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Are the CBS National Guard Documents Fake?

I read a fair amount and it might not seem as odd a question as you might first think.

Command Post

Bill @ INDC

Powerline started the speculation ball rolling (in earnest) but I can't get to the server. Must be Busy.

It was a Free Republic post that is the first known mention.

As someone who was highly involved in the electronic publishing revolution I find the evidence highly interesting even if not completely air tight. (yet)

One thing is for sure... There is "probably cause" to check it out and CBS did not bother.


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Comments (10)

Is this what you are lookin... (Below threshold)
Check my update Kevin - it'... (Below threshold)

Check my update Kevin - it's a fake:

"I asked him to put a percentage on the chances that this was a fake, and he said that was "hard to put a number on it." I then suggested "90%?" Again he said it's "hard to put an exact number, but I'd say it's at least that high, sure. I pretty much agree that that font is Times New Roman."

I hesitate to render verdicts, but based on an initial visual analysis by one of the country's foremost forensic document analysts that specializes in old typefaces, it looks like CBS was duped."

Glenn Smith, the main fi... (Below threshold)

Glenn Smith, the main figure in Texans for Truth, said he wanted to make the spot because he was angry over the Swift Boat veterans.

That seems to explain everything enough for me. Of course, I will still vote for the candidate that works the hardest on establishing voting rights for rodents!

Note to CBS 'News" Staff: I... (Below threshold)

Note to CBS 'News" Staff: In the age of the hive-mind distrbuted network blogosphere, be sure to wear a cup and althetic supporter while at work.

You're gonna need it.

Powerline would be busy, al... (Below threshold)

Powerline would be busy, all right... he's got a Drudgealanche underway....

Hells Bells. It's an act of... (Below threshold)

Hells Bells. It's an act of desparation if you have to use something so unverifiable as "proof" of something so mundane.

This calls for a parody in Photoshop.

So he did serve, but there ... (Below threshold)

So he did serve, but there aren't records? The military doesn't have any record of him in Alabama (except a dental exam) and nothing in Boston. Nobody has ever said they saw him serve. I bet he was looking for WMD on a super secret mission to the Jack Daniels distillery.

Larry, my first instinct is... (Below threshold)

Larry, my first instinct is that it's a waste of time to even respond to your drivel . . . but going against better judgement is something I'm somewhat known for.

Do you have any idea how abso-fucking-lutely STUPID you look when you make a comment like that--one that shows you're painfully oblivious to the topic of conversation and one that so blatantly displays your blindness to anything but The Gospel According to John F***ing Kerry, Michael Moore, and MoveOn?

Secondly, do you have any inkling how much you make it difficult for those of us with a few brain cells working to respect the liberal take on anything, as people of your mentality have come to define the movement in this election? I'll translate--you showing your incapacity for reason is hurting your comrades who actually are capable of reasoned debate.

Third, and I'll wrap up---I've about had enough of the lefties blasting the other side as the "party of hate", when 99.44% of the "hate-speech" (simply put, personal attacks made in obvious malace) has come from the supporters of the Democratic party. You'll label the Swift Boat Vets a bunch of lying drunkards, but heaven help anyone who questions the integrity of the smear-campaign champions on your side.

In other words--if you can't leave the talking points alone and engage in an actual debate of the facts, shut the fuck up. We're not going to try to change your mind--it's your god-given right to vote for whomever you choose. Just understand that your efforts at garnering votes for your side are futile with such mindless regurgitation of ascerbic and infantile utterances.

My apologies to Kev, JT, and others--I should have gone with my first instinct, but I do feel a little better now . . .

BoDiddly,I cannot ... (Below threshold)


I cannot add anything to your post. Well put.

I can. "Nobody has... (Below threshold)

I can.

"Nobody has ever said they saw him serve."

How about you check your facts before spouting off the Democrat talking points? It's only three posts down for Pete's sake.






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