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If You Could Ask Terry McAuliffe One Question...

You might ask this:

Does it bother you that the Democrats have nominated a candidate that told a fable about spending Christmas in Cambodia on the floor of the United States Senate? Read his answer or see the video (via Powerline).

It's worth noting that Tuesday Zell Miller and Terry McAuliffe were both in Radio Row, working the room, and neither acknowledged each other.

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Man- If I wanted to lie for... (Below threshold)

Man- If I wanted to lie for a living, I'd just scam little old ladies out their welfare checks.

I don't see how the man does that day in and day out.

The most interesting thing ... (Below threshold)

The most interesting thing about this video clip is not his answer, but the fact that he was on the spot, and promptly stopped any further questions.

I was under the distinct impression that he was quite uncomfortable with the question, and was not willing, or even able to answer the second question.

The McCauliffe interview ov... (Below threshold)

The McCauliffe interview over at hughhewitt.com is great. Terry just admitted that Bush was not AWOL:
HEWITT: You’re still holding that story that he never showed up . . .

MCAULIFFE: Hugh, wait a minute. They’ve released the documents and all we’ve got is more questions. He had one dental appointment. Big deal.

Do people who are AWOL show up for dental appointments? If you're AWOL, why wouldn't you avoid the very base your supposedly AWOL from?

Just asking.

Not surprising Sen. Miller ... (Below threshold)

Not surprising Sen. Miller and Mr. McAuliffe didn't acknowledge one another given McAuliffe's remarks below:

"Let's be crystal clear, he's not going to switch parties because if he switches parties, he can't sell as many books," said Terry McAuliffe..... "I've talked to people who've talked to him, and he goes around the country bragging about how many books he's sold."

The Dems taking the high road once again. *sigh*

Didn't watch the video, Pau... (Below threshold)

Didn't watch the video, Paul, but what I'd like to know is why is he in NYC at the RNC diner in the first place? And why are Kerry and Edwards about? At least George Bush followed the rules and kept quiet during the week of KERRY'S convention but this guy, he does not care about what is right and what is wrong, what's ritual, what's not. One thing for sure, the RNC was and is a lot more fun than the DNC. Can't wait for tomorrow.






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