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Me Versus Dolby Surround Sound 6.1

I spent Labor Day, well, laboring...

The old receiver finally gave up the ghost, which meant it was time to get a new one and I promised myself that the next receiver upgrade would include a compliment of surround sound speakers. Many hours later I've declared tactical victory over the electronics. Everything seems to be working and I've only cracked the first page of the manual. I haven't really had a chance to put the system through it's paces, but I did manage to verify that the Dolby Surround Sound is working.

What fine piece of Hollywood entertainment had the honor of break in my new home entertainment center?

Gigli on Starz in Dolby 5.1.

It's hard to believe a movie so critically panned could actually be worse than one would expect, but Gigli delivers...

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Ben Afleck jumped the shark... (Below threshold)

Ben Afleck jumped the shark with that one. But at least they had the good sense to kill off J-Lo. Imagine how horrible the film would have been had she lived.

Ben Afleck jumped the shark... (Below threshold)

Ben Afleck jumped the shark with that one. But at least they had the good sense to kill off J-Lo. Imagine how horrible the film would have been had she lived.

So.... What speakers did yo... (Below threshold)

So.... What speakers did you end up getting?

Give it a nice test. I alw... (Below threshold)

Give it a nice test. I always find The 5th Element to be an excellent test, both audio and visual wise.

That's terrible. Gigli? Her... (Below threshold)

That's terrible. Gigli? Here's a short list to test out your new receiver.

1. The Matrix (the first one, incredible sound, especially the scene that pans around on the rooftop when Neo is being shot at).

2. Gladiator

3. Saving Private Ryan

There are many more, but those three stand out in my mind as having excellent sound. Of course, you didn't mention if you got a subwoofer or already had one. If you don't, it's a "moral imperative" that you get one as soon as possible.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND "GLADIAT... (Below threshold)

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND "GLADIATOR" and "Black Hawk Down" for your first run(s) with Dolby.

All I had to do is plug in the speakers and make sure I'd downloaded the appropriate drivers, and then annoy the heck out of anyone within 700 yards while barely in the Dolby sub-woofer range. The speaker system and technology truly makes for fantastic filmic viewing on any system -- but I did have to spend all day yesterday trying to rollback drivers so as to avoid Macromedia protections with the more recent DVDs...don't know if you've realized that problem or not but it does affect Dolby when you have to rollback drivers to avoid the "TV-Out" hangup with the brand new DVDs. Not to burst the bubble, though.

Hope you enjoy the Dolby features and capable speakers. I really, really do, with mine.

Musical CD suggestion for t... (Below threshold)

Musical CD suggestion for to marvel at Dolby...try listening to "Closer" by Josh Groban, when you can let it play as loud as you want. Incredibly well mixed and performed CD, just incredible.

Get the Extended versions o... (Below threshold)

Get the Extended versions of the Lord of the Rings movies, and the original Spiderman - they have 6.1 audio tracks to really give the system a proper workout.

Speakers are JBL, receiver ... (Below threshold)

Speakers are JBL, receiver is Sony.

No contest: Fast and The F... (Below threshold)

No contest: Fast and The Furious (1st one)

Fantastic choice on the spe... (Below threshold)

Fantastic choice on the speakers... My entire setup is JBL and I absolutely love it!

Gee, Kevin, I would have th... (Below threshold)

Gee, Kevin, I would have thought you would have tried Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights or something. ;)

Let me throw my two cents in for Twister. Great sound!






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