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1,000 Heroes

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - U.S. military deaths in the Iraq campaign passed 1,000 Tuesday, an Associated Press tally showed, as a spike in fighting with both Sunni and Shiite insurgents killed seven Americans in scattered clashes in the Baghdad area.

The count includes 998 U.S. troops and three civilian contractors killed while working for the Pentagon. The tally was compiled by the AP based on Pentagon records, AP reporting from Iraq, and reports from soldiers' families.

It includes deaths from hostile and non-hostile causes since President Bush launched a campaign in March 2003 to topple the regime of Saddam Hussein. A few deaths occurred in neighboring Kuwait.

To his credit Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (Kos) has managed to avoid saying "screw them."


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Comments (6)

Our hearts and prayers to a... (Below threshold)

Our hearts and prayers to all their families.

These are the men and women... (Below threshold)

These are the men and women who make the USA the greatest nation in history. God bless them all.

1,000 dead in 17+ months of... (Below threshold)

1,000 dead in 17+ months of fighting. Hmmm. Another couple thousand and they'll almost get to the number that died in the three day Battle of Gettysburg -- and that's just from the Union side. The sneering triumphalism in such media reports is a little too obvious for me. You just know they've been waiting to hit this number for months now.

And since many of these 1,000 deaths are the direct result of the terrorism that we are supposedly being distracted from by fighting there, logical consistency requires that they (1) deduct those non-combat deaths, or (2) admit that we aren't distracted from the War on Terror after all.

(*cue Jeopardy theme*)

Our hearts and prayers t... (Below threshold)

Our hearts and prayers to all their families.

Can't argue with that.


...so who are you and what have you done with "our" R.G.?



McGhee: I was wondering th... (Below threshold)

McGhee: I was wondering the same thing. Those "anonymous" blog sites hosted on blogspot...I notice that the preponderance of them are all "hate Bush" 'authors'.

About the thread, these truly are those who make America a great nation. No greater love...

It wounds my heart to read ... (Below threshold)

It wounds my heart to read the statistics. Warriors, men and women, many yet to reach their full potential.

The politicians that can't end politics at our shores. THE ELITE MEDIA whose only memory is found in a sordid tally of the deaths, who in their secret souls find horrid glee. Those left behind; their sorrow shows in each day they continue to live out their lives, now a hollow existance at best.

To each Warrior and their families; God Bless, each and every one!

To those who use their deaths in shallow shame; the Nation knows, the Nation grieves.






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