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Dan Rather in the Tank

I have been TiVoing Fox and CNN all day. Via a tip from Limbaugh I rewound to find CNN caught up to Dan Rather:

Rather: "I know that this story is true. I believe that the witnesses and the documents are authentic. We wouldn't have gone to air if they would not have been. There isn't going to be... there's no... what you're saying apology?

CNN: Apology or any kind of retraction or...

RATHER: Not even discussed, nor should it be. I want to make clear to you, I want to make clear to you if I have not made clear to you, that this story is true, and that more important questions than how we got the story, which is where those who don't like the story like to put the emphasis, the more important question is what are the answers to the questions raised in the story, which I just gave you earlier.

So forget the fact the documents are bogus, that's not important, go ask the Whitehouse to deny the charges.

Update: McAuliffe says Rove did it. HA


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Comments (26)

Rather is going to take the... (Below threshold)

Rather is going to take the sword for the DNC - how poetic.

The board at CBS must be biting nails right now.

Maybe they should just insi... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Maybe they should just insist that Rather tell them what the frequency is.

(/obsure bizarre Dan Rather reference)

Exactly. I was wondering l... (Below threshold)

Exactly. I was wondering last night if he was believed in those documents enough to wager his job on them. Apparently the answer is yes.

Dang, Rodney- Just... (Below threshold)
the Idler:

Dang, Rodney-

Just put up the same idear on the Rathergate Top 10 comments- suppose the reference ain't as obscure as we both thought.....

And speaking of Captain Courage-

"The more important questions is what are the answers to the questions raised in the story"!!!???

According to whom, exactly? What a delusional boob- the days are long past when overweening pompous lefties in New York got to dictate what is and isn't news...... they abused the power, they lost the power. Ole Danny is bound for infomercials, though I doubt he could beat out Troy McClure for anything.

The one startling missing p... (Below threshold)

The one startling missing piece from all this is the question of whether there are any experts out there that believe these documents to be authentic?

If not, we have Rather playing King Canute.

We have documents he claims to be real against all other opinion of those who would know better. They are documents from the personal files of a man whose family has no knowledge of the files, never mind the fact that they were passed to the media without their knowledge, and they are files that anyone with MS Word can produce in 10 minutes.

The only remaining question is whether CBS will relieve Rather of command in his debilitated state.

Am I the only one seeing a ... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one seeing a movie coming out of all of this? (Think Shattered Glass...)

From <a href="http://annika... (Below threshold)

From Annika

Take It One Step Further

Please, i have a suggestion for all of you outraged, as i am about the fraud perpetrated by Dan Rathre and CBS News.

Go to the CBS News website, at:


Scroll all the way to the very bottom and click on the "Contact Us" link. A simple form will appear in a pop-up window.

Write a very short, polite expression of your opinion and request that Dan Rather resign as anchorman of CBS News.

i would suggest being very brief, and polite. Don't label the message as a complaint, instead use the comment, suggestion or request button, as i did.

i wrote this:

I have been following the CBS News coverage of the Killian memos with interest.

Now that it is clear that most if not all of the memos are forgeries, I cannot see any reason for Dan Rather to remain employed as anchorman of the CBS Evening News.

Every day that Mr. Rather remains as the face of CBS News brings further lost credibility to your once great news organization. Please forward this message to the appropriate person, as my request that Mr. Rather resign as soon as possible.

I would also suggest that you tell your friends to also send similar messages to CBS News. Copy and paste this post into an email if you want.

It only takes two seconds, and even if it doesn't work, it made me feel good doing it.

I will do it. I'm beyond outraged!! I find it disgusting what they are trying to do!!

I knew Carl Rove was behind... (Below threshold)

I knew Carl Rove was behind this!

Evilwhiteguy, didn't you pr... (Below threshold)

Evilwhiteguy, didn't you predict the Dems would accuse Karl Rove? Those guys at the Kerry Campaign and the DNC are wacky. I just thought of something. Bill Clinton is in the hospital and the Democrat Party is falling apart at the seems. Looks like Clinton really is the brains of the Dem operation.

McAuliffe is just jealous t... (Below threshold)

McAuliffe is just jealous that Rove beat him too it. It's just too good.

Let's make sure they are ac... (Below threshold)

Let's make sure they are actually fake first. Daily Kos has a good case. You all have gone past trying to find the truth of the matter, and are convinced that you are right.

Uh-huh. Anyway, NPR is repo... (Below threshold)

Uh-huh. Anyway, NPR is reporting that since the first blog post questioning it was at 8:59 that night, it's unlikely that anybody could have picked up on it from a fleeting glance at the documents on TV. (They're on the CBS site, of course, but no matter.) So, you got it: They question the timing of these accusations.

R.G. if you think the guy o... (Below threshold)

R.G. if you think the guy on Kos made a good case, you know less about typography (and logic) than the author does.

He argues at the top that of course it looks like Microsoft Times because all Times fonts look alike. Then for the rest of the post he talks about how all the Times are different. He fisks himself.

