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Where Is The USO's $10,000 Check?

On February 23, 2004 Doonesbury creator Gary Trudeau issued the following challenge:

[H]elp us flush out an authoritative witness to President Bush's tour of duty defending the skies over Alabama -- and put this tired, recycled AWOL story to rest once and for all.

If you personally witnessed George W. Bush reporting for drills at Dannelly Air National Guard Base between the months of May and November of 1972 we want to hear about it.

USA Today - Former Guardsman: Bush served with me in Alabama

Looks like Trudeau owes the USO $10,000.


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Comments (10)

Yeah, and we're also still ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, and we're also still waiting for all those Hollywood celebrities to keep their promise from four years ago, to leave the country.

I think maybe we should take up a collection to pay off yet another lefty deadbeat's abandoned commitment.

Has he written/called Trude... (Below threshold)

Has he written/called Trudeau and said "Show me the money"?

No no no. He said author... (Below threshold)

No no no. He said authoritative which means someone who clearly remembers skipping duty with W to snort powdered draino at the local nudie club.

The deal is off, otherwise.

This is incredible that the... (Below threshold)

This is incredible that the National Guard story has re-surfaced. Most of what I've seen and read are recycled allegations. The Lt. Governor who claims he got Bush into the NG as a political favor is a Kerry supporter and DNC fundraiser. The author of the memos that have "suddenly" surfaced is dead.
Yet the media continues to ignore the Swiftees and when they do investigate the story, it's mostly to question the veracity of the Swiftees NOT John Kerry and his flunkies.

BTW, I don't see 250 Nation... (Below threshold)

BTW, I don't see 250 National Guardsmen questioning Bush's service. I do see 250 Vietnam vets questioning Kerry's.

I believe this is the same ... (Below threshold)

I believe this is the same Bill Calhoun who remembers seeing GWB in Alabama at a time when GWB claims he was in Texas. I doubt that Trudeau will pay up on this one.

I do agree that both the Swifties and the TANG stories have been overblown, overplayed, and politicized to a fare-thee-well. We ought to be debating the last 4 years, not the early 1970s. Unless, of course, Richard Nixon is running yet AGAIN.

So Lt. Col. John "Bill" Cal... (Below threshold)

So Lt. Col. John "Bill" Calhoun and Master Sgt. James Copeland who both saw Bush in Alabama (Calhoun and Bush came to Copeland's office with a question about Bush's pay) should check the above link and fill out the "Witness Registration form".
Let's make 'em pay.

I love the smell of panicky... (Below threshold)

I love the smell of panicky Democrats in the morning...

Apparently the Clinton attack dogs that scrambled on board the Kerry "Larry,Shep, and Moe" campaign circus have decided to go with the shopworn National Gaurd non-issue thats been on and off more times than Madonna's bra. Pretty lame but its all they've got. Can you say desperation kids and use it in a sentence.

The point man for this latest round of "Oh my god do something" is an upstanding pillar of the Texas legislation and banking community who has managed to stay one step ahead of the FTC and FBI for 35 years. His chief claim to credibility has been staying out of prison for bilking investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars in cahoots with that old scalawag John Connelly in a failed banking business and oil futures scam way back in the late 80's. Prior to that he was drummed out of his Lt. Gov. office when he got caught in a Texas lottery kick back for banking bill scheme. Currently he is a big bucks fund raiser for Clinton/Kerry.

Unfortunately he's changed his story almost as often as his friend Kerry. When you all you have is lemons then theres nothing left to do but pucker up.

The Dem left (Dim left), as Ann coulter points out, "is the only political group that lacks the simple ability to learn from hindsight". And she would be right.

Those of us that were around in those days, the hazy crazy days of the late 60's, early 70's remember how the left was hijacked by the Marxist underground and SDS weathermen, used, abused, and when the head banging began in ernest, dumped and abandoned. When the ass kicking starts the socialist cockroaches melt back into the woodwork, only to surface again in another 30 years when the old hippies are all over 50 and are too busy trying to survive to want to stick any flowers in the business end of soldiers rifles. A whole new generation of freshly minted, unwashed. young, terminally insecure minds are ready for the propaganda factory. You would think they would learn.

Equally Apparent is that their political acumen is retrograde. This time around the leftist grungemill has not only infiltrated the Liberal ranks they have actually managed to get a candidate into the Presidential race who is somewhere left of Leon Trotsky.

They will reconfirm that pillage and burn is a tad distastefull to the vast majority of the American electorate and when they fail once again it will be due to anything other than their ill-advised choice of platform and candidate.

Watching that crowd of social misfits slithering down 7th avenue during the DNC I reminded myself not to expect to much from people who's chief contribution to society is to go for months without bathing and grow armpit hair long enough to braid. As someone else blogged recently "Could'nt you just feel the love"...

"Apparently the Clinton att... (Below threshold)

"Apparently the Clinton attack dogs that scrambled on board the
Kerry 'Larry,Shep, and Moe' campaign circus..."

That statement is a dishonor to the Three Stooges.

Hunter, that was an excelle... (Below threshold)

Hunter, that was an excellent analysis. I wonder why the hotshot journalists at 60 Minutes failed to find out about their primary accuser's shady past. That's because a) they're not hotshots, and b) they are definitely not journalists -- political operatives, maybe, but not journalists.






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