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Breaking News!!!!

New York City is NOT burning!!!

I ventured outside the security zone to see what was happening at Herald Square (scene of the infamous MSNBC attack) and the surrounding area. In a word - nothing.

Protesters and protest organizers met their match in the NYPD. See how desperate they are trying to make themselves out to be martyrs in this MSNBC/AP story - Protests accompany Bush acceptance speech:

While most of the New York protests were peaceful, activist attorney Leonard Weinglass suggested police had changed their tactics.

"We no longer have the spectacle of police officers beating down protesters in front of the cameras," Leonard said. "But you do have more subtle forms of repression, as represented by this building [A Manhattan detention facility]."

The anti-Bush and especially the pro-anarchy crowd needs to face the fact that they were out organized and outclassed by New York's finest and move on {dot org}...


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Comments (4)

I still feel sad about the ... (Below threshold)

I still feel sad about the police officer who got knocked off his scooter and kicked in the head repeatedly, even after falling unconscious. I hope he doesn't have lasting damage, but fear he must.

I was with Protest Warriors... (Below threshold)

I was with Protest Warriors last night protesting the anti-liberators. Thank God for the NYPD, if not for them, I probably would not be here this morning.

Thank you NYPD for your outstanding work in protecting freedom of speech FOR ALL and for showing America the BEST of NYC.

"But you do have more subtl... (Below threshold)

"But you do have more subtle forms of repression.."

Those bastard subtle repressors!

I've got to wonder whether ... (Below threshold)

I've got to wonder whether New Yorkers, who personally watched the twin towers fall, give a damn whether or not some yahoo protester spends an extra 12 hours in a temporary dentention facility.






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