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Chicago Sun-Times can't subtract

I find this headline rather curious....

Bush gets convention bounce with 9-point lead in Time poll

WASHINGTON -- President Bush leads Democrat John Kerry, 52 percent to 41 percent, while independent Ralph Nader got 3 percent in a national poll taken during the Republican National Convention that ended Thursday.

What is especially odd is that the Time poll headline is "Bush Opens Double-Digit Lead"

Just makes you wonder why.


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Comments (11)

The 9-point lead is ignorin... (Below threshold)

The 9-point lead is ignoring Nader, where the race is 53-44.

An excellent example of how... (Below threshold)

An excellent example of how dumbed down our educational system is, and of just how intelligent you need to be to be a journalist. I think this is hillarious.

It's also entirely possible... (Below threshold)

It's also entirely possible they meant he had a 9 point jump. As you might recall, GWB had a bit of a lead before the convention even started.

Umm. 52-41=11... (Below threshold)

Umm. 52-41=11

It's the liberal media hopi... (Below threshold)
Lonely Republican in NY:

It's the liberal media hoping if they write it, it will happen. I can see their thinking now, if I say an 11 point lead is nine, maybe the next poll will, and then I can admit my math error in writing, "Bush campaign stalls in Ohio battleground, Kerry Gains Ground" Remember I have to see the NYT every time I pick up my Wall Street Journal.

It's also entirely possible... (Below threshold)

It's also entirely possible they meant he had a 9 point jump.
That would be understandable except for the fact that the article states ďBush had 46 percent, Kerry had 44 percent and Nader 5 percent in a Time poll taken just before the convention.Ē

This is just another example of the mainstream press trying to minimize the slide of Kerry. Thankfully the blog system is in full force. The integrity of the mainstream press has become a joke; so much so that we read the paper looking for bias as opposed to useful information.

Meanwhile they sit and scratch their heads trying to make excuses for their decline at the feet of Fox and the internet. Perhaps they should put the mirrors back up and take a good look.

How quickly we forget. Itís... (Below threshold)

How quickly we forget. Itís not PC to force people to get the correct answer as long as they feel good about the answer they got thatís good enough. *cough*

Their reportage is like the... (Below threshold)

Their reportage is like the Pravda story about the 10,000-meter race in one of the old U.S.A.-U.S.S.R track meets. There were only two entries: Billy Mills (the winner) and a Soviet runner, who obviously finished second. The article in Pravda the next day stated that the Soviet runner finished second and the U.S.A. runner finished next-to-last.

WOW, what a great site and ... (Below threshold)

WOW, what a great site and I love the comments. We have a great Veteran Commander In Chief and lets keep him. Kerry & Edwards are "unfit for duty". If you're unfit, you stink, and they DO. I enlisted in 1958 as a Navy recruit, became a good hospital corpsman. Continuing to make the best of it I retired from the Army Reserve as a Chief Nurse in 1998. What I have to show for it would take months to tell. It did lead me to develop something while serving. You can see it at -www.marksofpride.com -Patritotism needs to be the "in thing", so let's show the Left Wingers what Americas all about, Freedom and Democracy and we share it. Support our troops all the way! Thanks

GOOD... (Below threshold)


GOOD... (Below threshold)







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