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Over 100 Killed In Russian Hostage Crisis

Make no mistake, the "rebels" from Chechnya are aligned with other Islamic terrorist organizations, including al Quada.

BESLAN, Russia (AP) - Commandos stormed a school Friday in southern Russia and battled separatist rebels holding hundreds of hostages, as crying children, some naked and covered in blood, fled through explosions and gunfire. More than 100 bodies were reportedly found in the gymnasium where hostages had been held.

The extent of the casualties was not immediately known. The militants, who had been demanding independence for nearby Chechnya, had been keeping up to 1,500 hostages - mostly women and children - in the sweltering gymnasium for more than two days.

Regional emergency officials said at least 100 people were killed. A cameraman for the British network ITN reported seeing around 100 bodies in the gym. The correspondent for Russia's Interfax news agency reported that there were dozens of bodies in the school, including about 100 in the gym, and that some were killed when the building's roof collapsed from an explosion before the main assault began.

Other casualties were reported when militants opened fire on hostages as they fled the building and in fighting that went on for several hours afterward. Russian forces killed 10 of the hostage-takers, Interfax reported. The regional health minister reported that 409 people were wounded, including at least 218 children.

Full coverage at The Command Post.


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Comments (19)

Damn those murdering Buddhi... (Below threshold)

Damn those murdering Buddhists!

There's this little buried ... (Below threshold)

There's this little buried nugget in Auntie Beeb's latest update.

He added that 20 hostage-takers had died in exchanges of fire with troops, at least nine of them Arabs.
This, along with the kidnapping of the French journalists, may just be further fodder to wake the Europeans up.

Oh, and a link would probab... (Below threshold)

Oh, and a link would probably be handy:


Nothing short of nuke will ... (Below threshold)

Nothing short of nuke will wake Europeans up. And I fully expect to have one or two city taken out by nukes in my lifetime.

Are these the 'Freedom Figh... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Are these the 'Freedom Fighters' that Michael Moore was referring to?

Not surprising. I read Tom... (Below threshold)
Chris Van Dis:

Not surprising. I read Tommy Frank's book a few weeks ago, and he mentioned that when we went into Afganistan we found a bunch of Chechyns along with the Arabs and a few Bosnians and other misc. muslim ne'r do wells.

The report of Arabs at the ... (Below threshold)

The report of Arabs at the site should be taken with a grain of salt. It was attributed not to the BBC reporter, but to an aide of Putin. Putin, for political reasons, has been trying to tag the Chechnyans as "international terrorists". Not to say there weren't Arabs there, it's just that I would prefer to get the information from an impartial source.

Just wait five minutes and ... (Below threshold)

Just wait five minutes and the leftists will be arguing that their Muslim pets were never there, al Qaeda was not involved, and that Putin is just claiming that they were to gain 'electoral advantage' or as a way of sucking up to GWB, or both.

When Arab bodies are produced they will claim that Russian security forces grabbed some Arabs off the street, slaughtered them and planted the bodies at the school.

We've read this script before. We won't get any sense out of most people on the left until the terrorists get into our own schools (many of them will still be more intent on pushing excuses for terrorism than pushing back even then).

Gus, regardless of whether ... (Below threshold)

Gus, regardless of whether the terrorists (not rebels, not hostage takers, but terrorists) were Arab or not, they were Islamists.

And Zebedee, the Michael Moore types will simply blame the Republicans when the terrorists are taking kids from their kid's schools. After all, if not for the horrible Republicans, there wouldn't be any problems in the world, right?

They may be Islamists, but ... (Below threshold)

They may be Islamists, but Russia has been fighting the Islamists in Chechnya for years. It's just lately that Putin has started linking the "sepratists/rebels/whatever you want to label them" with al Quada. I would guess that these people are more likely Afghanis who never quit fighting the Russians.

Dah - commandos did NOT sto... (Below threshold)

Dah - commandos did NOT storm the school.

