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Gossip Extra - September Surprise?

I'll be the first to question the timing of this...

Osama bin Laden has been captured in Pakistan?

We have received reports from US sources that Pakistani security forces have captured Osama bin Laden.

According to these sources, bin Laden was captured not far from Chitral in the Northern part of Pakistan (between Chitral and Peshawar), approximately 4 weeks ago.

This has not yet been confirmed, but we are told the information comes from a source that has provided reliable reports in the past.

I guess you'll have to tune in to the Bush acceptance speech to see if this story "has leg". Given the source the story should be taken with exceedingly large doses of skepticism. Still, wouldn't it be a story if Bush announced the capture of Bin Laden...

Update: Just so you know.. I know this is probably totally bogus, I just thought it would be make thing a little more interesting.


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Comments (10)

Two hamburgers for you if y... (Below threshold)

Two hamburgers for you if you call this on the money

We'll see...but meanwhile..... (Below threshold)

We'll see...but meanwhile...

this could be rumor driven.

As much as that would be to... (Below threshold)
So It Begins:

As much as that would be totally awesome does anyone really think they could keep this a secret for 4 weeks, as the "article" indicates? I mean, how long did they keep Saddam undercover? A few hours?

Haven't these rumors been f... (Below threshold)

Haven't these rumors been floating around for months?

As much as that could've be... (Below threshold)

As much as that could've been true, it's highly unlikely. I hereby evoke the Den Beste Rules on breaking news: Wait 48 hours and wait for any confirmation before we get excited.

Well, I'm firmly convinced ... (Below threshold)
Greg D:

Well, I'm firmly convinced that Osama's been dead for years, so I'll be real surprised if this turns out to be true.

OTOH, it won't be the first time I've been wrong. [shrug]

No way this rumor is true. ... (Below threshold)

No way this rumor is true. And if it IS true, then waiting until the convention speech to announce it will prove to be a bad idea.

I Agree with you Joe. There... (Below threshold)

I Agree with you Joe. There are too many skeptics out there and announcing the capture of Osama on the night of the President's GOP speech would just be WAY too obvious.

I still hold my position that Osama won't be found until mid-to-late October. ;)

No, he's going to announce ... (Below threshold)

No, he's going to announce the capture of Madeleine Albright.

That's just Rusty fooling a... (Below threshold)

That's just Rusty fooling around, Kevin.







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