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Saddam's 2nd in Command Reported Captured in Tikrit

I question the timing:

(OH we got instalanched that's where the comments came from- for those of you new to wizbang, please read the update below.)

Saddam's 2nd in Command Reported Captured in Tikrit
Patricia Nunan Baghdad 05 Sep 2004, 13:57 UTC Iraq's Defense Ministry has announced the arrest of the most wanted man in Iraq: Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, a deputy to Saddam Hussein. Other officials say at least 70 people were killed in the operation. Defense ministry officials say Iraq's National Guard backed by U.S. forces made the arrest on the outskirts of Tikrit - Saddam Hussein's home town and a stronghold of support. Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri was the most senior aide to Saddam Hussein and the most senior official to escape capture, until now.

Interior Ministry officials say clashes surrounding the arrest left at least 70 dead. Another 80 supporters of Mr. al-Douri were captured.

U.S. officials have not confirmed the arrest.

UPDATE: OK From the comments it is apparent we have some newbies here. For future reference- If you ever hear me echoing the goofy liberal line of the day, it is only to mock them. It's called sarcasm. Trust me I have no tinfoil hat.


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Comments (54)

If the timing was political... (Below threshold)

If the timing was politically motivated, don't you think they would have waited just a little bit longer.

Question this (holding my p... (Below threshold)
Paulie T:

Question this (holding my phallus in my hand)!

You are an idiot.... (Below threshold)
Paulie T:

You are an idiot.

So....to avoid recriminatio... (Below threshold)

So....to avoid recriminations of political motivation, America should suspend the war on terror and and cease to pursue Al Queada for the nest sixty days?...I don't recall that being part of the McCain-Feingold act....


I question your IQ. Does t... (Below threshold)

I question your IQ. Does the scale go that low?

Guys Guys Guys... You must ... (Below threshold)

Guys Guys Guys... You must be new here... That was sarcasm personified.

I was mocking the liberals.

sheeze- tough crowd.

Have none of the previous c... (Below threshold)
Jim Thomason:

Have none of the previous commentors heard of the concept known as "sarcasm"?

What is to question regardi... (Below threshold)
Junkyard God:

What is to question regarding the timing?

If this happened before the Dem convention you would question the timing.

If this happened during the Dem convention you would question the timing.

If this happened after the Dem convention you would question the timing.

If this happened before the Republican convention you would question the timing.

If this happened during the Republican convention you would question the timing.

If this happened after the Republican convention you would question the timing.

If this happened last December you would question the timing.

If this happened in April you would question the timing.

If this happened in October you would question the timing.

When would you NOT question the timing? After the election. But then people would say Bush is losing the war. But they say that anyway.

Oh...sarcasm doesn't transl... (Below threshold)
Junkyard God:

Oh...sarcasm doesn't translate well on the Internet...Sorry

I question the timing of yo... (Below threshold)

I question the timing of your claiming that you were being sarcastic in questioning the timing. But you may choose to question my timing in questioning your timing of questioning the timing.

This is a line of argument that the cut-and-paste function is sure to promote.

Anyway, very droll, Paul. Gave me two good laughs — the one you intended, and the one your first few commenters didn't.

Junkyard, read my comment o... (Below threshold)

Junkyard, read my comment or my update-- it was sarcasm- I agree with every word you say.

Now I'm not so much questio... (Below threshold)

Now I'm not so much questioning the timing as I am questioning not saying it was sarcasm in the first place. LOL


BTW Kevin, it looks like you have a whole bunch of new readers.

This seems to be a far more... (Below threshold)

This seems to be a far more important story:

U.S. Troops in Iraq See Highest Injury Toll Yet

While we are questioning ti... (Below threshold)

While we are questioning timing... I was struck by a rather perverse thought.
is it possible that Bill Clinton's upcoming surgery is actually an elective (election) procedure? It is quite convenient that he will not be forced to stand beside the ultimate suicide bomber, John Kerry while John goes into self-destruct mode.

Paul, I've found it helps i... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, I've found it helps if you emphasize the hell out of "question the timing." I did that when I completely derailed the Caption Contest winners a couple weeks ago, and it seemed to work OK...


Paul, you're a conspiracy!!... (Below threshold)

Paul, you're a conspiracy!!


I caught the OBVIOUS sarcas... (Below threshold)

I caught the OBVIOUS sarcasm. Bloggers need to use emoticons for the more anal rententive readers.

Just imagine what the Dems will say if we catch ObL before the election. They'll no doubt say we've been keeping him somewhere waiting for an October surprise.

But, according to one General, we're hot on his heels, and it just might happen.

The way Kerry is nosediving and showing signs of mental instability, no captures will be needed to win the election.

