty verdict in a criminal trial for the collateral estoppel effect? Are you saying the plaintiff knew the case was being dropped?

KipEsquire,The sta... (Below threshold)
Roger Sweeny:


The standard of proof in a criminal case is "beyond a reasonable doubt." In a civil case, it is only "a preponderance of the evidence." It has been speculated that the alleged victim doesn't think she can win a criminal case and doesn't want to go through the time and effort, only to lose and have to deal with that in the civil case.

Roger,"Esquire" me... (Below threshold)


"Esquire" means attorney. Thanks anyway.

"It has been speculated that the alleged victim doesn't think she can win a criminal case..."

The victim never tries a criminal case...the state does. A prosecutor can always proceed with a criminal case, even if the victim opposes criminal charges. Of course, a prosecutor with an uncooperative victim faces a real uphill struggle, but that doesn't tie into my query of Kevin.

Motive for not cooperating?... (Below threshold)

Motive for not cooperating? An active NBA player can afford to pay a lot more in civil restitution than an incarcerated former player...

KipEsquire,Didn't ... (Below threshold)
Roger Sweeny:


Didn't mean to insult you. Screen names don't always accurately describe the person :)

The Legal Analyst for CNN ... (Below threshold)

The Legal Analyst for CNN just said that the Prosecution didn't have a case and that Kobe wasn't guilty (the first time I've heard that actually said) and repeated what Kobe said - which he says was probably a legally written statement. All she's going for is money but I hope he gets money for wrecking his life and reputation.






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