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Baghdad Dan


Heh- via MOTGS


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Hehehehe...... (Below threshold)


I'm so jealous! I was gonn... (Below threshold)

I'm so jealous! I was gonna run with this today on my blog, but I got stuck in a quagmire of programming and couldn't make the post.

Glad to see that you got it, Paul.

With apologies to Don McLea... (Below threshold)

With apologies to Don McLean.

So bye, bye to the CBS eye
Caught Dan Rather in a lather
talking trash from on high
Thanks to Powerline and others
who caught the lie
60 Minutes should just lay down and die

I want to see the same one ... (Below threshold)

I want to see the same one only with real live federal marshals standing behind him reading him his maranda rights.

"You are being charged with aiding and abetting the commision of a federal offence; specifically willfull slander of an acting government official with the intent to influence the outcome of an election." You have the right to remain silent......."

WHAT!!!, no "Steve Martin" ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

WHAT!!!, no "Steve Martin" fake arrow sticking out each side of his head.

That pic of Baghdad Dan is ... (Below threshold)

That pic of Baghdad Dan is great!!!

CBS just "mentioned" the fo... (Below threshold)

CBS just "mentioned" the forgery controversy.
The official statment was that they "stand by" the authenticity of the documents.
Now they're on to the already concluded Kobe case.

Classic. Just classic.... (Below threshold)

Classic. Just classic.

"There are no fake document... (Below threshold)

"There are no fake documents within 100 miles of here. I tell you this. It is all a lie. They lie. It is a Hollywood movie."

-- Baghdad Dan

Hmmm. This picture is more ... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. This picture is more authentic than the documents CBS released. Ironic, eh?

Too funny!... (Below threshold)

Too funny!

Baghdad Dan pic is great. ... (Below threshold)

Baghdad Dan pic is great. But which card is he in the deck? I think a spade (black and underhanded), however; he should be at the bottom of the deck. If Saddam was the Ace of Spades, Dan Rather is no doubt the Two of Spades.

Ray, if it was a Tarot deck... (Below threshold)
Random Passerby:

Ray, if it was a Tarot deck he'd be The Fool . . .

The Minister of Information... (Below threshold)

The Minister of Information!!!



<a href="http://la4israel.o... (Below threshold)
Is he going to be firing Ke... (Below threshold)

Is he going to be firing Kerrys new shotgun outside next?






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