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Now you know why Kerry needs a new team

From the NY Times today.

The Kerry campaign has become roiled in recent days by criticism - from inside and outside - of its decision to initially resist responding to the attacks on Mr. Kerry's war record by a group of veterans. Members of the Clinton camp as well as some of Mr. Kerry's aides were said to have believed that the slow response hurt Mr. Kerry and contributed to polls in recent days suggesting that he had slipped behind Mr. Bush.

"We talked about this last year, the fact that Republicans would come after his service and the idea that they would come after what he did when he got home," said one midlevel Kerry adviser who is not part of the Clinton camp. "The idea that we got caught flat-footed is just crazy."

Mr. Shrum, in an interview yesterday, called such second-guessing "ridiculous," saying, "We responded within six or seven days.

Thank God he works for the Democrats.


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Comments (18)

They talked about Bush comi... (Below threshold)

They talked about Bush coming after his service as an issue. I don't think it crossed their minds that ordinary vets would take a hand.

Well, Kerry is losing to a ... (Below threshold)

Well, Kerry is losing to a candidate w/ a DUI conviction, whose known to lie to justify war against other countries, who gives no bid contracts to his VP's company. If that isn't enough to bring in fresh blood to the election team, then nothing is.

Randy, two points: <p... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Randy, two points:

First, just presuming your little litany is entirely accurate, just what does it say about how putrid YOUR guy must be if he's losing to someone like that?

Second, repeat after me: "it's better to be silent and thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."


Randy: Don't let your mind ... (Below threshold)

Randy: Don't let your mind wander -- it's too little to be let out alone.

You know there is one overw... (Below threshold)

You know there is one overwhelming perception emerging of "hate Bush" types like randy....they are children throwing temper tantrums...just watch...you took my candy....whaaaaaaayyyyy from

Sounds like beverages of th... (Below threshold)

Sounds like beverages of the day for Democratuc Labor day picnics are Kerry Chokes.

Just wondering if Randy kno... (Below threshold)

Just wondering if Randy knows that the Majority stockholders of (Brown & Root) Halburton are kinfolk of L.B.J. (the ex DEM. Prez) You know from Viet Nam fame.

judging by randy's webpage ... (Below threshold)

judging by randy's webpage i'd say that the only things he knows for sure are that paris hilton has boobies, and that html is difficult to master.

Randy's tantrum is so easil... (Below threshold)

Randy's tantrum is so easily refuted it's like taking candy from a baby. Hey, isn't that what Randy and his fellow Kool-Aid drinkers believe? That the GOP "stole" the election from the Dem doofuses. Do we really want to elect a President from a political party that can't even hold on to what belongs to them? A party that whines and whines about being robbed of an election? What a bunch of weak doofuses.

BTW, Randy, did you know th... (Below threshold)

BTW, Randy, did you know that Halliburton received more no-bid contracts from President Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton than from any President in recent history? Ever hear of Kosovo? Did you know there was talk -- unsubstantiated, but credible -- that Clinton received "gifts" from Halliburton execs? Perhaps one of those gifts was a box of cigars. I know Clinton loved cigars -- in more ways than one. One Halliburton exec reportedly asked Clinton, "Should a gentleman offer a lady a Tiparillo?"

What could be more audaciou... (Below threshold)

What could be more audacious than to lie while calling someone else a liar?

dman - funny you should <a ... (Below threshold)

dman - funny you should say....

"I don't think it crossed t... (Below threshold)

"I don't think it crossed their minds that ordinary vets would take a hand."

Because no one in decision-making position in Kerry's campaign knows "an ordinary vet."

I took a look at Randy's si... (Below threshold)

I took a look at Randy's site. First, from the looks of his picture, we should introduce him to the gal with the blank sign. Then it gets so much better as far as content.

My text in bold. I quote the irrepressible Randy: It makes me wonder. How many Americans died because of 9/11? Well, randy, it started with over 3,000 innocent civillians just miles from my home. Perhaps you forgot that. How many have died in the crusade since? As we aren't in the 12th century, I'll assume you mean this definition of "crusade" - A vigorous concerted movement for a cause or against an abuse.Yes, randy, we were horrifically abused on 9/11 and we are doing something about it. I realize that's a challenge for people like you who prefer to bend over and take it. But do try to keep your peculliar sexual predilections out of the national debate, won't you? This all seems counter-productive now. Why, randy? Because they are dying at a far faster rate than we and are going to lose? Had they stopped at Afghanistan, the world would be a better place? I've no idea what that means given that the Taliban and Saddam were not much different. I'll just add afghan rugs to your fetishistic fixations and assume I'm close to the mark. Had they allowed a U.N. occupation of Iraq, instead of a U.S. occupation? Uh, randy, when, where and how did we not allow a UN occupation? Jesus, man, what ARE you smoking? It seems all clear to me. Do you mean "all seems clear", or "seems clear," because from a school in Russia to Iraq and the Prudential Building, Citigroup, etc. if you read the news you'd know it is far from "all clear." I'll just ascribe your verbal staggerings to the aforementioned substance abuse. But still, 100 million people are going to vote for the root cause of the war in this world. Ah, took you long enough. Yes, randy WE did it. America = bad ... bad. Child killing miscreants with hoods are simply misunderstood. How sad you are. And billions of us have to live in a world at war, because a small percentage choose to follow a religious fanatic. The underline here is a disabled link to this wonderful musing from our intoxicated, if not intoxicating friend. Randy: Another religious quack who thinks himself a prophet. I guess the differences between Osama and Bush are fewer than previously believed. Hmmm, how can I respond to this intelligently? randy, you are a stupid degenerate f&ckstick. Ah, I feel so much better now. Yes, randy, in your world Bush is akin to osama, a conglomerate of rich white men meet behind closed doors and rule the world and black helicopters sweep past your bedroom window at night, so obsessed is the government with how frequently randy jack's off. Clue randy, next time you feel like abusing yourself, try not to get any on this message board. Some do mind the mess.

*giggles* Ok, Dan... *giggl... (Below threshold)

*giggles* Ok, Dan... *giggles again* Ok... Well I think that about says it all... *giggles*

Re: Kerry's handlers (Shrum... (Below threshold)

Re: Kerry's handlers (Shrum, et. al.): "A stupid enemy is a gift from God."

Six or seven days?... (Below threshold)

Six or seven days?

If the Jews worked on that kind of timetable, there would be no more Israel.

A new member of the Kerry C... (Below threshold)

A new member of the Kerry Campaign Team:

Cop-Killer Endorses Kerry

Convicted cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal, endorses John Kerry. Abu-Jamal's death sentence for gunning down Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner in 1981 has made him an idol to many extreme leftists. The convicted murderer regularly contributes columns to Workers World, the weekly journal of a Marxist revolutionary party that is the main sponsor of International ANSWER, which in turn is a major sponsor of anti-war protests.

"One of Kerry's selling points is his plan to appeal to Europe to give a hand to the American colonial project in Iraq, instead of the cold shoulder which the Bush regime has received since the invasion and occupation of Iraq. ..."






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