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Bush Equals Hitler - Democratic Talking Point Edition

From The Washington Post (Registration required):

Kerry surrogates were also out in full force Friday, taking issue with many of the specific attacks leveled at the Democratic nominee during the GOP convention. In a morning conference call with reporters, Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) vowed that "the rebuttal of what they've thrown at us has just begun."

Former senator John Glenn (D-Ohio) took the defense a step further by comparing the Republicans' misleading statements to those of Nazi Germany. "You've just got to separate out fact from fiction. . . . Too often, too often, in this country, if you hear something repeated, it's the old Hitler business -- if you hear something repeated, repeated, repeated, repeated, you start to believe it," he said.

It's amazing what a 10 (or 11) point Bush lead does to Democrats...


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Comments (24)

Well I would avoid the Hitl... (Below threshold)

Well I would avoid the Hitler part, but there is some truth I think to Glenn's statement about repeating BS.

Of all people, even John Gl... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Of all people, even John Glenn has drank the kool-aid. I don't get it. If he wants to shill for a confessed war criminal, an admitted liar, and a serial whiner, that's one thing. But spouting the Bush is Hitler thing is too much.

Senator Glenn, please think about your statement "if you hear something repeated, repeated, repeated, repeated, you start to believe it." Isn't that what John Kerry did with "Christmas in Cambodia"?

Remember what Karl Marx onc... (Below threshold)

Remember what Karl Marx once quipped: Accuse others of what you do.

I guess we can't criticize Senator Glenn since he was an astronaut and we never served in outer space. Same as no one who didn't serve in Vietnam can't criticize Kerry. Check that: even guys who served in Vietnam are not allowed to criticize Kerry. Gotta hand it to those Dems. They bring new meaning to the word Chutzpah.

What they don't realize is ... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

What they don't realize is that a lot of us are getting so turned off by their tactics, attacks, prevarications, and stretching of the truth, that it will be a long, long time before we ever consider voting for any Democrat for any office.

This isn't how I want my government to work.

Today's Kerry Democrat cert... (Below threshold)

Today's Kerry Democrat certainly does remind me of the Cold War permutation of the Soviet government. John Glenn just might start pounding a podium with a shoe. At least, I wouldn't be surprised if he did, or any Kerry Demo did, or even Kerry himself, at this point.

There's certainly something to be said for the noticable "liberal" effects that Glenn appears to have fallen victim to: "hate America first." Kerry's insistence -- as with supporters -- that it's always "the government" that is denigratable but never individuals (yeah, riiigght) really is the key to the liberal negative emotionalism.

It turns off and even insults every American who believes in individuality. Which is what most of us believe democracy to be. While Kerry's and followers' (Glenn now included, which is very disappointing) beliefs appear to focus on their displeasure about individuals and democracy...

Kerry's phone calls, some to the Swiftvets, is telling: insisting it wasn't "them" or the guys he was criticising, but the "government" -- with that sentiment echoed by liberals today, with substituting "conservatives" and "Republicans" in the mix -- and yet, to the rest of us, the individuals comprise the government.

WHAT is Kerry's point, again? I mean, what, exactly, is it? Does anyone know? Can Glenn define and explain that? I don't think so.

Speaking of the Kerry Democ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of the Kerry Democrats, they must be quite upset about today's news: CNN reports that Usama bin Laden's deputy Al-Douri has been captured. Finally, Bush is having a great week.

The comment: Kerry's phone... (Below threshold)

The comment: Kerry's phone calls, some to the Swiftvets, is telling: insisting it wasn't "them" or the guys he was criticising, but the "government" -- with that sentiment echoed by liberals today, with substituting "conservatives" and "Republicans" in the mix -- and yet, to the rest of us, the individuals comprise the government.

I was around during Vietnam. I saw many vets coming home, being spit on & attacked for their service to their country. I REMEMBER!

The hatred was directed at our Vietnam Vets. Yes it was. Never let it happen again.

That's another reason why Bush will win!


Bush most certainly is n... (Below threshold)

Bush most certainly is not equal to Hitler. Here are some obvious differencies:

-Hitler volunteered to the Army, was wounded and honored.

-Hitler created practically single-handedly a powerful party.

-Hitler was charismatic and shrewed politician.

There are, of course, common features: both are fanatical, ultra-nationalist and believe only in military solutions to secure futures of their countries. But, luckily, Bush doesn't have guts or brains of Hitler, and will not succed, ultimately.

Don't panic, kids.

Evidently, Gore does not ha... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Evidently, Gore does not have the brains of Bush, and in about 60 days we'll find out that neither does Kerry.

I wonder why nobody every mentions the 6 million Jews that Hitler gassed. Or the millions of gays, Catholics, and other "undesirables" that Hitler also gassed. Is it because modern Leftists are racist, homophobic, and bigoted?

