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CBS Star Witness - In his Own Words

Just 2 short years ago, CBS's Star witness, Marcel Matley wrote a book titled,
Using and Cross-Examining Handwriting Experts." (pdf)

In it, he denounces his own methodology he used for CBS:

The Problem with Copies

Do not passively accept a copy as the sole basis of a case. Every copy, intentionally or unintentionally, is in some way false to the original.

In fact, modern copiers and computer printers are so good that they permit easy fabrication of quality forgeries. [heh -ed] From a copy, the document examiner cannot authenticate the unseen original but may well be able to determine that the unseen original is false. Further, a definite finding of authenticity for a signature is not possible from a photocopy, while a definite finding of falsity is possible.
Why didn't you tell Dan Rather that Mr. Matley?

Update below the fold:

I mentioned this below but I got a few mails so I'l expand on it here. Matley's CV ain't that impressive.


-Certification with commendation, Paul de Sainte Colombe Center, January 28, 1981

-Awarded Charter Membership Certificate for professional excellence, Paul de Sainte Colombe Center, April 8, 1982.

-Consultant and mentor to other document examiners.

-Honorary membership, National Questioned Document Association, March 1992. [couldn't afford the dues for a real membership? -ed]

-Consulted by Texas Education Agency, Proprietary Schools Div. and other agencies.

-San Francisco Tax Registration Certificate. Expiration date: 12-31-95 [Pssst- It's expired -ed]

-Activity Approval, Committee on Minimum Continuing Legal Education, The State Bar of California, March 27, 1995
Not a very impressive set of credentials. My favorite was "San Francisco Tax Registration Certificate." He has a sales tax number. You almost never see a business with one of those.

-Saint Francis College, El Cajon, CA 1952-54. Liberal arts, Science.

-Immaculate Heart Seminary, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA 1954-60.

-Courses included Philosophy, Logic, Rational Psychology, History, Rhetoric.

-Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, CA. MALS, June 1963

-San Diego State College, San Diego, CA, 1962-63. l Graduate studies, Political Science.

-1979-80 Privately instructed by Rose Toomey, author of HEALTH CLUES IN HANDWRITING.

-Seminar on the handwriting of criminals, conducted by Ted Widmer of San Francisco.

-1991 and 1992 National Conference of NADE, and other seminars and conferences.

-On-going research in the legal, forensic and academic literature.

-Primary research in methods of disguise, writing with the opposite hand, and others.
It's not an embarrassing CV, but certainly when making the decision about who is going to be the leader of the free world, I want a guy with just a few more letters behind his name. Maybe that's just me.

CBS has nothing to crow about.


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Comments (18)

<a href="http://shapeofdays... (Below threshold)

Game Over

This settles the case for me.

I thought the sequential PO... (Below threshold)

I thought the sequential PO box number and the grossly incorrect citiation of Air Force regulations were enough to toss this into the "Kaspar Hauser" file.

I've got more on Marcel Mat... (Below threshold)

I've got more on Marcel Matley here. He seems not entirely consistent in his methods.

I believe that the news med... (Below threshold)

I believe that the news media in general are playing this whole thing very low key. Afterall, thanks to CBS News, their image of impartiality and integrity could be severely compromised. In other words, we'd have evidence of what we already know -- they are the echo-chamber for the Liberal-Left Democrats. In the case of 60 Minutes, they are shown to be out-and-out participants in the effort to bring down the President. They are no better than the liar par excellence Michael Moore.

Great job guys. I knew when... (Below threshold)

Great job guys. I knew when I watched Rather's Clinton moment that either you or Powerline would nail this "expert."

Great job guys. I knew when... (Below threshold)

Great job guys. I knew when I watched Rather's Clinton moment that either you or Powerline would nail this "expert."

Be careful on the PO box - ... (Below threshold)

Be careful on the PO box - it's legit. If you look at the true Bush military docs on USA today's website the PO Box's match. The one address gaffe has to do with the blacked out road address on the one forged memo. Apparently Bush hadn't lived at that address for a year previous to when the memo was dated.

While the above does appear... (Below threshold)

While the above does appear to be true, the fact that you can still read the address beneath the black marker speaks volumes. Apparently, this would be the case when what is marked out has been printed using a laser printer. Laser printers use a special plastic that enables you to still be able to *see* what is marked out.

