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Recapping Wizbang's RNC Coverage

For those who have been quick to criticize Wizbang's coverage of the RNC, let's do a little recap of the exclusive content generated here since Monday:

And that's just here at Wizbang. Check out the rest of the RNCBloggers, there's a lot more exclusive content that the RNCBloggers have broken here this week. And remember we don't have the kind of access and staff that the main stream media have here.

None of the credentialed bloggers are news organization; they're weblogs. It's not really fair to hold any blog to the same standards for output and breadth of reporting that you would for The New York Times, CNN, NBC, etc. That said, I'd say our collective output stands up very well against, for example, MSNBC's.

Update: The BBC News Weblog seems to understand what we're trying to do.


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Comments (11)

Kevin, your coverage of the... (Below threshold)

Kevin, your coverage of the RNC convention has been just what I expected it to be.

Let's not forget that there is no prescedent for what bloggers are doing at these conventions. The DNC coverage wasn't that great. The RNC coverage has been much better thanks mostly to the fact that bloggers were able to learn from the mistakes of the DNC bloggers. As more and more bloggers cover events as credentialed journalists the coverage will get better and better. Mostly because bloggers learn from each other. We will learn what techniques work and which do not.

Vietcong in the mist.....</... (Below threshold)

Vietcong in the mist.....

Just when you thought we mercifully might be nearing the end to the "Great Kerry Vietnam Adventure", now comes Newt Gingrich appearing on FOX last night asserting that the indefagitable Kerry made three secret trips, possibly more, to Paris to meet surruptisciously, without approval of the U.S. gov., with North Vietmese officials even as the war raged on and Americans were still fighting and dieing.

Aside from the fact that it is very clearly in defiance of all sorts of American war time law, if this dog has legs it will without doubt, represent round three of the "John and Ho Chi Min Show", kicking the dispute between Kerry and Nam Vets up yet another notch.

It was already a really big downer that Kerry's photo's greeting various North Vietnam officials during that period were used as tools to hammer "confessions" out of American POW's at the time, and still hang in the Ho Chi Min city war museum as a constant reminder of Kerry's anti-American activities.

This coming on the heels of round two concerning Kerry's post service dissing of the entire war effort, vets and military leadership, if true, will have the DNC denizens looking for a foxhole to crawl into. The new platoon of campaign managers joining the DNC circus yesterday to shore up Kerry's leaky presidential Swiftboat may feel like the entertainment commitee on the Titanic.

So far I havn't found any mention of it in the press this morning but the day is still young....Stay tuned

Kevin,Coverage is fi... (Below threshold)

Coverage is fine; haven't seen any criticysms at all. When I click on Convention Coverage, it's all there. I'm having problem understanding RNCBloggers but that's my problem and not the bloggers. So far everything seems fine. Who is critisizing?? You're all doing great, so stop worrying.

Even Jay is doing great and those of us who are also watching it along with him and the comments show that - it's been fun, too. I can't see a thing anyone would criticize. Right now, I'm watching President Bush inside the stadium checking it out for tonight. He just had the mike shut off - sounded like he was echoing but with all the people in there tonight, I'm sure it won't be echoing. They just finished the floor.

Right now the President is checking out the Garden, finally had the mike shut off. He was echoing but I'm sure when it's full tonight, it won't echo, getting ready for tonight.

Someday said "Do you really want John Kerry to be the commander-in-chief of our military?" Probably Miller. He was shooting fireballs out his eyes and his tongue was even quicker. I'd hate to get on his bad side.

But we are watching. I watch cspan and read Jay at the same time.

I really do need to shut off CNN because I can't stand listening to a Kerry person talk about Kerry vs Bush - geesh, they NEVER make sense but just continually bash Bush.

Between watching it and reading about it, I can't see any reason whatsoever why anyone would criticize Wizbang! RELAX, Kevin and have some fun. This is the last night and it should be as interesting as all the nights have been.


