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Is This How It Started?


Sent to me by reader Paul Bradley.


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Comments (39)

ROFLMAO... (Below threshold)


Priceless!!!!... (Below threshold)
D Carter:


LOL, that's some funny shit... (Below threshold)

LOL, that's some funny shit.

I think the next memo we'll... (Below threshold)

I think the next memo we'll find will read:
1. The public has obviously pressured us more about running political interference and doing Kerry's job...

RatherBiased has a good one... (Below threshold)

RatherBiased has a good one too.

Damn you Clippy! I knew you... (Below threshold)

Damn you Clippy! I knew you were a Karl Rove operative!

I *knew* Karl Rove was actu... (Below threshold)

I *knew* Karl Rove was actually Clippy!


Ummm...sorry to burst the L... (Below threshold)

Ummm...sorry to burst the Latest Left Fontgate Buble, but, Bill Gates votes as a Democrat.

I doubt that Karl Rove would be involved with Clippy. Clippy involved with CBS, yes, but, not with Rove. I can hear the laughing from the White House as I type this.

How long till John Edwards ... (Below threshold)

How long till John Edwards demands that the White House denounce Bill Gates?

Will we see a connect the dots chart showing evil Republican connections to the Redmond offices?

Hey, just out of curiousity... (Below threshold)

Hey, just out of curiousity, does anybody know if there's been a test of an original word doc to see how many times it needs to be scanned an printed in order for the text to corrupt?

Um, these memos were faxed.... (Below threshold)

Um, these memos were faxed. Once through a copier and faxing it would explain the quality issues.

I think you needs to change... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I think you needs to change you MS assistant from the paperclip to the Michael Moore Globular assistant.

Funny stuff!... (Below threshold)

Funny stuff!

Hahahaha...THE ... (Below threshold)
Well, that didn't work, sor... (Below threshold)

Well, that didn't work, sorry.

HERE: The "I LOVE KARL ROVE" Cafe Shop...the Mousepad is down at the bottom of the page.

I had a feeling someone wou... (Below threshold)

I had a feeling someone would involve Clippy.

Beautiful!... (Below threshold)


Dan Rather is toast. If you... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather is toast. If you laugh about a newsanchor. That's it. Danny boy will need quite a load of viagra to keep his credebility up.

Read John Kerry's anti-American book The New Soldier and 4 chapters of Unfit For Command online for free

Found this at lunch; now I ... (Below threshold)

Found this at lunch; now I have to clean Mountain Dew off my monitor. I can imagine Clippy as the HAL 2000 of the Kerry Campaign. Perhaps we can say the memos were the invention of an insipid AI bent on sabotage?

Having no sense of humor... (Below threshold)

Having no sense of humor; I managed to soil myself!

Good schtuff!

Priceless!... (Below threshold)


Is it too late to name this... (Below threshold)

Is it too late to name this scandal,
Only something this ridiculous could finally put to bed the horrible -gate ending to every fricking scandal.

I believe Bill Gates III (M... (Below threshold)
Tom O'Malley:

I believe Bill Gates III (MS CEO) is a GWB man.

His father is the fool that doesn't want to end the death tax. I guess he doesn't expect to outlive BG III.

<a href="http://politicalit... (Below threshold)
lyars SCARE as true <a href... (Below threshold)

lyars SCARE as true CLICK

That's one of the funniest ... (Below threshold)

That's one of the funniest things I've seen! LOL!

Rather humorous!... (Below threshold)

Rather humorous!

I can't wait till GWB's vic... (Below threshold)
Ross Hoffman:

I can't wait till GWB's victory speech election night. Not only will I be glad he won, but I will revel in the dismay and whining from the likes of DAN RATHER, PETER JENNINGS, TOM BROKAW, KATY KOURIC, JUDY WOODRUFF, JEFF GREENFIELD, PAUL BEGALA, GEORGE STEPHANOPOLIS, BILL SCHNEIDER, BOB SCHIEFFER, TED KOPPEL and the rest of those Democrat shills who pride themselves as independent purveyors of the news.
"Sic transit gloria mundi." guys.

Omg! I hate that little pa... (Below threshold)

Omg! I hate that little paperclip thingy! But that is funny!

The truth comes out!... (Below threshold)

The truth comes out!

A new forgery has surfaced ... (Below threshold)

A new forgery has surfaced - this time from an earlier stage in President Bush's life:

New Bush Forgery

Tom O'Malley: That would b... (Below threshold)

Tom O'Malley: That would be just great if that were so. Meaning, I'd like to believe that Bill Gates, III is a GWB man. Don't doubt what you write -- but I'd heard from some Dem sources that he was a DNC supporter.

It would make my day if I thought that Gates supported GWBush. I mean, really make my day. BUT, there's so much Left insistence through and by MSN in general, that it's difficult not to include Gates, III among the reasons why.

I believe Bill Gates III (MS CEO) is a GWB man.

His father is the fool that doesn't want to end the death tax. I guess he doesn't expect to outlive BG III.

Posted by: Tom O'Malley at September 10, 2004 02:15 PM

You're buying into the Obfu... (Below threshold)
Sheep Herder:

You're buying into the Obfuscation Machine. If the man himself accepts the documents are real, why are you believing the "experts" who claim otherwise? This is stock procedure for the administration when the facts say one thing and it wants the people to believe something else.

The funniest line actually ... (Below threshold)

The funniest line actually came from a real news story:

The White House obtained the memos from CBS News, and the White House did not question their accuracy. There was no explanation why the Pentagon was unable to find the documents on its own.

Like duh! If it's fake then the Pentagon can't find it.

Great how a little cut and ... (Below threshold)

Great how a little cut and paste generated on-line humor has more wit, poignancy, and sharpness than the best newspaper editorial cartoon.

The memos keep coming!<br /... (Below threshold)
The memos keep coming!<br /... (Below threshold)
The memos keep coming!<br /... (Below threshold)
best... (Below threshold)







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