Interesting....ABC... (Below threshold)


ABC's site link to its Nightline report on the memo fraud shows an "Out of service" replacement page...

Either their servers are overloaded or the boys in the band are already starting to circle the wagons...

Gotta blog this into the ground and keep it alive...

McAuliffe's claims against Rove sort of says he's already conceeding the documents are fakes.

Rathers stonewall this afternoon brought back memmories of Nixon sputtering "I am not a crook"...

Rather claimed "if there are any examples that show irregulariries they will be investigated...."...Where has he been for the past 24 hours - Mars ....Maybe we should put it all together and deliver a copy to both him and CBS management by registered courier... and a third copy to the U.S. Attourney General...

Bet the mucks at CBS are a tad annoyed if the DNC/Kerry campaign jackles set them up....

Idea... we get ideas.... Is it getting close to that time to start a fund raiser to pay for filing a citizens complaint brief against Rather/CBS/DNC/Kerry campaign et. al to force their hand. They'er never going to reveal the source unless they turn on each other.... or face jail time.....

Any self respecting handwri... (Below threshold)

Any self respecting handwriting expert would rip these obvious fakes apart in a matter of a few quick glances.The first thing they look at is verticality and lean, someting we all tend to do from habit no matter how much distortion creeps into our writing. Sometimes we'er nervous or hurried or forced to write from an awkward angle etc., but overall the lean always comes through. Note the botton of the "J". In all instances of the legit signitures it has a decided clear left angle. In none of the memo's is it nearly as extreme and distinct. Also notice the bottom final curve of the "K" in the ligit signitures which curves back, whereas the memo versions are straight or even forward. Who ever did this was an amatuer. Not even up for disscussion. The one case of "J" is even badly distorted through the top loop, not at all like the clear examples for the "J" on the ligit versions. "busted". And thats just after a cursory look.

This guys being payed off.

UPDATE ON HODGES:( B... (Below threshold)

( Both ALLA and ABC News reference this )

HODGES SAID HE WAS MISLED BY CBS: Retired Maj. General Hodges, Killian's supervisor at the Grd, tells ABC News that he feels CBS misled him about the documents they uncovered. According to Hodges, CBS told him the documents were "handwritten" and after CBS read him excerpts he said, "well if he wrote them that's what he felt."
Hodges also said he did not see the documents in the 70's and he cannot authenticate the documents or the contents. His personal belief is that the documents have been "computer generated" and are a "fraud".


Oops: There appears to be a feature in MS Word that would explain the exact lineup results between the CBS bogiemems and MS Word trials. Its called "semi-kearning" which simply adjusts the spacing to "pack" lines more efficiently, even when kearning is turned off in Word. The letters do not display overlap, just "packing" for space. What makes this significant is its never been available on any typewriter but is an enherent feature of word processing on a computer. If that can be shown it makes the whole question a slam dunk.

By the mere fact that the l... (Below threshold)

By the mere fact that the letters are space-adjusted in any regard indicates that they were digitally composed...because, having read all the attempts to support the age and acceptability of these "documents" by some, I know enough about typesetting and such to arrive at a simple decision about the composition alone: you can't modify letter spacing to any sophisticated degree with even the most advanced typewriter, but you can modify letter spacing and appearance in crude degrees digitally.

A typewriter -- even the best Selectric -- punches out type characters in a machinized spacing...1...2...3...4...5...6...[double space, return here, whatever to separate words]...1...2...3...4...etc.

each "stamp" of each character is mechanically advanced without foreknowledge of the end of the line or what lies ahead. Because, d'oh, a typewriter (a Selectric, at least and everything that existed when the alleged documents were allegedly created) had no memory, no "awareness" capacity to anticipate what would be done in a few steps hence by the operator of the frickin' machine.

Memory typewriters, such as they were, were created far later than these alleged documents were allegedly created...so even despite the credible arguments about the superscripting and typefaces, the mere fact that the alleged documents bear evidence of letter spacing and composition of individual letters in unique accommodation to letters as individual marks (that's that "kerning" issue), by this mere fact alone, the things had to be composed using some digital helps.