I thank God that I live in a country where anybody with a keyboard can compare our leaders to Hitler, without fear of retribution or loss of life. Every attack against Bush just goes to show how free our society is, and how wrong the attackers are.

I almost forgot -- Not only... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I almost forgot -- Not only did Gore win the popular vote, so did Hitler! ROTFLMAO

Hey gdal, the free speech zone in Boston. You know, the chain link fenced, razor wire topped cage, ringed with armed guards, that the Democrats set up for protesters. In Germany those are called concentration camps.

You also forgot to mention that Bush and Hitler both went to war with a coalition that had the same partners -- Italy and Japan. Well...Bush had a few more, Great Britain, Australia, Denmark, Poland, Spain a bunch of East European countries, and another 15 countries or so. Do you know who else went to war on Hitler's side? The Arabs (many, not all).

You know what I love so much about Al Gore's speeches since he got his ass whupped in 2000? With all the yelling and flaying his arms around, he reminds me of [some guy who won the popular vote back in Germany in the 1930s; I don't recall his name].

Branna, I agree that it was... (Below threshold)

Branna, I agree that it was and is the individual American who served (in Vietnam, in this case) that suffered and worse because of Kerry's outrageous betrayals and outright devildog behaviors regarding the U.S. military.

I guess what I was trying to illustrate by describing those phone calls by Kerry to some of the Swiftvets, Kerry trying to say he "protested" the "government" and not "the guys," was to point out and emphasize just how much Kerry is still refusing to accept his responsibilities, just how dishonorable he continues to insist he is...he can't even apologize and continues to place his "work" in some grand, conceitedly elevated concept area that, well, in more straightforward words would otherwise be called "lies."

If there's good to come from all this, it is that the surviving Vietnam vets who were so betrayed by Kerry's behavior then and even now (other vets additionally), can now assert their positions and hold Kerry responsible -- despite his Midnight Rambler speeches and telephone calls.

The Dems always seem to enj... (Below threshold)

The Dems always seem to enjoy comparing conservatives with Nazis. In fact, they claim the Nazis were extreme Right-Wingers. The fact is Nazis were Leftists -- they believed in Socialism. Also, how come conservatives don't insinuate that Liberals are closet Stalinists (except for Ann Coulter)? Because conservatives, for the most part, have class and Liberals lack that attribute.

BTW, I love this blogging stuff. It's my first weekend getting involved. When I heard Kevin interviewed by Michelle Malkin in New York City, I checked out this website and got hooked.

Wow,I wonder what ... (Below threshold)


I wonder what is going to happen when there actually is a politician who is like Hitler.

Robert: The Democrats will ... (Below threshold)

Robert: The Democrats will fall all over themselves to publicly suck up to him, and will invest in the most incredible gyrations of logic to brush off any criticism.
You don't have to take MY word for it-- look for the articles that Jim McDermott wrote after his trip to Iraq or the text of the speech Hillary gave with Yassir Arafat's wife, or Kerry's speeches in support of Daniel Ortega, or Danny Glover's comments about how wonderful Fidel Castro is, or Michael Moore's rants about how the al-Sadr jihadists in Iraq are the exact equivalent of out Minutemen, or...

Just arrived via instapundi... (Below threshold)
Buddy Larsen:

Just arrived via instapundit, great blog, smart comments--except for the one accusing GWB of having the tools to win against the child-killing demons of the Russian schoolhouse. That commenter, who by the way can't spell 'shrewd' (a wordwhich, like 'idiot', should always be spelled with special care), closes by saying 'luckily' Bush 'won't succeed'. I wonder how many of these thinkers (whose problems perhaps relate to having been, at some point in their lives, 'shrewed'--probably by a gang of street-conservatives) we have in this country, who care not a fig what it costs them in credibility, nor what it costs the country in purposful direction, to frantically try to glue and tape and paste their old 'we-are-the-world' humpty-dumpty politics back together again? My guess is the 80-20 rule will apply. Come Nov 2, when JFK2 wins 10 or so states (that's 20% for the shrewed person), I'll know whether or not I've guessed right...oops, I mean 'correctly'.

The Bush = Hitler stuff is ... (Below threshold)

The Bush = Hitler stuff is great. Democrats are so wrapped up in their own stupid fantasy that they are too blind to see that this is exactly the type of shit that's turning people off. It's harakiri time for snotheads like John Glen and those afflicted with "Moore's Disease".

But hey, while we're throwing around comparisons, here's one...

Kerry = Ted Kennedy's Nut-Encrusted Asshole

Actually, that one may have some truth to it...

I feel compelled to mention... (Below threshold)

I feel compelled to mention that Hitler was not a very smart man. Some people seem to think he was an evil genius... he wasn't. He was a bit of a dipshit really, except in the manipulating crowds sort of way. He certainly wasn't a military genius. Most of the true believing Nazi leaders were not particularly bright people. Which is what makes them especially scary, IMHO.


I wonder what is going t... (Below threshold)

I wonder what is going to happen when there actually is a politician who is like Hitler.

