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Kerry Getting Desperate

He's run an abysmal campaign but he knows enough to know when it is slipping away.

Kerry changes strategy, plans rallies
NANTUCKET, Mass. -- Sen. John Kerry on Tuesday discarded the long-standing political tradition for presidential candidates to lay low the week of the opposite party's convention by scheduling two rallies in addition to a previously planned appearance before the American Legion convention in Nashville.

A campaign spokesman sought to portray the move as a strategy to put Kerry on the offensive and denied speculation that the Massachusetts Democrat was concerned by the current state of the race and was trying to regain momentum.
Yeah. Right.
Thursday's night's midnight-hour rally in Ohio was being billed as a full-blown, unabashed rally. A campaign spokesperson said Kerry had always considered midnight Thursday the start of the general election campaign.

It's "hardly a sign of concern," Wade said. "It is what it is. After (the Republican) convention, at midnight, their coach turns back into a pumpkin and we're going to hit the ground running.

Sign of concern? Why would you say that? We always hold rallies at midnight.

Couple this with the shake ups on the campaign staff and it is obvious that Kerry knows he is in trouble.

UPDATE from speech today
Told Ya - Desperate


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Comments (11)

Hit the ground running?? K... (Below threshold)

Hit the ground running?? Kerry's campaign is already squatting dazed by the curb. If they want to start running anywhere they've got to stand up first.

I would agree that the Demo... (Below threshold)

I would agree that the Democrates are certainly being unconventional with these rallys during the RNC; however, there is nothing conventional about this Presidential race. Is Kerry Desperate? That would be an overstatement. Has the Bush team been more effective with unconventional tactics in the last week? Yes. Is it goin to get even more bizzare in Sept.? Yes. "Desperate" could also be the RNC putting McCain, Guliani, and Arnold in Primetime, while clearly, the platform of the RNC does not address diversity, openness, or the middle of the partys idiology on social issues. Right now, each party is desperate. Desperate to get a single vote more than the other. Desperate every day until the polls close on election day.

"the platform of the RNC... (Below threshold)
Jim Price:

"the platform of the RNC does not address diversity, openness, or the middle of the partys idiology on social issues."

No diversity? No "middle" ideology? What are you, smoking weed? That's absurd on its face.

Ahem. Know what General Tommy Franks, Former New York mayor Ed Koch, Arnold Schwarzeneger, John McCain, Don Imus (that's right, Don Imus), New York Firemen, and overwhelming numbers of war veterans have in common? (Besides being highly diverse in more than just ideology)

They're not buying John Kerry's empty rhetoric.

"Has the Bush team been more effective with unconventional tactics in the last week? Yes"

I'll agree with you there. Had Team Kerry not looked so LAME last week turning Max Cleland into a freak show by sending him to Crawford in that stupid letter-delivery stunt, we might have had a tie in that category.

Both parties might be considered desperate. But camp Kerry takes the cake. Their campaign is falling down around their knees like a loose pair of pants.

CAPTION CONTEST!!!... (Below threshold)


"Is that my campaign over there? Burning, sinking into the sea?"

That is a very strange phot... (Below threshold)

That is a very strange photo. A silly grin, coupled with shadows on the eyes that look like the windows on the Apollo Lunar Module. No lucky hat anywhere.

So how did the vets at the American Legion treat Mr. Kerry? AP doesn't mention if anyone saluted back.

CAPTION CONTEST"Gu... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:


"Guess this wasn't my week to quit sniffing glue."

(hobgoblin started it)

"Private Gomer Pyle reporti... (Below threshold)

"Private Gomer Pyle reportin' for duty, Sergeant Carter!"

Man, what a shoddy salute. ... (Below threshold)

Man, what a shoddy salute. I'd be ashamed if one of my Soldiers saluted an officer with such a limp wrist and a goofy grin. From FM 22-5 Drill and Ceremony
"raise the right hand sharply, fingers and thumb extended and joined, palm facing down, and place the tip of the right forefinger on the rim of the visor slightly to the right of the right eye. The outer edge of the hand is barely canted downward so that neither the back of the hand nor the palm is clearly visible from the front. The hand and wrist are straight, the elbow inclined slightly forward, and the upper arm horizontal "
Granted, this is an Army Field Manual so maybe it's a bit different in the Navy. But I know that bending the wrist like that, and the nearly 90 degree angle of his upper and lower arm is wrong. Sheesh, Kerry can't even be bothered to execute a proper hand salute.

I mentioned this somewhere ... (Below threshold)

I mentioned this somewhere else - and I called Kerry "ungentlemanly" because of his actions, his speeches, Edwards' speeches and actions and the fact the head of the DNC is right there in NYC visiting all the Republican people, journalists, getting himself on Tv, et al. Bush gave Kerry the respect of laying low and keeping quiet, but Kerry and Edwards and Terry McM can't seem to stay out of the limelight; that's "ungentlemanly" and that's the only nice word I can come up with.

Flop sweat, baby. Flop swea... (Below threshold)

Flop sweat, baby. Flop sweat.

Check the "salute" photo wi... (Below threshold)

Check the "salute" photo wiht the disembodied hand:
"Senator, my God, you're sweating! Here, let me put some direct pressure on that, and then I'll order another Purple Heart!"






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