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Most Florida Delegates Leave Convention

Wizbang special correspondent (and Florida delegate) Sheri Valera reports that 50% or more of the Florida delegation has left the convention.

The Florida delegation included a number of public officials, all of whom have been called back to their positions. A number of the officals were part of the state governments emergency response team. More information on the storm from AP:

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Residents and tourists in cars, trucks and campers clogged highways Thursday in the biggest evacuation ever ordered in Florida, fleeing inland as mighty Hurricane Frances threatened the state with its second battering in three weeks.
Now it's off to the convention hall to watch the speeches...


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Comments (4)

Damned right they left. The... (Below threshold)

Damned right they left. They'd never have a chance at re-election if they stayed. They know that.

Yeah becasue you know, genu... (Below threshold)

Yeah becasue you know, genuine concern for their state COULDN'T POSSIBLY be the reason that those evil republicans would leave the convention early.

*rolls eyes*

Equally important, Sara is ... (Below threshold)

Equally important, Sara is not in danger (at least not from the hurricane).

You finally pulled through ... (Below threshold)

You finally pulled through for us!!! Hazzah!!! Long live Aylward!!!






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