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Dem Delusions

One of the problems I've had since I've entered the blogosphere is my love/hate relationship with the word "delusional." I simply don't know of another word to describe the mental state of many liberals. I've been to the thesaurus but I can't find a suitable replacement.

The other problem is that a sure sign you have gone mad is when you think everyone else is but you.

But having said all that I can think of no other description for the comments I've seen from the left of late. Consider these examples:

Max Cleland must have an inside track to the CDC statistics even before they are complied.

Former Georgia Sen. Max Cleland, who joined Mr. Kerrey in demanding Mr. Rove's resignation on behalf of the campaign, said the veterans attacking Mr. Kerry's war record have contributed to a spike in suicides, which, he says, has occurred among veterans.

So lemme get this right... Veterans all over the country are so in love with John Kerry that when they find out he is a liar they can't handle the pressure and kill themselves?!?! Is this man on crack?

Matthew Yglesias must have been hearing voices in his head during Zell Miller's speech.

I've long thought it a bit odd that Bush-lovers would follow Walter Russell Mead in proclaiming their boy the heir of Andrew Jackson's legacy of racism-infused militarism and casual disregard for the US constitution, but with regard to Zell Miller, Instapundit says admiringly that the shoe fits.

So.... If a Democrat comes out for a strong national defense that makes him a racist?

But apparently it is a group delusion because Ken Layne is hearing the voices too:

I grew up in the South, surrounded by sons of bitches like Zell Miller -- bitter old nigger-haters who couldn't possibly understand why they weren't right about anything -- and this dixiecrat piece of shit is probably the best advertisement for the Bush Administration's Compassionate Conservatism we've ever seen.

As the Veep would say, it's mutual. I think Ken is the best advertisement of the though processes and beliefs of liberals.

As I noted yesterday, Matthew Yglesias tried to make the case that Arnold was lying in his speech because the Soviets were not a big problem is Austria. Unfortunately Matt must not have access to google.

Then who could forget, as I noted yesterday, Kos saying Arnold was lying becasue... well.. because something Arnold never said in his speech was false.

Or maybe they are just getting desperate because they see John Kerry is in deep dodo. That might explain Kevin Drum's most eloquent response to Zell Miller last night:

Fuck you, Zell.

I'm sure it's posts like that one that make the Washington Monthly glad they put him on the payroll.

I realize when you call everyone else crazy it is a sure sign you need to be committed yourself... but this can't be just me.

(Multiple hat tips to Doc Poliblog)


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Comments (10)

I know you're blogging on t... (Below threshold)

I know you're blogging on the run, but the bad guys in the Sound of Music were the Nazis, not the Soviets.

These leftist commentators ... (Below threshold)

These leftist commentators are so frustrated they can't stand it.

The people Kerry is going to have to worry about after this election are on his own side. He's going to have to retire to his (wife's) estate(s) and close the gates, because these guys are going to hate him viscerally for the rest of his life, for letting them down.

Ironically, think about it, this means the leftists are going to finish by lining up right alongside the Swift Vets!

ROFLMAO Thanks Jema.<... (Below threshold)

ROFLMAO Thanks Jema.

I was trying to hurry before the convention started. One of my commentors left that on my original post and I did not slow down long enough to think about it.

You caught me sleeping.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm... (Below threshold)
Steve in Houston:

Maybe it's just me, but I'm struck by how often the "I'm really honestly scared" meme seems to come up.

Sullivan has always been like that, but all this "I thought I was in Nuremberg and they were maybe going to KILL me!" stuff is so overwrought.

And I keep thinking "Wait: You guys are the ones talking about the GOP running a campaign of fear ... and now you're all acting afraid?"

Layne's reaction, of course, is ridiculous, because you can find racist jackasses anywhere in the country (and that's even assuming his charges at Miller are valid). The South doesn't have a monopoly on them, though the South is the only place that isn't allowed to atone and move on, of course.

<a href="http://img89.exs.c... (Below threshold)
Amber W.:


just a little gem...that's the back of g. bush sr.'s head...with the king at the jaycees in 1971.

elvis also met with nixon in 1970. ;)

just a gem...


the most requested item in the national archives...even more requested than the declaration of independance and constitution!

Yes, you got it we are delu... (Below threshold)

Yes, you got it we are delusional, delusionally happy about how the Republican convention went nowhere except to try to bash John Kerry with no positive message for the future and no touting of those great GWB achievements over the past almost 4 years.

The delusional beginning of the end of a closely divided wrong decision that the country made almost 4 years ago.


Haven't seen it yet, but ex... (Below threshold)

Haven't seen it yet, but expect to.
In reply to Dem Leftist calls for Zell to leave the Democratic Party if he doesn't agree on their positions -- why not ask Kerry to leave the Catholic Church if Kerry doesn't agree/ vote in accordance with core Church doctrine?

I wonder if Max (Mad Max?) ... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Max (Mad Max?) Cleeland has insight into the number of veterans who committed suicide, or became lost souls, due to the shame and mischaracterisations that Kerry recklessly burdened them with upon their return from honorable service in Vietnam?

The people that believe any... (Below threshold)

The people that believe anything that this administration says are the ones that are delusional. Maybe the reason that vets are killing themselves is that they have suddenly realized that their medals don't matter.

Bush's election wasn't "a closely divided wrong decision" made by the country, it was a wrong decision made by conservative supreme court.

By the way, if you're such a religous fanatic that you think Kerry should leave the church just because he believes in a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body, how do you feel about killing thousands of innocent people so that you can make more oil money?

And you're right, Kevin Dru... (Below threshold)

And you're right, Kevin Drum's response to Miller's speech was eloquent. So was Dick Cheney's rather public "Go fuck yourself" earlier this year.






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