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Wizbang Media Alert

I'll be on The Roger Hedgecock Show at 6:20 Eastern/3:20 Pacific. Some of you may know Roger as a guest host on the Rush Limbaugh show, me I know him as the former mayor of San Diego, and an all around good guy. San Diego area readers can catch the show on 600 AM KOGO. Everyone else can listen to the live streaming audio available here.

Update: It was a pretty short interview and we focused mostly on the Zell Miller story. I'm told I did a pretty good job, which is always nice to hear. Another nice bonus that most of my family and friends in Southern California got to hear the interview. Thanks to Macarena for adding Wizbang to the show's links clipboard. The show has my number; maybe they'll invite me back on again some time.

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Kevin, I'm listening live. ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Kevin, I'm listening live. Unfortunately, the toll-free number isn't callable from Cow Hampshire, and they didn't give a non-toll-free number. So no heckling... damn.


nice job Kevini'm im... (Below threshold)
Orange County:

nice job Kevin
i'm impressed

Thanks for stoppin' by the ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for stoppin' by the radio show...I just posted a link to your blog site. You can find the link on Roger's homepage www.rogerhedgecock.com under Macarena's Clipboard...

macarena....rh show






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