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Insta Reaction - Peter Jennings and George Stephanopoulos

I caught up with Peter Jennings and George Stephanopoulos as they made their way their broadcast location, I asked them what they thought of the President's speech.

Aylward - Gentlemen, can I ask you what you thought of the Presidents speech.

Jennings I thought the last six paragraphs were terrific. You know I was just saying to George, it was an hour speech and the last 6 were six paragraphs great.

Aylward - "What did you think about the President showing emotion?"

Stephanopoulos - That's what was so powerful. It was clearly real.

There you have it. Even the pundits at ABC were impressed.


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Comments (6)

Even FOXNews.com got it rig... (Below threshold)

Even FOXNews.com got it right: "Bush Calls Iraq Invasion a 'Catastrophic Success'".

You may have noticed I have not been posting verbatim transcripts of speeches from the Republican National Convention, something I did with enthusiasm during the Boston "D" Party. Well, tough. The War Terrorists have their own blogs - and newspapers, talking heads and radio yahoos, thank you very much. But a tip of the hat to the Bush-hard-on'd FOX for carrying the wonderful brain fart emanating from Dubya.

I remember thinking, during the Democratic Convention, that if CNN was as generous with the point-of-view from "the other side" in New York, we would never hear the end of John Kerry's deputies while Bush and his cronies were trying to take over Manhattan. Pfft...as if...So who did Wolf (can you say "shrill") Blitzer have on almost immediately following Bush's acceptance speech? None other than Ralph Reed, the Focus On The Family, hitch-your constitution-to-my-bigoted dog and pony show!


Someone correct me if I'm w... (Below threshold)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong here (not you Kenn Chaplin, I don't want you to froth all over my shirt), but isn't "catastrophic success" a military term, one used to describe something like the unexpectedly quick advance into Baghdad, which throws off advanced planning?

Kevin, I'm surprised you go... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I'm surprised you got Peter Jennings to admit that there was anything good about the speech--on air he sounded very partisan, like a Kerry-supporter....

Wow Kenn, you sound so wond... (Below threshold)

Wow Kenn, you sound so wonderfully open minded.
And as you identify CNN as hard-right, you clearly are a moderate non-partisan

And what the hell does anything you're saying have to do with the inteview w/Jennings & Mr. Stupponupoclous.

Somehow I missed the fact t... (Below threshold)

Somehow I missed the fact that Kenn hadn't posted verbatim transcripts of speeches from the RNC. Just like I missed, apparently, the transcripts he did post for the DNC.

Oh that's right...I've never heard of his blog before. That might be why.

Kenn: You started at the bo... (Below threshold)

Kenn: You started at the bottom...and it's been downhill ever since!






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