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The 10 Spot

It's been a busy, busy week here at Wizbang. Here are just 10 of the many links I've been meaning to mention:


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Thanks for linkage Kevin.</... (Below threshold)

Thanks for linkage Kevin.

Kevin, here's the first of ... (Below threshold)

Kevin, here's the first of three comments:

New York Firefighters Endorse Bush
NEW YORK (AP) -- Within minutes of arriving in his GOP convention city, President Bush was embracing New York firefighters - human symbols of the Sept. 11 attacks that defined his first term and are a main focus of his re-election campaign.

Firefighters chanted "four more years" as Bush and first lady Laura Bush arrived Wednesday night at a community center for Italian Americans in Queens, about a half-hour's drive from midtown Manhattan where the president will accept his party's nomination Thursday night.

Video of Bush accepting the endorsement of the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York, a union representing the city's firefighters, was shown in the convention hall as delegates cheered.

Bush said the endorsement, nearly three years after he visited the World Trade Center rubble, was especially meaningful, "because the truth of the matter is, the inspiration I received from the firefighters on that site is something I'll never forget."

"To see the courage and compassion and decency of our fellow Americans during an incredible time of stress has shaped my thinking about the future of this country," he said. His eyes misted as he stood among the firemen, holding a black fire helmet that said "Commander in Chief."

New York Police S... (Below threshold)

New York Police Sergeants Association Endorses Bush

New York Sergeants Benevolent Association Endorses President Bush for Re-election"Less than a year after he was sworn in as the 43rd President of the United States, the momentous events of September 11th, 2001 transformed the global landscape forever. From Day one, President Bush showed true leadership and poise as he vowed to pursue justice, regardless of where that pursuit took us. He made clear that it would be a long and difficult process, and that the war on terrorism would be fought like no war had ever been fought before. Never once has he wavered in his commitment to eradicate the terrorist threat in this country, and abroad.

President Bush has also proven himself to be a steadfast supporter of the United States law enforcement community, and his administration has made itself available to the SBA on numerous occasions for a variety of concerns. All in all he has proven himself to be a strong and determined leader during one of the most precipitous times in this nation."

Cop-Killer Endors... (Below threshold)

Cop-Killer Endorses KerryCop-killer Endorses KerryConvicted cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal, endorses John Kerry. Abu-Jamal's death sentence for gunning down Philadelphia Police Officer Danny Faulkner in 1981 has made him an idol to many extreme leftists. The convicted murderer regularly contributes columns to Workers World, the weekly journal of a Marxist revolutionary party that is the main sponsor of International ANSWER, which in turn is a major sponsor of anti-war protests.

"One of Kerry's selling points is his plan to appeal to Europe to give a hand to the American colonial project in Iraq, instead of the cold shoulder which the Bush regime has received since the invasion and occupation of Iraq. ..."

I read Michael Moore's post... (Below threshold)

I read Michael Moore's post about not going for the documentary Oscar, and he says this:

"The only problem with my desire to get this movie in front of as many Americans as possible is that, should it air on TV, I will NOT be eligible to submit "Fahrenheit 9/11" for Academy Award consideration for Best Documentary. Academy rules forbid the airing of a documentary on television within nine months of its theatrical release (fiction films do not have the same restriction)."

Well, it was already on TV in Cuba, and the rules say TV anywhere in the world, not just in the US, so he's already inelligible. But reading the post, you'd think he was going to sacrifice something by getting it on American TV.

The airing of F9/11 in Cuba... (Below threshold)

The airing of F9/11 in Cuba was unauthorized. The Acadamy has already said that it doesn't consider it a breech of the rules.

How is China shutting down ... (Below threshold)

How is China shutting down porn substantially different from Ashcroft and the DOJ shutting down porn?

Where do you see porn being... (Below threshold)

Where do you see porn being shutdown? Even the Supreme Court struck down a law against virtual child porn. Ashcroft is: a) going after people who use human trafficking to supply brothels and porn film makers with quasi-slave labor, including kids; and b) he's going after purveyors of child pornography. Now I know Democrats love child porn as well as other pathologies, but to compare Ashcroft to the Chinese is like comparing Kerry to... well, to a war hero. It's nonsense.

They're going after the who... (Below threshold)

They're going after the whole industry. They've started by ordering 3 tapes in Pittsburgh and filing charges there. They think they can get a more conservative jury there.
If you don't think they're going after everybody, get a copy of the piece that aired on 60 Minutes last Sunday.
Listen to what the representative of the AG's office says, on camera.

(I know, 60 minutes is just "liberal bias". They forced her to say what she did.)

"Rance": obviously, "the A... (Below threshold)

"Rance": obviously, "the Academy" makes mistakes and has and continues to do so. They are unconvincing in their "interpretation" that a TV broadcast in Cuba of "F:9/11" "doesn't count" because they cannot -- more likely will not -- acknowledge the trace as to how a copy of the "film" managed to find it's way to, um, Fidel Castro and his Cuban television.

~Miramax and Moore have never, ever, HEARD of Cuba! Never HEARD of it!~

Any Academy voter who would even remotely consider "F:9/11" as a "documentary" does not deserve membership there. Moore is scrambling in his public relations to rearrange his public personna, which most Americans have no respect for. He HAS to say that "F:9/11" should be considered for Best Picture -- as in, what ELSE can he say to rationalize what he's wrought: it's the "if it's a Best Picture, it can't be what it is, which is garbage" avoidance rationalization that skirts self responsibility and honesty in creative arts.

Interestingly, it IS garbage but it certainly is not the Best Picture nor a documentary, but it was shown on public television in Cuba, by sources unrevealed. Which makes "the Academy" decision about that public television broadcast, also, garbage. Certainly implausible academics. Rationalization to suit certain "Academy members." But nothing more.

Whatever balance Michael Moore ever had in his soul account has long since been overdrawn. That anyone in filmmaking would attempt to promote his degradation in print and "on film" is truly disappointing. And, moreso disappointing when those attempts to promote Moore derive from other filmmakers.

Another thing, "rance": </... (Below threshold)

Another thing, "rance":

no one takes the anonymous, pretense of personna or identity thing seriously, beyond, perhaps, musing about the parodical method. The "faux" author presentation doesn't make a point, other than what is written is false, is "pretend" copy.

Oh, 60 Minutes says Ashcrof... (Below threshold)

Oh, 60 Minutes says Ashcroft is after porn. That's different. 60 Minutes never misled Americans. But don't worry, the courts will make sure you perverts have your porn, JohnA. Sheesh, typical Liberal-Leftie -- kids are being massacred, American soldiers are dying for our freedom, terrorism is a daily threat in America and around the world, etc.,
but some Liberals are afraid the government will take away their child porn pics.

Did anybody read the articl... (Below threshold)

Did anybody read the article about California taking 75% of punitive damages for itself? I can see now why the trial lawyers let this one through. According to the law, as written, any "attourney's fees" shall NOT be counted as part of the total award in any punitive damage settlement. The lawyers will get 25% of the total award, then the plaintiff will pay 75% of what's left in taxes to the state of California. This is incredible. The lawyers get their money, the state gets theirs, and the plaintiff gets even LESS than before! And trial attourneys are all about helping their clients! I keep thinking the lawyers can't sink any lower, and they continually surprise me. Read the article!






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