Some of the Dems can't wait for the Deathodometer to hit 1K (it was at 979 last time I looked). Liberal newspapers will probably have the headline ONE THOUSAND US DEAD IN IRAG on their front pages when that happens. Even though Kerry has said he'd do essentially the same thing Bush has done (with more sensitivity and UN and foreign leader involvement), many Dems who are voting against Bush because of the War in Iraq will see that as justification for their vote.

Right. The Iraqis are worki... (Below threshold)

Right. The Iraqis are working for Karl Rove with the SwiftVets, making Iraq safe for Halliburton. Meanwhile, the GOP Convention was a spectacular success, Bush bounces to a double-digit lead in the polls, and suddenly der Schliekmeister needs heart surgery just as the battle is joined. How's that for timing??

You question the timing? I ... (Below threshold)

You question the timing? I question why I'm even commenting to this post.

"All right now, first week of September, contingent on how W's polling, let's capture that Izzat dude. If you can manage it, kill or wound a 150 or so of his gang while you're at it. It'll be great for the numbers."


R.G., casualty reports are ... (Below threshold)

R.G., casualty reports are always serious and disturbing. Whether they're "more important" depends on whether your focus is on the goals of the War on Terror or its costs. But thanks for the link.

And not to highjack the thr... (Below threshold)

And not to highjack the thread, but the WaPo story you linked has this interesting info:

"The sharp rise in wounded was, for the first time, accompanied by a far less steep climb in battlefield fatalities. Since the start of the war in March 2003, 979 U.S. troops have died in Iraq and almost 7,000 have been wounded. Until last month, however, the monthly tallies of fatalities and wounded rose and fell roughly in proportion."

So the story could have been headlined, "U.S. Troops in Iraq Cut Fatality Rate Despite Stepped Up Pace of Combat Against Terrorists." Not that we're likely to see that headline from the WaPo.

Hey R.G. - that is a very i... (Below threshold)
Dr. Applebreath:

Hey R.G. - that is a very interesting story you mention, here's the interesting part:

"Commanders said they had no immediate concrete explanation for why the number of wounded increased so sharply without a comparable rise in combat deaths.

"All I know is I've got more patients here," said Col. Ryck Beitz, commander of the 31st Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad, which admitted 425 patients last month, a new high.

One possible explanation lay in the brawn some units brought to the fight in crowded city centers. In Najaf, for example, two of the three U.S. battalions squaring off in close quarters against a Shiite militia were categorized as "heavy armored." Army officers said their Abrams tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles not only offer substantial protection from incoming fire, but also answered with immediate and overwhelming large-caliber salvos.

"We've been given the best tools in the world for waging war," said Maj. Tim Karcher of the 2nd battalion of the 1st Cavalry Division's 7th Regiment. In two weeks of almost constant combat, the heavily armored battalion sustained several injuries, but not a single fatality, as it fought its way through Najaf's crowded old city."

The folks who did not get t... (Below threshold)

The folks who did not get the sarcasm obviously haven't heard the silly BS from the standard bearers of the Democrat party. It doesn't matter when bin Laden is caught (5 September to 1 November) the Ted "Hiccup" Kennedy's and the Howard Dean's will question the timing.

Please do not send people t... (Below threshold)
Lee Rado:

Please do not send people to liberal websites that require you to register. Most of us on the web resent this intrusion into our private lives. New York Times, Washington Post etc. If you do not register they will have to stop this action or go out of the Blog business. Thank you for your support and pass this on.

Okay, but who's timimg the ... (Below threshold)

Okay, but who's timimg the questions?

Lee, assuming you're using ... (Below threshold)

Lee, assuming you're using Internet Explorer (I can't speak for other browsers) and have your Status Bar turned on in your View options, then when you put your cursor over a link, you'll see in the Status Bar at the bottom of your browser where the link will take you before you click it. So if you don't recognize the site, or you have concerns about whether it may require you to register or may give you viruses or spyware or whatever, you don't have to follow that link.

With due respect, that's your job to do as a reader, and it would be counterproductive if the blogosphere stopped linking sites that someone, somewhere, on some basis, might object to.

The timing? Dear Lord. In... (Below threshold)

The timing? Dear Lord. In these fraught times, people insist on viewing the world as though it were a reality created for and controlled by some manager somewhere. Things happen when they happen, and that's it, and that's all of it. Madison Avenue isn't the beginning and end of reality, and we've swallowed the line that manipulation is everything. But it isn't.

You know what, if all of th... (Below threshold)

You know what, if all of the terrorists in the world wre struck dead by bolts of lightning and the voice of GOD himself boomed from the sky that he wants everyone in America to vote for Bush, all of the democrats everywhere would question the timing. They would scream for God to answer why he did not do that sooner, and why he waits until now to support Bush. If the world imploded tomorrow, somewhere, someone would "question the timing", so just get over it and accept THAT IT WAS SARCASM! OK!

