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Media Take on Kerry's Midnight Hissy Fit

I'm not the only one who thought Kerry blew it the other night.

Short fuse betrays Kerry
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

John Kerry should have slept on it. His midnight outburst following President Bush's rousing success in defining himself, his domestic agenda and the stakes in the war on terrorism reveals a candidate who can be goaded. Not good in a president.

"For the past week, they have attacked my patriotism and even my fitness to serve as commander in chief," said Kerry early Friday in Springfield, Ohio. "Well, here's my answer to them. I will not have my commitment to defend this country questioned by those who refused to serve when they could've and who misled America into Iraq."

Clearly seething with the TV remote control when he was to be relaxing during Republican convention week, Kerry blew at the first opportunity.

Nobody, of course, questioned his patriotism. His policies, yes. His votes during 20 years in the Senate, yes. His apparent inability to make and abide a decision, yes. His commitment to a strong military, yes. His patriotism, no.

It's a revealing outburst. Despite the pounding Kerry took from the partisans, the weeklong break had actually served Kerry's campaign.

The mainstream media, most Democrats and others who don't quite grasp the significance or understand the emotionalism of events of three decades ago are dying to move on to other, more comfortable subjects. So what does he do? Rants and revives the debate about individual conduct during the Vietnam war.

When this campaign is over -- and barring some disaster, Bush will win -- Democrats would be well advised to re-examine the primary election process that assures candidates of the party's nomination before they are fully known and tested. Four days of a national convention is far too little time to define an unknown, and when, as with Kerry, the carefully orchestrated definition unravels, it's seat-of-the-pants from then on.

and this

Still whining Kerry running out of time
Boston Herald

It's time John Kerry chooses between being a whiner and being a leader. His midnight performance Thursday and remarks at events Friday showed he's yet to get the difference in this campaign.

Americans do not want to hear Kerry's whining about being ``attacked'' and ``insulted'' at the Republican National Convention. Americans do not want to hear his childish claims that he was attacked first and therefore he now must attack back.

Americans do not want to hear the Democratic nominee call the commander in chief during a war where American lives are on the line ``unfit for office and unfit for duty.''

They want to hear that he is as committed as President Bush to stopping fanatics from taking over American schools and slaughtering children. And if he has better ideas about how to go about doing it than Bush does, Americans want to hear those, too.

For this is what we are facing. Anyone thinking the Russian school massacre couldn't happen here underestimates the lack of moral conscience which exists in the likes of al-Qaeda, Hamas and other extremists.

A few editorials aside, the media, by and large, gave Kerry a pass. I doubt they are likely to do that twice. If Kerry gets this out of control over what a few Republicans say about him at a convention, how exactly will he respond if we have real problems?


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Comments (23)

Some media may be taking hi... (Below threshold)

Some media may be taking him to task, but they'va all failed to mention his most glaring omission, except one:

Kerry Ignores Terrorism
ATLANTA (GoodNewsAmerica.us) September 04, 2004 - On a day filled with the horror of terrorism in Russia and the nation reminded of the possibility of terrorism in America, Presidential Candidate John Kerry has failed to address the subject. The Kerry campaign has released no statements condemning the terrorist acts in Russia as so many others throughout the world have done, nor have any recent speeches confronted the issue of terrorism.

The horror of innocents held captive, where weak and fleeing children are shot in the back by Islamic terrorists while the world watches has not caught his attention. The malicious slaughter of 250 people without hesitation was not enough for Mr. Kerry to notice. The fact that 10 of the terrorists were Arab and the suicide bombers were trained by Al-Quaeda was not worthy of mention.

Kerry has not sent his condolences to the Russian people either as a Presidential candidate, or as a United States Senator.

In an midnight speech Friday morning on the heals of the President's acceptance of the Republican nomination, Kerry failed to bring up the topic of terrorism. There was also no mention of what he would do to defend the United States. The words terror, terrorism, nor security were present in the speech.

The President has personally called President Putin to express his support and condolences. From the campaign trail in Wisconsin the President declared the hostage crisis as "another grim reminder" of what terrorists will do. Scott McClellan says the President believes the slaughter to be "despicable", and that America stands side-by-side with Russia.

"We grieve with Russia on this tragic day - [t]he blame for this lies squarely with the terrorists," State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said Friday morning.

It's beginning to be obviou... (Below threshold)
Louis Imbriano:

It's beginning to be obvious that Kerry is so narrow mindedly focused on becoming president, that he can ignore revealilng statistics that the economy and unemployment are steadily improving, and is ignoring global terrorism by failing to acknowledge the murder of nearly 500 people in Russia within the last 10 days. The United States cannot risk its future on such a unidemensional, self-centered man, who cannot even appreciate opportunities to pull him towards mainstream American sentiment.

