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RNC Gossip Edition

Check back throughout the day for updates.

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Saw Don King so didn't have... (Below threshold)

Saw Don King so didn't have to guess at the picture. Watched Bush checking things out and people showing him around the stage. Tested the mike, he echoed but I'm sure when everyone is in the filled stadium, he won't be echoing. Seemed serious, listening intently. Made a comment to the guy who turns the mike off and on and smiled. Maybe a little nervous? Hell I would be. He's going from one Florida catastrophe into another - I sure wouldn't want his job. This keeps up this early in the season, there will be no Florida left at all. Where they going to put all the people? In Texas? The storm is bigger than Texas but I guess it would have more room than any other state.

Thanks for making me look up Santorum - that's disgusting, Kevin!!!

Have fun tonight.

I don't think that factoid ... (Below threshold)

I don't think that factoid leads to an accurate definition of Santorum. Neither Webster.com, dictionary.com, or Webster's 1828 dictionary give that as a definition.

Glad you changed that headi... (Below threshold)

Glad you changed that heading for the link to King :-)

The Santorum definition is ... (Below threshold)

The Santorum definition is a result of a campaign by columnist Dan "I Licked Gary Bauer's Knob" Savage.

In case you're wondering.






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