Man, I did a terrible job o... (Below threshold)

Man, I did a terrible job of that. Can't watch and type at the same time. Then I lose it and think I'm saying something else and it all comes out screwy. Sorry. At least you can get the gist of what I was trying to say.

You're all doing great - stop worrying!!! I would rather read a blogger than put on a reporter or journalist anyday - which is why I watch CSPAN.

Gawd, I have got to shut off Wolf Blitzer or at least mute it.

I'm sorry about the mess I just posted; I'm really not that out of it. :-)

Take heart, Kevin -- whoeve... (Below threshold)

Take heart, Kevin -- whoever is "criticizing" you and/or the RNC Bloggers can only make an impact toward the negative (although I'm not familiar with the specifics, just taking your word for it here). Those bloggers who ran amok regarding the DNC Convention established a very, very low benchmark, moreorless leaving readers with the impression that, yes, the DNC Convention and the bloggers were idiotic. Unless idiocy is your preferred form of government and theorizing (some people enjoy that, I realize), it just confirmed a disappointing level of non-quality to most of us, those earlier bloggers.

I've yet to read anything you've written that hasn't been worthy of the read, well supported, interesting to the point of singularity (meaning, you're original in what and how you share, for the most part). And the selection that is the RNC Blogger group is pretty smart, so I can't imagine anything so horrible as to stoop to the previous permutation by the DNC.

I have to go catch up on the comments, however -- my network card suddenly fried last week, that very afternoon after I published the logo page so I'm wondering about the correlation, if there's anything there related.

However, new network card by visiting technician yesterday and now I'm reconnected, so must catch up on a lot of content...it looks like, from your headlines listed here, that you haven't disappointed. But, about those who complained, they are always going to do just that, so let it go. Meaning, it's a bucket with no bottom, that round up of "complaints" and those who make them...

Wizbang! is still among my very favorite blogs, and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon.

You're going a terrific job... (Below threshold)

You're going a terrific job, love checking your site several times a day. Have linked you several times on mine. Thanks

"Even Jay is doing great?" ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"Even Jay is doing great?"

Gee, talk about damning with faint praise... thanks, Cindy.

Sigh... I get about as much respect here as I do from my cat.


I think you guys are going ... (Below threshold)

I think you guys are going great. But I know what you mean. I put up a post with a link to Blogs For Bush's post about their encounter with Al Franken, and I got this in my comments:

"This site is useless. You have a link to an "interview" with Al Franken that doesn't show a transcript, merely a biased summary of his point of view. Way to go, yellow journalists!"

So I told her:

"The interview was done by the RNC Bloggers. They aren't journalists, and neither am I. This is a BLOG, the RNC Bloggers run BLOGS. And if you're looking for unbiased journalism on a site called Blogs For Bush, then you're an idiot."

Some people just don't get it...

The truth is that there rea... (Below threshold)

The truth is that there really is no such thing as unbiased journalism anywhere. Maybe big media should take a hint from bloggers and just pin their allegiances to their sleeves and get it over with.

It would never happen, but at least it would be more honest.

Rob makes an excellent poin... (Below threshold)

Rob makes an excellent point. I agree with him.

The thing about blogs and the nearly "live" feedback and informational sharing is that it's putting a greater light on the "mainstream media" by pointing out the evasiveness that is political opinion on a company site, written and edited to suit the site itself -- versus bloggers who mostly share their political identities and write whatever an author wants at whatever point.

I agree that the "mainstream media" -- no longer mainstream nor hasn't been for a long while (ever?) -- should just stop the pretense. Or, they're persisting in the pretense inorder to BE the pretense (political acts of the covert kind).

NYT comes to mind...

Hey, Jay, we love ya'! You... (Below threshold)

Hey, Jay, we love ya'! You've done a great job with Wizbang! -- all except that one strange online interaction that seems to play on and on and on and on...maybe you could think about giving that *one particular thing* a rest, and stop replying to that *one particular thing*.







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