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Bush Equals Drunk Abortion Loving Hitler

Michael Dukakis' former campaign manager Susan Estrich, who appears to be temporarily off her meds, is calling for a tin foil hat jihad. She's advocating a scorched earth policy for Democrats - the more outlandish the claim the better. Based on John Kerry's midnight meltdown he must have found his lucky Zippo...

Update: Something tells me casting this election in terms of the Bush Sr./Dukakis campaign of 1988 is a sure loser. Next thing you know you'll be seing pictures like this.

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Ha, I was just musing about... (Below threshold)

Ha, I was just musing about this very thing.

I have some pictures to share wit' ya'.

Good lord -- she really has... (Below threshold)

Good lord -- she really has gone nutty. I am amazed that she has any 'cred in the Dem party, based on her results with Dukakis. Seeing her and Donna Brazile on CNN/FNC/etc -- offering advice and analysis of the campaign -- is almost too rich with irony.

Here ya' go:<a hre... (Below threshold)

Here ya' go:


He's gonna' shoot all your animals, and then he's gonna shoot in the back any teenager who runs away, and then he's gonna burn down your village with his Zippo and then he's gonna...

Yer welcome. I think.... (Below threshold)

Yer welcome. I think.

I caught her column on News... (Below threshold)

I caught her column on Newsmax a few days ago and treated her to a post on my blog.

I love the way she states her credibility by reminding us she ran a failed campaign.

Can anyone tell me why Susa... (Below threshold)
Combat Carrie:

Can anyone tell me why Susan started wearing makeup all of a sudden on FNC?

I've long thought this elec... (Below threshold)

I've long thought this election was reminiscent of 1988. I'm feeling that even more now, especially after Kerry's midnight whine-fest.

Susan Estrogen -- I mean Es... (Below threshold)

Susan Estrogen -- I mean Esterich -- is the most irritating woman on TV. I recall when she referred to women such as Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, et al as political bimbos. No one would mistake Susan Estrogen -- ooops, I mean Esterich -- a bimbo. A Dumbo maybe, but never a bimbo. I wonder why FNC people like Tony Snow, Sean Hannity, etc. give her so much credence. She's wacked.

I've been thinking some abo... (Below threshold)

I've been thinking some about this and now I'm wondering if this isn't a sort of shot across the bow. I've always suspected there's something more about Kerry far more damaging than what we've heard so far. The Kerry camp may have used Estrich to send the message that if certain things come out, they'll go nuclear.

I should do some research ... hmmm, I'm wondering if Kerry ever spent much time visiting with our incredibly corrupt gay American soon to be ex Governor here in New Jersey. If you think about it, a marriage of convenience would potentially give Terezza the White House she lost a chance for when her first husband died. And thinkng back to the dem convention, didn't Kerry seem far more comfortable getting all touchy feely with Edwards than I've ever seen him be with the Mrs.

Yes, it could be an interesting fall.

My conservative friends are... (Below threshold)

My conservative friends are mad as hell, and they aren't going to take it any more.

They are worried, having watched as another yearlong smear campaign, full of lies and half-truths, takes its toll in the polls.

They are frustrated, mostly at the Bush campaign, for naively believing that all the newspapers and news organizations would investigate ridiculous
democrat charges by people like Susan (the loser) Estrich, just for example, proving them to be full of lies and half-truths. The word on the street is that average people and specifically bloggers are ready to fire back. The Bush campaign, believing the charges will blow over if they ignore them, seems restrained.

But most of all, conservatives are angry. As one who lived through a campaign like this, 16 years ago -- replete with rumors that were lies,
which the Dukakis campaign, run by Susan (the loser) Estrich, claimed they had nothing to do with and later admitted they had planted -- I'm angry, too. I've been to this movie. I know how it works. Lies can impact careers.

Remember the one about Bush 41 abandoning his crew when he ejected. We lost points over that lie, planted by people like Susan (the loser) Estrich. Or how about the one about Bush 41 using his position to make millions in oil speculation, another out-and-out lie, which the Dukakis campaign, run by Susan (the loser) Estrich,
denied having anything to do with, except that it turned out to have come from the DNC? And everyone knows the DNC is connected to numerous existing and emerging 527 groups.

Never again, we said then.

Not again, conservatives are saying now.

What do you do, conservatives keep asking each other.

The answer is not pretty, but everyone knows what it is.

In 1988, in the days before the so-called independent groups, the candidate called the shots. To Bush 41s' credit, depending on how
you look at it, he absolutely refused to get into the gutter, even to answer the charges. His theory, like that of some on the Bush 43 staff, was that answering such charges would only elevate them, give them more attention than they deserved. He thought the American people wanted to hear about issues, not watch a mud-wrestling match. In theory, he was right. In practice, the sad truth is that smears work -- that if you throw enough mud, some of it is bound to stick.

