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Bad Naked

Things no one needs to see - Yoko Ono nude:

Yoko Ono is returning to the London art scene, 40 years after she first made waves, to re-stage one of her "happenings".

Ono, 71, was an avant-garde artist before finding global exposure as the wife of John Lennon, whom she met as he attended her show at London's Indica Gallery. She is to appear at Tate Britain next week, where she is expected to recreate one of her best-known performances, Cut Piece.

It was originally staged in 1964 and involved her having clothing cut from her body until she was naked, many years before the "bed-ins" with her husband and their naked picture on the cover of her Two Virgins album.



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Comments (11)

Dang. She wasn't exactly ey... (Below threshold)

Dang. She wasn't exactly eye candy as a young woman. But at 71???

I played an Ono album once.... (Below threshold)

I played an Ono album once. Animal Control showed up and wrongly arrested me for torturing dogs with a branding iron.

Ack! Indeed!... (Below threshold)

Ack! Indeed!

For the love of God if you ... (Below threshold)

For the love of God if you come across a picture of this, DO NOT put a link on your website. It is not only NSFW, it would not be safe for anybody at any time.

What does she "look like" i... (Below threshold)

What does she "look like" if you "play" her backwards?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Nude

~Posted for the Society for Equal Time for Nudes~

Yoko Ono naked? Hmmmmm. Sou... (Below threshold)

Yoko Ono naked? Hmmmmm. Sounds like another part of what Kerry calls, "The heart and soul of America." The Bizarro World's version of America, that is.

My God, she frightened me 3... (Below threshold)

My God, she frightened me 35 years ago when she decided to share her ass with the world; what the hell will she look like NOW? If only she'd disrobe at a Kerry campaign function...

"Mark David Chapman walks u... (Below threshold)

"Mark David Chapman walks up to the door, fires five shots. Shoots John Lennon five times. Yoko Ono, standing right next to him, not one bullet.
There is no God."

--Denis Leary

DaveP - you beat me to my f... (Below threshold)

DaveP - you beat me to my favourite quote on the horrid little troll.

Ugh! I almost tossed my co... (Below threshold)

Ugh! I almost tossed my cookies!

ACK??!!! :-) ACK!!!!... (Below threshold)

ACK??!!! :-) ACK!!!!






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