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GOP Babe Of The Week - Call For Entries

With the Olympics and the Republican National Convention both distant memories Wizbang is suddenly "babeless." Certainly this situation cannot stand. What to do?

Coming this weekend:

GOP Babe Of The Week

Entries are now being accepted. Fine print below...

Rules: Photographic entries should be submitted to: kevin at wizbangblog dot com. JPEG images are the preferred format. You may enter for yourself or another person (including celebrities). In the event of multiple entires there may be (at my discretion) an online poll conducted to declare the GOP Babe Of The Week. The contest will run weekly through the election in November. There may be prizes awarded - no guarantee though. Entries may be anonymous or pseudonymous, but a first name is required. Not all entries will be used.

Legal: By submitting an entry you agree to the following: Any or all entries may be posted online. By submitting copyrighted images (in which you hold rights) you grant Wizbang non-exclusive use of those images. Your name and likeness may be used in advertising Wizbang or the GOP Babe Of The Week here and elsewhere.


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Comments (13)

Did anyone catch James "Mou... (Below threshold)

Did anyone catch James "Mouth of the South" Carville with his wife Mary Matlin on the interview with Tim Russert? I laughed so hard. He insignuated that Zel Miller was put up to making that speech at the GOP convnetion last week. Does anyone here think Zel Miller is a senile old man? Poor thing. LOL All Mary could do was shake her head at that & all his ridiculous remarks.

I guess that puts her in the running. Yu think? I know! I know! How could she marry someone like him, Right? Well I love my sister but I tell her all the time it's scarey that she's allowed to vote. She's so off the radar too. Ah well...

One vote for Mary Matlin.

I nominate my sister, "Stum... (Below threshold)

I nominate my sister, "Stumpy".


(NOTE: She's not really my sister. And her name's probably not even Stumpy. It might be Stumpy, but it could just as easily be "Moonbeam" or "Theresa".)

One word - Moxie.... (Below threshold)

One word - Moxie.

Any and all:Moxie<... (Below threshold)
El Jefe:

Any and all:

Catherine Bell
Tracy Scoggins
Bo Derek
Janine Turner
Gabrielle Reilly
Heather Locklear
Laura Ingraham
Michelle Malkin
Ann Coulter

This was just top of my head...

JerseyGOP.com has had a <a ... (Below threshold)

JerseyGOP.com has had a Republican Babe of the Week for a while now - they even have a calendar.

<a href="http://www.jerseyg... (Below threshold)

http://www.jerseygop.com/R_babes/ is actually where the Jersey GOP Republican Babe of the Week is located. I botched the cut and paste in my last comment.

Okay, Quinton, I'll remembe... (Below threshold)

Okay, Quinton, I'll remember that.

How about <a href="http://w... (Below threshold)

How about Heather Nauert?

Or <a href="http://www.came... (Below threshold)
Any infobabe from Fox News.... (Below threshold)

Any infobabe from Fox News.

Jeff - that list is TOO big... (Below threshold)

Jeff - that list is TOO big. Its like wall to wall (leg to leg?)eye candy. So many ladies and not enough elections...

Then, if you want to get su... (Below threshold)

Then, if you want to get suitably obscure, you can try someone like black comedienne Cheryl Underwood. (as noted in an archived Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article)

How about Patricia Heaton? ... (Below threshold)

How about Patricia Heaton? (She plays Deborah on Everybody Loves Raymond.)






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