So, according to Kos we ar... (Below threshold)

So, according to Kos we are to believe that Bush's then Commanding Officer would write an order for Bush to take a flight physical and chew him out for missing that physical two months before it was scheduled. Then we are to believe that this CO would place this order, not in Bush's service record but in a private file that his familiy says he didn't keep. We are to believe this even though Bush was on his way to an assignment where there were no airplanes he could fly without extensive and expensive retraining that he was too near to the end of his enlistment to justify. Where there were not enough aircraft and flying hours available for their own pilots, much less an obscure First John from a different outfit.
We are to believe all this because a disgraced former Lt Governor of Texas who had to resign over a huge scandal is now sayinging that he used the power of an office to which he'd not yet been elected to get Bush assigned into a unit. Okay, I get it. It all makes perfect sense. I'm going outside and enjoy the clear orange sky and green Sun for awhile.

One simple point--how many ... (Below threshold)
Steve Cormier:

One simple point--how many years did Bush serve--I believe it was 5+. So yeah, Bush was really about skipping out of service. He flew well over 300 hours in at least 2 of those years, from what I read elsewhere, in a not very reliable plane.

I think what we're seeing at the end of Bush's service is a kind of 'Yeah, I've served my ass off, now at the end it doesn't mean much that I miss my last physical and go to where I can't fly to resume my normal life'

I think it was kind of like the last few months of high school.

Meanwhile, Kerry gets 4 deferments, applies for a 5th, is turned down, joins the Naval reserve to avoid being drafted, serves a year on a safe ship, sees a political opportunity to imitate John Kennedy on safe, coast patrolling swiftboats, goes there, then uh oh! swiftboats go into serious combat. At this point, Kerry turns into a complete basket case. He manages to skip out of most of his duty, come home, and become an adolescent anti-war goofball taken seriously by congress. He, in his callow way, causes great harm.

CBSnews website has apparen... (Below threshold)
Marc Bethea:

CBSnews website has apparently disabled the "contact us" function.

Rather got screwed,,no doub... (Below threshold)

Rather got screwed,,no doubt He believed the documents were real,He wanted them to be real..CBS knew they were forged,I wonder what sweet Young Man they have wating in the wings to take his place at retirement...CBS SET HIM UP do you think he knows he sounds like Hillary and her right wing theory {she never knew about the dress)

Rather got screwed,,no doub... (Below threshold)

Rather got screwed,,no doubt He believed the documents were real,He wanted them to be real..CBS knew they were forged,I wonder what sweet Young Man they have wating in the wings to take his place at retirement...CBS SET HIM UP do you think he knows he sounds like Hillary and her right wing theory {she never knew about the dress)

Rather got screwed,,no doub... (Below threshold)

Rather got screwed,,no doubt He believed the documents were real,He wanted them to be real..CBS knew they were forged,I wonder what sweet Young Man they have wating in the wings to take his place at retirement...CBS SET HIM UP do you think he knows he sounds like Hillary and her right wing theory {she never knew about the dress)

hey folks..no matter where ... (Below threshold)

hey folks..no matter where you come down on the political side here, it sure seems that basic journalistic integrity, fact checking and all those other basic tenets of quality journalism were absent in this story. If the the Times canned an editor for the Jason Blair makeups...sounds like CBS should do no less.

I will no longer watch anyt... (Below threshold)

I will no longer watch anything that has Dan Rather in it. I used to have a little respect for him in the past but since the forgery story broke that opinion has changed. I think its time for the 72 year old to step down.

What did Dan Rather know, a... (Below threshold)

What did Dan Rather know, and when did he know it? The execs are saying that the commanding officers secretary told them even if the documents are fakes that the sentiments are genuine. Did they check with the janitor to see if he agrees.

I sent a note to CBS as wel... (Below threshold)
It Figures:

I sent a note to CBS as well. The contact us link was working. Perhaps they were just being overloaded. I went to the site today and they are saying that the ratings are down, way down and the viewers are "polarized". I think they mispeak. The viewers are galvanized. So what's next?

CBS is suffering from a sev... (Below threshold)

CBS is suffering from a severe case of "Perseveration," recently described in the Washington Post as "a brain dysfunction that causes people to persist in a task even when they know rationally that the chosen strategy is doomed and may even be mortally dangerous." So Rather apologized -- but for what? He is still refusing to admit that the documents were phony, much less confront the corresponding reality that the allegations contained therein are at least completely unsubstantiated and probably made up from thin air. To other journalists and bloggers, I say: "Keep digging, folks. You haven't found the body yet."

This happens to be one of t... (Below threshold)

This happens to be one of the two most disturbing incidents I have witnessed this year, the other being the "same sex" marriage farce. Dan Rather has lost "all" credibilty with me. It was "too obvious" an intentional fraud to defame our Pres.

The liberal bias at CBS has... (Below threshold)
Dwayne Wall:

The liberal bias at CBS has been painfully clear for years. How stupid do you think we are to try and get us to believe Rather's left-handed apology? I guess you could say you have crumbled, THE WALL WITHIN. The three TV's in my home will never again be tuned to CBS. Whoever takes the fall, drop me a card from your cell, while the rest of you work on your credibility and integrity.






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