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Contest Winners

It took me long enough to actually name the winners from last Thursday's Convention Coverage Contest, but I finally did it. Offers of GMail accounts have gone out to Tony, Greyhawk, and Matt. And Evilwhiteguy got a "dishonorable mention" offer for his flagrant, blatant, and sleazy (almost Clintonesque) attempt at cheating.

I hope they accept the offers. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to come up with an even lamer contest to unload these things, and NOBODY wants that.

I appreciated everyone playing along. Nothing like calling extra attention to my utter incompetence at prognostication...


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What is a GMail account any... (Below threshold)

What is a GMail account anyway?

<a href="https://gmail.goog... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

GMail is Google's new E-Mail service. It's still in the Beta stage, and it's by invitation only. When you sign up, though, you get six invitations to give out as you wish.

It's also become the ultimate hot new Geek Status Symbol.

Cindy, if any of these go unclaimed, I might be persuaded to trade one in exchange for certain photographic negatives...







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