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Newsweek: Bush Over Kerry 54 to 43

Another 11 pointer:

Bush/Cheney Lead Kerry/Edwards 54 to 43 Percent; in a Three-Way Trial Heat, Bush/Cheney Receive 13-Point Margin Bounce

Bush Approval Rating Rises to 52 Percent; First Time Above 50 Since January;
Majority (53%) Wants to See Him Re-Elected-Highest Since May 2003

27 Percent of Registered Voters Think Bush/Cheney Campaign Is Behind Swift Boat Ads

NEW YORK, Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Immediately following the Republican National Convention in New York, the latest Newsweek Poll shows that, in a two-way presidential trial heat, the Bush/Cheney ticket would win over a Kerry Edwards ticket by 54 percent vs. 43 percent among registered voters. In a three-way trial heat, including Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader, the Bush/Cheney ticket would still win 52 percent to 41 percent for Kerry/Edwards and 3 percent for Nader/Camejo among registered voters. That represents a 13-point margin bounce for Bush/Cheney since an August 5-10 poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for the Pew Research

If the TIME poll was an outlier, it has company.

It ain't the biodegradable balloons at the RNC... It must have been the message.

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This is great news. This morning on Fox News Ellen Ratner said that she heard the Time Magazine poll was flawed and cited "the Gallup guy." I wonder what her response would be to the Newsweek poll.
I only worry that the Bush campaign and Bush supporters will become complacent. We have to remember who we're dealing with: Rabid Democrats and dishonest newspeople who will stop at nothing to bring down our President.

The poll results will solid... (Below threshold)

The poll results will solidify and widen as the implications of the Russian school massacre sink in to the national consciousness. When people realize that we are up against this same enemy - these are the same Muslim extremeists that want to kill us - there will be no desire to gamble the nation's security on a weak candidate like Kerry.

Even better was the polling... (Below threshold)

Even better was the polling on Friday, after Bush's speech and Kerry's "I'm Not Going to Take It!" midnight torchlight rally, which gave Bush a 16-point edge. And the Russian school massacre is just going to make it worse for Kerry, because people will look at those images and ask themselves, "Who is more likely to keep such atrocities from happening HERE?" And the answer is obvious.

I'm just waiting to hear th... (Below threshold)

I'm just waiting to hear their (and you know who they are) adolescent whining about how the Russian school massacre is (dammit!) ANOTHER Machiavellian political ploy executed by the Bush administration for political gain! Those wascawy Wepublicans are at it again!

Even with the bump in the l... (Below threshold)

Even with the bump in the latest polls, how useful is the 11 point lead it if Kerry is still winning in Ohio? Isn't Ohio necessary for victory?

But he's not leading in Ohi... (Below threshold)

But he's not leading in Ohio.
A poll on the 28th gave Bush a 48 to 42 lead over Kerry in Ohio. I suspect the lead will grow even more once a post-convention/post-insane kerry speech poll is taken.

The poll is of "probable vo... (Below threshold)

The poll is of "probable voters." Keep in mind that the GOP denies minorities the vote.

Good point about the Russia... (Below threshold)

Good point about the Russian school massacre. I believe the media coverage of that tragedy is being toned down with regard to the perpetrators. Only the Fox News Channel zeroed in on the fact at least 10 of the terrorists were Arabs. Why would the media do this? Because they don't want Americans to identify with the Russian people. This would cause even more people to question Kerry's ability to be a wartime president. Instead, today Kerry attacked Bush on the new jobs numbers for the month of August. That's my boys Kerry and his "Little Me" Edwards -- being petty in the midst of horror and death.

Yvette, not everyone is goi... (Below threshold)

Yvette, not everyone is going to know you're being snarky. ;-)

I think what is really grea... (Below threshold)

I think what is really great is that this poll in essence was really done before President Bush's speech. The poll was conducted from Aug 30 through Sep 2. So I really do not beleive it would have included the Bush speech.

However it was very clear from the earlier coverage of the RNC who the much stronger party was


"Keep in mind that the GOP ... (Below threshold)

"Keep in mind that the GOP denies minorities the vote." Huh? Since when is the GOP anti-minority?

Polls show that married women favor Bush. Almost a third of non-white voters support Bush.

The DNC simply has failed to keep faith with its minority constituency, and the voters know it. As somebody said, the same sort of rich white males run the DNC as the GOP.

I would also add that thereís nothing written in stone that the Democrats have always been and always will be the party of the minority voter. After all, they have NOT been the party of the minority for many sections of history.

It was the Republicans who argued most vociferously for abolition of slavery. And Susan B. Anthony and friends were largely Republican, particularly early in their careers as activists.

In the 1900ís, the GOP gradually lost touch with its roots. What we may be seeing in the late 1900ís and early 2000ís is a return to that tradition. Or, more likely, we may be seeing the DNC likewise moving away from their traditions.

It raises a serious question: what will the political landscape look like 50 years from now?






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