Prediction: Can't wait to s... (Below threshold)
David Leonard:

Prediction: Can't wait to see Kerry explode/implode during the debates, then we shall see hissy fits from him with a new twist, the immediate over compensating factor - LIVE.

When the new job stats came... (Below threshold)

When the new job stats came out -- such as an unemployment rate of 5.4% -- Kerry announces, "That's not good enough." What the media ignore is the fact that 5.4% is better than the average during the Clinton years. In fact, Slick Willie was elected with a 5.8% unemployment rate.

Terrorism is THE issue of this campaign and I think voters are getting hip to the fact that the Dems treat the issue of terrorism the same way they treat the issue of rising college tuition. The Dems really don't believe the USA is at war. Sure, they pay lip service to it, but they believe once Kerry's in office, it will all blow over and they can concentrate on changing the culture and building their Socialist state.

The overview point I percei... (Below threshold)

The overview point I perceived early on -- first impression -- about Kerry was that he was someone assuming that his "command" would be everyone's wish, and subsequent dutiful compliance.

It's been noticed by many others that Kerry benefits in popularity and acceptance when Kerry isn't available, or otherwise remains out of the media.

Meaning: there's the Kerry "command" (fantasy personality and purpose, even) and then there's the reality of who John Kerry is when people become more familiar with him (discouraging to many as to leadership promise or delivery).

And, that "this is my command" personality about Kerry is based upon his assumption that he won't be (can't be) questioned, that whatever he says will pass or even fly based upon the self-evident nature of the Kerry "command," and that this aspect to his personality (which is evident throughout his lifetime, if you look at his history) also results in tumultuous bad temper whenever someone or anyone "fails" to meet his "command."

It's imperialistic. Arrogant to an impersonal review (I'm sure that people who know him privately have respectable opinions of Kerry as a friend and/or relation, but what I'm describing here about his personality is based upon a non-private familiarity, of Kerry in the public forum, attempting to "command" his way into the Presidency), which is why whenever Kerry becomes more familiar among the public, his popularity as President falls: people start believing the imperial "command" personality and start to think they might vote for him (popularity increases) and then Kerry speaks, appears, and people have to reconcile the earlier myth with the actual personality their senses perceive (and Kerry's popularity falls).

His bad temper, his insistence on personal criticisms and defensive responses...anyone can watch the O'Neill/Kerry appearance from 1971 Dick Cavett Show and witness in action how Kerry reveals himself to be a person narcissistically focused on himself, as any *imperial ruler* tends to be. That one interview alone convinces me that O'Neill is a far better leader than Kerry ever was or will be.

If anyone wants proof of a ... (Below threshold)

If anyone wants proof of a Liberal media, the fact that the John O'Neill/John F. Kerry debate is never aired. Also reporters have no interest in finding a copy of Kerry's book with the mock Iwo Jima bookcover. Kerry's entire life is a fairytale. He's a legend in his own mind (please excuse the cliche).

<a href="http://www.telegra... (Below threshold)

The UK Telegraph has an interesting article on the fact that Kerry also tried for a deferment to study in Paris but failed. So (a) his attempts to whinge at people for deferments (but not avoiding the draft like Clinton...) is another 'porky pie' and (b) none of this appears on his website or in his 'biography' by Brinkley. Wonder why?

You got that right, Dave. K... (Below threshold)

You got that right, Dave. Kerry attempted to get another deferment to study in Paris after graduating from college (for which he already received a deferment). When he was denied the additional deferment to study in the country he really loves, he decided not to await being drafted and he joined the Naval Reserve and was placed on the inactive list. When he was activated he was assigned to a battle group off the coast of Indo-China where his ship saw NO action. He refers to that assignment as his first Vietnam tour. He then volunteered for the Swift Boats which at the time were not used in combat for about one of Kerry's four months in Nam. This he calls his second tour.
The news media ignore all this preferring to investigate anyone with anything negative to say about Kerry or his "Little Me" John Edwards.

Perhaps we should call Kerr... (Below threshold)
Another Thought:

Perhaps we should call Kerry's speech his "Midnight Madness" speech...

I agree that the speech was one more reminder just how self-centered a person Kerry is...he not only is totally unfit to be president, but is a repugnant human being to boot...

This would be my dream mome... (Below threshold)

This would be my dream moment in the debates. Kerry blows a fuse, takes a swing at Bush, and Bush flattens him.
After that, why even bother holding the election?

Lurch is lurching... (Below threshold)
Steve Cormier:

Lurch is lurching

Anyone remember last month ... (Below threshold)

Anyone remember last month when the rumour was Bush was breaking down? How things change.

There's one thing I can say... (Below threshold)
Steve Cormier:

There's one thing I can say about the Republican Convention--it is seared...seared in my memory.

you people are all delusion... (Below threshold)

you people are all delusional! kerry will crush bush in the election because he speaks about the issues that REALLY matter to people. he's the one we trust to protect our country. he's the one who will provide clear vision and leadership.

oh wait, today isn't backwards day? nevermind.

