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GOP Babe Of The Day [Media Edition]

Today's GOP Babe Of The Day is an all media babe edition. Warning - Some of the babes might not actually be Republicans...

First, Ann Coulter on Radio Row. Ann's obviously a big fan of the blogs, and is much hotter in person that in pictures.

And a bonus shot of Coulter.

Second, Norah O'Donnell from NBC.

Finally, NBC's Campbell Brown MSNBC's Chris Jansing. [Ed - Obviously fatigue has set in. Ordinarily there's no way I miss that ID...]


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Comments (11)

That's not Campbell Brown i... (Below threshold)

That's not Campbell Brown in the last pic. It's Chris Janzing or something like that. I don't watch MSNBC enough to know how her name is spelled.

Couldn't any of you heartle... (Below threshold)

Couldn't any of you heartless people at the convention feed that Coulter woman?

Wait, that's neither Campbe... (Below threshold)
Hank Fenster:

Wait, that's neither Campbell Brown nor Chris Janzing. It's Agent Scully from the X-Files.

Did I miss it? Or did you ... (Below threshold)

Did I miss it? Or did you *not* have Sheri Valera as a GOP Babe of the Day?

That babe from Florida is a... (Below threshold)

That babe from Florida is a lot hotter than any of the three posted. Norah does have nice legs but only about a 7 or so overall.

Agent Scully's lips are mor... (Below threshold)

Agent Scully's lips are more pouty than Jansing's. And I agree that Ann needs to snack a bit more.

That second shot of Coulter... (Below threshold)

That second shot of Coulter is just right to make a set of pundit paper dolls.

Chris Jansing is very good ... (Below threshold)

Chris Jansing is very good looking! I'm not sure how old she is, but she graduated college in 1978. Brains and Beauty, the whole package!!!

Pardon my being bitchy, but... (Below threshold)

Pardon my being bitchy, but I have to say it: Black underpants with a transluscent pink dress...What was she THINKING?!

To Korgmeister,I am ... (Below threshold)

To Korgmeister,
I am a photographer. What you see is the shadow of her handbag. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

Great pictures, Wizbang. Ve... (Below threshold)
David Powell:

Great pictures, Wizbang. Very well done and cool. Chris Jansing is awesome, she is a class reporter and a class act. H.F. is right! She does have the Gillian Anderson/Agent Scully thing going on in that picture! I guess it is that inquisitive nature. :+)

Coulter is cool as always.... also Laura Ingraham was on MSNBC this week with Matthews and Ingraham was really showing a fighting side, especially regarding David Gergen, much more than she usually does....

Norah O'Donnell is a fine reporter and also looks good in her shot - great shot of the legs.

I agree with the assessment of all three. Brains, moxie and beauty all in one package rule it. I'd much rather hang with a lady like that than some of the "babe of the moment" types the pop culture industry foists on the country.






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