And even Stanford University and University of Illinois didn't have that sort of technology available to random already retired military Corporals back when these alleged documents were allegedly created.

I even looked over a page of the signatures by the supposed same person and they don't match -- some do (match one another) but the entire displayed group (supposedly, all Killian's signature) are very different in noticably disparate characteristics (one of the most egregious examples shows a "J" with a peaked top flare with noticable "stop and start" points in all the characters, as if someone was tracing or even trying to "draw" someone's signature...even to my eye, and I'm no handwriting expert, but I am a fine artist and designer and I notice perhaps more than the average person about visuals).

Anyway, all the rest of the argument is icing on the cake because based upon the letter-spacing adjustments alone in the alleged documents, they can't have been created on a manual typewriter.

HughHewitt has a very good piece that includes a series of e-mails from a computer specialist from Rice University, someone very reliable and knowledgeable in typesetting capabilities and the history of same. Well worth reading, but the key issue this morning, is, WHATTHEFRICKIN'HECKISWRONGWITHCBS?!?!

Does anyone else have the impression that CBS CAN'T admit their responsibility here? That they are compelled to persist in their lie about these 'documents'? I mean, they admit their wrong doing, they're screwed from a multitude of perspectives...along with the producer of the Rather spot who is the same female who produced the U.S. Military Prison expose in Iraq. So, she and CBS, much less Rather, stand to lose entire credibility if they admit to this situation..

So, instead, I get the impression that they are going to draw it out to the point of absurdity (if not already) for the distraction and annoyance factors alone. It's the "I'm Michael Moore and I made a documentary" rant all over again, meant to annoy to the point of demise anyone else who is a thinking, feeling, reasonably intelligent, aware person.

Probably redundant as to in... (Below threshold)

Probably redundant as to information, what with so much already provided about this issue, but these are the two links I was referring to in my just-written comments (^^). To exemplify what I was referring to...

Signature comparisons here.

HughHewitt's series of e-mails from the Computer/Computing Specialist here.

Just a thought on signature... (Below threshold)

Just a thought on signatures... on any given day, I'm capable of making an almost completely uncharacteristic signature, so I'm not looking at those too hard. Besides, it's so easy to copy & paste a real one, why would they bother forging it?

Also, are "letters behind his name" REALLY that important? Doesn't Rather have a degree in Journalism? :-)

Many in law enforcement con... (Below threshold)

Many in law enforcement consider handwriting analysis junk science. I've seen both sides of a criminal case use well-respected analysts who disagreed during a court proceeding. Rather knows this so is hiding behind his highly paid analyst.

Greg Jarrett of Fox News Ch... (Below threshold)

Greg Jarrett of Fox News Channel just made the observation that Ben Barnes told Dan Rather than as Lt. Governor of Texas he helped Bush get into the Air National Guard in 1968. Jarrett pointed out to the Democrat Party flunkie appearing on Fox that Barnes didn't become Lt. Governor until 1969 -- Bush was already in the ANG.

Greg Jarrett of Fox News Ch... (Below threshold)

Greg Jarrett of Fox News Channel just made the observation that Ben Barnes told Dan Rather that as Lt. Governor of Texas he helped Bush get into the Air National Guard in 1968. Jarrett pointed out to the Democrat Party flunkie appearing on Fox that Barnes didn't become Lt. Governor until 1969 -- Bush was already in the ANG.

I quote you from the "Educa... (Below threshold)

I quote you from the "Education" area:

-1979-80 Privately instructed by Rose Toomey, author of HEALTH CLUES IN HANDWRITING.

-Seminar on the handwriting of criminals, conducted by Ted Widmer of San Francisco.

Neither of these has anything whatsoever to do with the identification aspect of handwriting. This is nothing more than a "Graphologist". This is someone who will look at your signature/handwriting and predict your future...and then demand to get paid for it!

A TRUE Questioned Document Examiner is just that. A person who examines documents to determine their authenticity and origin.

It is obvious that CBS did not like what they were hearing from the QDEs that they hired and went to someone who would subscribe to their views. For a fee.

As far as the credentials? I could easily surpass what is listed here with training and schools attended in the last 5 years.






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