You can't just answer the charges. You can't just say it ain't so.

You have to fight fire with fire, mud with mud, dirt with dirt.

The trouble with conservatives, traditionally, is that we're not mean enough. Bush 41 wasn't. I wasn't. I don't particularly like destroying people. I enjoy politics because of issues, not anger. But too much is at stake to play by Bush 41 rules, and lose again.

That is the conclusion conservatives have reached. So watch out. Thousands of
bloggers now freely disseminate information traditional "old media" sources do their
best to cover up. And there are plenty of choices for what to blog about.

I'm not promising pretty.

What will it be?

Will it be the three, or is it four or five, abortions necessitated by drunken frolics with
powerful, married democrat politicians a certain female DNC operative passing herself off as a TV talking head has managed to rack up, trading sex for work to keep her career on track? And that says nothing about the well-known drug abuse, or the misrepresented education accomplishments on her resume.

And of course there's always that brief lesbian dalliance in the White House with a powerful
female democrat who, it's been rumored has serious Presidential ambitions for 2008. After Bush 41, nothing is ancient history, and rumor has it she's still drinking and has started using heavy make-up in TV appearances to cover-up the effects of her late night drunken, nymphomania-cal
binges. What her records suggest is not only a serious problem with alcoholism, which, by the
way, Bush 43 has acknowledged and, to his credit, overcome. But is it really appropriate for TV and radio networks to employ any person so out of control, especially given that their inebriated insights on radio and TV could potentially influence an election?

Are you shocked? Not fair? Who said anything about fair? Remember Bush 41? He was
very fair. And it cost him a second term. Bush 43 has been very fair in dealing with the garbage ... so far. That's why so many of my conservative blogger friends have decided to stop talking to the campaign, and start putting their heads together.

The arrogant dem operatives passing themselves off as talking heads would do well to take a step back. It could be a long and ugly road to November. And in this day and age of
blogging and independent media, so-called "news" people run the risk of becoming the news,
as opposed to simply reporting it. You'd think political operatives who now make a a very good
living in public would realize that they aren't as untouchable as they were when they plied their
trade strictly behind the scenes.

I like what you said about ... (Below threshold)

I like what you said about Dem political operatives masquerading as talking heads. Esterich works as a Fox News Contributer. So does the king of sleaze politics Lanny Davis. Both are part of an ongoing effort to smear and silence the Swift Boat Vets for Truth. For instance, they repeat the lie that Bush 43 joined the National Guard to avoid Vietnam service while Kerry volunteered to go to Vietnam. In fact, Kerry didn't join the Navy, he joined the Naval Reserve and was on inactive status. Then he was activated and sent to Nam, something he was quite upset about, according to the Swift Boat Vets.

I predict that Susan Estrogen --- I mean Esterich -- and Lanny Davis will begin using their useful idiots in the media, including Fox News Channel, to perpetrate the most vicious smear campaign against our President.

She should go back to singi... (Below threshold)

She should go back to singing "Hello Dolly". That was her wasn't it?

Has anyone offered to send ... (Below threshold)

Has anyone offered to send Ms Estrich an "WATCH OUT!! I've got PMS and a newspaper column." T-shirt?

Ok, Ms Esterich, not Estric... (Below threshold)

Ok, Ms Esterich, not Estrich. And a, not an T-Shirt. Rats, I should've previewed that post.

Well you can't get anymore ... (Below threshold)

Well you can't get anymore partisan than Susan Estrich, that's for sure.

Her comments about the GOP distancing themselves from Zel is more spin. GWB has always let people speak for themselves. For example, He never once criticzed Kerry's war record but did make mention of his votes in the senate which every American must evaluate BEFORE they vote.

Her comments about Dick Cheney's posture during the convention I also have an answer for. Maybe he had to wear a bullet proof vest for protection against the irrational hatred of the radicals protesting in NYC. That couldn't be comfortable but neccessary.

It just goes to show how off the wall the left has become including their snub of Zel Miller for speaking his heart. Thank God that more reasonable heads will prevail.


I've sent Susan Estrich's c... (Below threshold)

I've sent Susan Estrich's column to some contacts in the mainstream media, especially at Fox News Channel, who employ her as a news analyst.

She has one of the worst fe... (Below threshold)
John Cunningham Author Profile Page:

She has one of the worst females voices on FNC. She should have her sinuses cleaned before she goes on. You'd think as old as she is someone would have by now told her she has one of the most horrifying nasal sounds known to man.






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