They'll compare him to Bush(tm)!



As Rusbbo says, the best wa... (Below threshold)

As Rusbbo says, the best way to figure out what they are up to is to listen to whatever they blame on others.

It is the Kerry slimers themselves who are using the Nazi MO, and that is just one more reason why they must not win.

Of course, Godwin's law is applicable as well. In a nutshell, whoever brings Hitler into the conversation first is the flamer, the mudslinger, and the loser.


The Law is generally used on Usenet as an indicator of whether a thread has gone on too long, who's playing fair and who's just slinging
mud, and who finally gets to "win" the discussion. It has, over time,
become the closest thing to an impartial moderator that Usenet can get.

So, what this means in practical terms:

o If someone brings up Nazis in general conversation when it wasn't necessary or germane without it necessarily being an insult, it's probably about time for the thread to end.

o If someone brings up Nazis in general conversation when it was vaguely related but is basically being used as an insult, the speaker can be considered to be flaming and not debating.

o If someone brings up Nazis in any conversation that has been going on too long for one of the parties, it can be used as a fair excuse to end the thread and declare victory for the other side.

When I read the Rise and Fa... (Below threshold)
Paul Gaddis:

When I read the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich I was always struck by how Hitler worked people. He would call a meeting late, late in the day and even into late nights. Then he would just talk and talk and talk the person or persons into submission. It must have been awful to sit there for hours while this guy just brow beats you into doing what he wanted. Reading it you just want to scream at the British and French to just shut up and start bombing! Think of the millions that would still be alive today.

This post uses heavily, and... (Below threshold)

This post uses heavily, and without further attribution, this article in the Weekly Standard:


The questions are his, the responses are mine.

Has the administration transformed every American news source into a propaganda machine? -- Yeah, if you count Fox News, which makes up something less than 5% of the audience.

Demanded that Jews (or anyone) be fired? Well, there is Bill Maher, but it wasn't acutally Bush who did it.

That Jewish (or any other kind of) shops, businesses, professionals be boycotted? --- Well , there was the Dixie Chicks. Bush was behind that, wasn't he?

Propaganda posters everywhere? -- If you count the Bush/Cheney stickers on the backs of Lincoln Navigators.

Students thrown out of schools? -- Yeah, if you count foreign students who can no longer routinelly overstay their visas.

Secret police grabbing people off the streets? -- Patriot Act. puhleeze, this is too easy.

Children urged to inform on parents? -- Patriot Act again.

All opposition parties banned? -- Well, the Rupugnants do have control of every branch of govt.

Churches harassed? -- No need, they are already controlled by the party.

A "Bush Youth" that every "Aryan" boy must join? -- Boy Scouts.

Storm-troopers holding torchlight parades, singing hate-mongering war songs? -- See Fox News.

Gigantic communal fines levied against Jews (or anyone else)? See Tax Cuts for the Rich.

State-sponsored pogroms? -- See student visas.

Massive regimentation and rearmament? -- Obviously.

A fhrer cult and special schools to train disciples? -- See Home Schooling.

Brutal suppression of all regime opponents? -- Dixie Chicks, Bill Maher, ... ummmm, Define Brutal.

So you see, no reasonable person can come to any other conclusion but that Bush, true to his heritage as grandson of Prescott, IS HITLER!

The best line about John Gl... (Below threshold)
Harry in Atlanta:

The best line about John Glenn I have heard to date comes from Neal Boortz. During the Clinton administration Glenn was allowed a ride on the space shuttle at taxpayers' expense to conduct, ahem, experiments on the effects of outer-space on geriatrics. The actual reason was to reward the old geezer for loyal service to the Democratic party and running interference for Bill Clinton during Monicagate. When Glenn stated publically that he would be participating in very important experiments and not just joyriding Neal Boortz had this snappy comeback, "The only experiment John Glenn will be performing will be to see how much Tang he can drink in order to get the taste of Bill Clinton's ass out of his mouth." For me that says all you need to know about John Glenn and politics.

All too true, and it really... (Below threshold)
Buddy Larsen:

All too true, and it really is sad to see someone that we boomers remember as a fine and heroic space cowboy. What is it about the Senate that ruins so many of the members?

Here's some good news for K... (Below threshold)

Here's some good news for Kerry -- an item from Police Times:

Cop-Killer Endorses Kerry
Convicted cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal, endorses John Kerry. Abu-Jamal's death sentence for gunning down Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner in 1981 has made him an idol to many extreme leftists. The convicted murderer regularly contributes columns to Workers World, the weekly journal of a Marxist revolutionary party that is the main sponsor of International ANSWER, which in turn is a major sponsor of anti-war protests.

"One of Kerry's selling points is his plan to appeal to Europe to give a hand to the American colonial project in Iraq, instead of the cold shoulder which the Bush regime has received since the invasion and occupation of Iraq. ..."






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