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Useless Boobs

On my way home tonight, I passed an old Volvo station wagon with the license plate "LA LECHE."

It was being driven by an older man with a beard.

I sincerely hope it was his wife's car...


Update: Um... the first thing I thought of when I saw the license plate was the La Leche League, which is the support and education group for breastfeeding... I had absolutely no idea where this thread would be going. Lord, I'm mortified.

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That is still funny.... (Below threshold)

That is still funny.

Maybe he was a milkman! LMA... (Below threshold)

Maybe he was a milkman! LMAO

Did I miss something? Does... (Below threshold)
Andrew S:

Did I miss something? Doesn't "la leche" loosely translate into "the shit?" I'm missing the feminine aspect of this joke.

In spanish, 'la leche' can ... (Below threshold)

In spanish, 'la leche' can also come from the guy. It depends on who it is referring to, but usually to guys.

No, it means the milk, and ... (Below threshold)

No, it means the milk, and yes it can refer to a guy, nothing hotter than a chick wanting to "toma su leche." (GRIN)

David Anderson
Delivering Leche to Costa Rica's most beautiful women since 1994

Um. Hmmm. Well, interesting... (Below threshold)

Um. Hmmm. Well, interestingly, I think I may personally know the driver and his wife. Was the Volvo navy blue and was the driver's hair dark?

I lived in NH for a while and have some friends in the seacoast area. They drive a navy blue Volvo, he's about 14 years older than his wife, and she got really into Le Leche when she had their kids. Weird coincidence.

Jen, I thought the car migh... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Jen, I thought the car might've been gray, but it was definitely an older, 240-style sedan. And the guy did have pretty dark hair. All i know for certain is that it he was lactating, I DON'T WANNA KNOW about it.


He was from Los Angeles, an... (Below threshold)

He was from Los Angeles, and is lecherous.

Well, in French, "la leche"... (Below threshold)

Well, in French, "la leche" could be roughly translated into "the link", but with a strong sexual connotation...

Well, in French, "la leche"... (Below threshold)

Well, in French, "la leche" could be roughly translated into "the link", but with a strong sexual connotation...

sorry "the liCk", not "the ... (Below threshold)

sorry "the liCk", not "the link"...

In Peninsular Spanish the s... (Below threshold)

In Peninsular Spanish the standard meaning of "la leche" is "the milk". In slang, "leche" can mean "semen", but that's really not that commonly used. "Ser la leche" means the same thing as "ser la hostia": approximately, "to be kick ass".

That's nothing. I we... (Below threshold)

That's nothing. I went to a Pizza Hut one day and there was an old Mercedes Benz in the parking lot with a license tag of RUF N BED.

The dude was like 87.

Maybe he was a <a href="htt... (Below threshold)

Maybe he was a milkman.

(If this link doesn't give you the willies, nothing will.)

crack me up!! And the arti... (Below threshold)

crack me up!! And the article about the milkman is true in effect; it actually can be done. Babies are born with milk and they don't care what nipple they succle. hahaha You started it Jay!! But if I had seen the license plate, I would have automatically thought the guy was a letch, not a milkman. :-)

I have an even better on... (Below threshold)

I have an even better one.. I was at the bank and there were these two older men (both in their 80s at least) opening a new account. The one sitting down was dressed very smart. But the one standing up next to him had on black leather pants; red striped shirt; and a black leather jacket (It's August in Kansas City too!!!) PUNCH LINE The back of the black leather jacket said "Boy Toy" and he had a steel link dog leash hanging around his neck. I swear to God.






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