My last post on this issue: "Now that the day is over, I am still going to say that the Russians did not storm in. They left phones near the doors and a terrorist came out holding a kid and took the phones. They knew about the 20 deaths so it was suggested that an ambulance crew come in to remove the bodies. The terrorists agreed but no one knew it was a set up. When the ambulance arrived, bombs started to go off and kids, along with some adults, got scared and ran like hell out of there. As they were running, the terrorists started shooting the fleeing kids. The Russians then started shooting at the terrorists to protect the fleeing 400 people - kids. Then a bomb went off in the gym and the roof caved in and was on fire and over 100 people, mostly kids, were killed and burned by the fire while outside, parents, police, neighbors were trying to get in to help when bombs started going off, they were being shot at, rocket propelled and hand thrown grenades were being thrown at the people so they could not help anyone inside the school and to kill as many of the people outside that they could. It will be some time before the total count will be known. Right now they estimate 150 dead (mostly children), 450 hospitalized (mostly children), some critical, also mostly children.

They were Checkyn rebels with Arab Mercenaries. Islamic connection here. But what happened there today .... I can't even come up with a word for it. They killed children, they tried to kill more children. They destroyed families and neighborhoods. There was no way these people were going to negotiate anything. And people died long before anyone knew people died at all thinking they were just hostages. There were traps all over the school property and inside that the rebel/terrorist could set off from the inside any time they wanted and they did just that. It was smart to put a slew of psychologists there for the parents because they are going to need them and so will any of the surviving children or traumatized adults.

Like all terrorists, this was an act of such evil that it is uncomprehendable. Right now and tomorrow, the police and Russian forces will try to safely remove any bombs left over (land mines, et al) and bring the bodies out. It will be a long, hard search and an agonizing time for all these people, especially the parents. Now we know why they refused water and food for the kids. If any one of these f**king rebels/terrorists got away, I hope they are found fast and dealt with swiftly.

My heart and my prayers go out to all the victims of terrorism and right now to the parents of these children on their first day of school (Sept 1st).


To paraphrase John McCain, ... (Below threshold)

To paraphrase John McCain, the choice is not between war and peace. The choice is between war and something worse. Behold the something worse.

please go to this website: ... (Below threshold)

please go to this website: See the facts as I stated them. Then do what you can for worldwide global terrorism. Tomorrow will not be a pretty day for these people. I was very proud of this work and it made me feel like I accomplished something. When Nannette posted the charity website that has been used before, even for 9/11, I didn't want to ruin it by saying "very cool, very classy" after such a gawdawful 32 hours I spent on this.

www.logicandsanity.com - scroll down a short way to the title "School seized in Russia." Scroll down to the end to see the finished product. http://www.moscowhelp.org/


By the way, you'll also lea... (Below threshold)

By the way, you'll also learn that Checknya and Arabs share the holiest religion of ISLAM. I have sites where you can see Checken soldiers torture and behead Russian Soldiers, the same exact way they behead people in Iraq - EXACTLY THE SAME.

They are as much our enemy as Al Qaida.


Please do not generalize th... (Below threshold)

Please do not generalize these people as islamic. They have political goals, not theological. I am a Catholic Christian, do not sympathize with these animals, nor do I care much for the religion of Islam. But it is a religion that serves a large portion of the world today and is a peaceful religion. As much as Christianity is a peaceful religion (and the Crusades were also a "holy" war for political gains.

This is a sad day for Russians and my prayers go to the survivors and for those unfortunate enough to be klled.
I hope no one in the world agrees that you can reason with people who use "terror" as their weapon.

From <a href="http://quote.... (Below threshold)
Ron Atkinson:

From Bloomberg:

Two female suicide bombers, members of the armed group that seized the school, detonated themselves on Sept. 1, killing as many as 20 hostages, Dzandarova said, adding that hostages that she was held with didn't witness the incident. She said the gunmen ``told us they did.''

Why are you siding with the terrorists? Why do you believe them? Why do you hate America?

We don't have to worry abou... (Below threshold)

We don't have to worry about these kinds of attacks in the U.S.ofA. The only breakaway republic this country has ever had was The Republic of Texas.

You talking to me, Henry?</... (Below threshold)

You talking to me, Henry?

Full coverage can be seen at Logic and Sanity

And sites do write what's in the killer Kuran.

ahhaa WTF? you people .. ar... (Below threshold)

ahhaa WTF? you people .. are fucking deluded STUPID americans , seriously , go check out what your country has done to the REST OF THE FUCKING WORLD , then and only then can you start making ANY comentary on ANYTHING else that happens in the world..

you are toy






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