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Democrats think you are stupid

Democrats continually make commercials and write talking points that assume you are too stupid to know the truth.

In the latest example, the Democrat Party of George made a new video which shows footage of Zell Miller saying George Bush does not get it and does not deserve 4 more years.

Then they show a quote of him endorsing George Bush at the convention. It sounds like he is flip flopping on his support for Bush.

What they hope you are too stupid to figure out is that Zell is talking about the George H. W. Bush (the 41st President, a dozen years ago) when he says Bush does not deserve 4 more years and George W. Bush (today) when he says he does.

Read all about it.

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Just like Zell Miller's spe... (Below threshold)
bill k:

Just like Zell Miller's speech makes you want to believe Kerry's military budget votes were out of the ordinary (though Cheney was with him). Just like all the convention speeches make you want to believe Kerry was against intelligence (though Porter Goss was with him). Just like the speeches make you think a "sensitive" war campaign is necessary (though Bush is with him).

Paul, don't call foul on rotten politics unless you are willing to do it with both sides.

We've seen this before from... (Below threshold)

We've seen this before from the Kerry campaign, when Kerry's campaign said he'd been
chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Except that wasn't John Kerry; it was Bob Kerrey.

With that in mind, and considering how the whole Kerry campaign has been run, I think it's less a case of the DNC thinking we're dumb, and more of their being hopelessly inept.

Bill to you really a... (Below threshold)

Bill to you really as a Democrat, want to get into a debate about rotten politicians? I'll be happy to play that game. I have a very long memory.

If you can't even remeber t... (Below threshold)

If you can't even remeber the name of our party, yes we do think you are stupid.

AH, but you see...It's wort... (Below threshold)

AH, but you see...It's worth insulting the intelligence of your political opponents if you can win the undecideds over to your side.

I'd also add a memo to the ... (Below threshold)

I'd also add a memo to the Democrats: John McCain spoke at the Republican convention.

It's even worse. In the cli... (Below threshold)

It's even worse. In the clip where he's talking about the FIRST President Bush, the caption shows him as Senator. Well, we all know that in 1992, he was still Governor of Georgia. He doesn't become Senator until 2000.

They really think that Democrats are dumb.


Speaking of Zell Miller, I ... (Below threshold)

Speaking of Zell Miller, I wrote an e-mail to Chris "The Mouth" Matthews regarding his disgusting treatment of Sen. Miller and Michelle Malkin. I mentioned that I wish I could challenge him to a duel, but knowing he's a punk, he'd never show up. Matthews makes Bill O'Reilly look good.






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