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GNP Gossip Edition - Day Three

  • Protesters attack kids inside the RNC convention hall.
  • The Campaign Desk on police and protesters: "The police have mostly been restrained in dealing with provocations from protesters this week, something that even the protesters grudgingly admit, if only in private."
  • Retired Senator Allen Simpson has this to say about the GOP Babe Of The Day - "That's great"
  • Unfit for Command is number one on Amazon, BUT, when you request the list for "non-fiction" titles "Unfit"disappears. Pretty odd...
  • Senator Mark Warner (R-VA) on the Redskins quarterback controversy: "Brunell's the guy."
  • For the second time in two days InstaPundit and Powerline have conspired to horn in on Wizbang coverage, specifically Franken and today's The GOP Babe Of The Day.

    [Ed - Believe it or not I actually had to work to develop sources for those features, and yes is sucks when someone else get's credit for it...]

  • Coincidence? TBS did a mass buy of BlogAds promoting Sex In The City and the Bush Twins were using Sex In The City in their speech Tuesday evening.

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While I don't agree at all ... (Below threshold)

While I don't agree at all with what the protesters did - and there was a scuffle, in which one of the delegates was slightly injured - is it fair to say they "attacked" the kids? That sounds like that was the purpose of the demonstration and that it was premeditated, not just the unfortunate result of a confrontation.

I mean, fair is fair.

While the police have be... (Below threshold)

While the police have been restrained. It's not because they want to be.

Listening in on the police scanner, there have been a few unprofessional comments of what they would like to do with the protesters. ;-)

police scanners are great. ... (Below threshold)

police scanners are great. =) WIsh i lived there so i could hear it too.

Good job Kev. Still waitin... (Below threshold)

Good job Kev. Still waiting for Sheri. Sheri!!!

You don't have to be here t... (Below threshold)

You don't have to be here to listen in Brian. Just click that link on my site that says TeamSpeak instructions.

I am streaming the NYPD live on two different servers. You do need the teamspeak client to listen in though.

Wouldn't most of the idioti... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't most of the idiotic protestors doing the punching be the same age as the "kids" (eighteen to twenty-four year olds) that were attacked?

You're half right. Brunnel... (Below threshold)

You're half right. Brunnel will get the job. However, Mark Warner is the Democrat Gov. in Virginia. Virginia's two Senators are George Allen (son of the HOF coach) and John Warner (Former SECNAV)

odd -- the television clip ... (Below threshold)

odd -- the television clip I saw showed a Young Republican kicking a protester in a scuffle. When told it was filmed and asked about it, he drew a blank. Is this the same scuffle or different? In either case, both would unwarranted and unnecessary. We're all resorting to personal attacks, verbal and physical, none of this makes America a better nation at all.






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