The Kerry Before List... (Below threshold)
Steve Cormier:

The Kerry Before List

I actually did eat at Wendyís, before I didnít eat there.

I actually did throw my medals away, before I didnít throw them away.

I actually did support the war in Iraq, before I didnít--before I did.

I actually was in Cambodia, before I wasnít, before I must have beenósometime.

I actually was in the Naval Reserves, before I wasnít, before I was.

I actually was at the VVAW meeting that plotted killing senators, before I wasnít, before I canít remember.

I actually was in the Senate, before I wasnít

I actually was a war hero, before I was a war criminal, before I was a war hero.

I actually was on the Senate Intelligence Committee, before I wasnít there.

I actually chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee, before I was Bob Kerry.

I actually was PresidentÖoh never mind.

The Dem's ought to be furio... (Below threshold)

The Dem's ought to be furious that they had such a truncated primary season - no serious vetting of the candates background, no chance to test their character throug the ups and downs of sveral months' campaigning, no assurance of broad popular appeal, no time to debate and develop an appealing mix of policies. It was like musical chairs; whoever was on top at one magic moment wins the nomination before most of the party even put away their Christmas decorations.

Further the ABB crowd cynically looking for 'electability' did their party no favors. It was like some banana republic from 40 years ago where the guy with the most medals gets to be el-presidente. Can anyone imagine Gephardt or Lieberman flailing around like Kerry's not ready for prime time candidacy?

Had he won even Kerry would have benefitted from a longer and more rigorous primary season to iron out the kinks in this campaign apparatus, enter the general election season with a set of popular policy proposals and a watertight biography/alabi.

Well, in all fairness, Jim ... (Below threshold)

Well, in all fairness, Jim Wooten is an op-ed writer who is in the tank for Bush, so his analysis shouldn't be all that surprising.
That Kerry bombed SO BADLY, though, has been seen pretty much across the board from what I've gathered.

And I thought Dole ran a terrible campaign....

John Kerry on VP Dick Chene... (Below threshold)

John Kerry on VP Dick Cheney, from his post-RNC Midnight Madness:

""I guess I'll leave it up to the voters whether five deferments makes someone more qualified to defend this nation than two tours of duty..."

Speaking of deferments, check out David Limbaugh's interview with Swiftee, John O'Neill (http://www.davidlimbaugh.com/oneill01.htm):

"John O’Neill: Why don’t we deal first with whether he volunteered. The records show that he actually applied for a deferment. He had gotten four student deferments in a row at Yale from the draft and he applied for a deferment to go study in Paris. The Draft Board denied the deferment. He was up near the top of the list. He volunteered at that point in time in lieu of getting drafted. So, it is true that he volunteered, but he volunteered right before he was going to get drafted, after applying for a deferment that got turned down from the draft."

Has anyone seen Bush's new ... (Below threshold)

Has anyone seen Bush's new ads? They will combat anything Kerry has to say about domestic issues facing Americans. Many people tuned in to hear what Bush had to say. THEY LOVED HIM! They say he has good ideas for America. I live in the Tri-state area too. :) BUMP! BUMP! BUMP!

That's why Bush will win!


A longer primary season pro... (Below threshold)
W Whitelaw:

A longer primary season probably wouldn't help Kerry get his biographical act together. He's been working on that biography for 35 years already; a few months more probably wouldn't help much.

This comment: John Kerry o... (Below threshold)

This comment: John Kerry on VP Dick Cheney, from his post-RNC Midnight Madness:

""I guess I'll leave it up to the voters whether five deferments makes someone more qualified to defend this nation than two tours of duty..."

My comment: When is someone gonna tell Kerry that Bush/Cheney never made their military record an issue in their election campaign or that his real issue is with the swift boat vets & not Bush/Cheney?

The man is totally off the wall to blame GWB. He outraged those swift boat vets & they acted on their own...just like Zel Miller did. I hear he went so far as to file a lawsuit against the swift boat vets. Anyone know anything about that?

BTW, his response that nite after the convention was soooooo lame. I sat there & thought, "What the heck is he saying?"

That's why Bush will win!


I've been telling all my de... (Below threshold)
Paul L.:

I've been telling all my dem friends that Bush would win by 7 - 10 points for weeks now. All the momentum is with Bush and Kerry's preening whining petulant style will win him very little support outside the northeast / left coast. I see an electoral landslide. BTW, all you "demonstrators" , thanks!

The poster here who goes by... (Below threshold)

The poster here who goes by "-S-" (above) nails Kerry's megalomania.

I could well imagine Kerry, midway through a speech, coming unhinged: "You will not question my authority. I am in command here. I answer to no one."






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