They're going to drag out t... (Below threshold)

They're going to drag out the ghost of Uncle Ho and report Hitler has been found alive and well in Argentina a week before the election. Ho will be the one wearing the lucky hat.

I like squirrels........ (Below threshold)
Big Daddy T:

I like squirrels.....

It may have been sarcasm..b... (Below threshold)

It may have been sarcasm..but how would anyone know?..it is nearly impossible to project sarcasm in the written word

Here is my 14-or-15 word an... (Below threshold)

Here is my 14-or-15 word answer: I'll not have anyone who has not served in Vietnam question this man's sarcasm!

In fact, if you didn't serve in Nam, even if you weren't born then, you have no right to criticize or even question anyone!


I just looked up sarcasm in... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I just looked up sarcasm in the dictionary, and it had Paul's picture by it. Unfortunately for Paul this provided us with the opportunity to get an early start on the next week-end caption contest. You may question my timing on this.

The bottom line is, this sp... (Below threshold)

The bottom line is, this spectacularly ugly guy was the "King of Clubs" in the "Saddam Deck of Cards". Just about all the "blackjack" cards have been collected. heh

R.G. Probably not as... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Probably not as important as the link below. It appears the the US Military has reached a NEW HIGH fatality count in tailgating. AND this is while not

Protecting this country
unseating a dictator.
building a democracy


The sad truth is the next casuality always sets a new high death toll in this encounter. The crime is in over dramatizing it as the media continues to do.

LEE -- Use bugmenot.com to ... (Below threshold)
bug not:

LEE -- Use bugmenot.com to provide instant usernames and passwords to registration sites. You get in and they get bogus data.

Just how many 2nd in comman... (Below threshold)

Just how many 2nd in commands did Bush have?

Oops, should have been ... (Below threshold)

Oops, should have been

Just how many 2nd in commands did Sadam have?

That's OK Randy, we're used... (Below threshold)

That's OK Randy, we're used to you not make sense.

This guy had a 10 million d... (Below threshold)

This guy had a 10 million dollar bounty on his head, and it took this long to bag him?

To answer Beldar, the focus should be winning the war against al Qaeda and the like. But in the mean time, are we winning in Iraq or just managing a civil war?

Link on my blog to a BBC re... (Below threshold)

Link on my blog to a BBC report that says no arrest has been made.

Debka is reporting that the... (Below threshold)
John Davies:

Debka is reporting that the report isn't true and he wasn't captured.

I question the timing of the Debka report.

So there.

Misinterpretation of your c... (Below threshold)
Jim R:

Misinterpretation of your comment by those of your own political persuasion has given you a good view from the outside looking in. Interesting isn't it?

To many take themselves and their politics way too seriously. Of course it also helps to have a sense of humor in the first place.

Debka is a great source - 5... (Below threshold)

Debka is a great source - 50% of the time. I question HER timing.

I, on the other hand, have no timing. That's why I use this hand.

errrr... was that my outside voice?

Well, I hope that Al Duri's... (Below threshold)

Well, I hope that Al Duri's capture is true, he has been long sought after. Why did it take so long to find him with a price on his head? Bounties only owrk if the informant thinks he will live long enough to claim it.

you question the timing..<b... (Below threshold)

you question the timing..
you are an idiot.

What was the question?... (Below threshold)

What was the question?

I question the ability of s... (Below threshold)

I question the ability of some people to read an entire post before commenting.

(Have a cocktail, relax, and read it again, gijoe.)

"I question the ability of ... (Below threshold)

"I question the ability of some people to read an entire post before commenting."

(or any of the 73 posts spelling out in exquisitely painful detail the fact that it was s-a-t-i-r-e. )

too funny.Yes, the... (Below threshold)

too funny.

Yes, the timing, it has to be the timing... Well, I don't know why they arrested him, but it must be the timing.

It's all about the timing, right?

I thought the sarcasm was o... (Below threshold)

I thought the sarcasm was obvious. But the propeller beanie does look good on you.

I find the timing of these ... (Below threshold)

I find the timing of these posts to be suspicious

I contacted Kiran Chetry of... (Below threshold)

I contacted Kiran Chetry of Fox News Channel regarding the alleged capture of Al-Douri. She tells me that this is not the Al-Douri who serves as bin Laden's lieutenant. I hope she's wrong.

Seriously, it looks like we... (Below threshold)

Seriously, it looks like we DO NOT have him. The initial report if capture was put out by the Iraqi govt.

Still, it doesn't track that a nobody would have enough security with him to have accounted for 70 bad guys killed and the 80 captured....if those numbers are reliable.






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