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Blog Veterans For Swift Truth


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Ha! that's funny. I think ... (Below threshold)

Ha! that's funny. I think somebody has more time on their hands than need be. :-)

Funny at first blush, but, ... (Below threshold)

Funny at first blush, but, rather, not funny because once the "blogosphere" begins to take itself as seriously as does the "mainstream media" -- and I mean, "take itself as seriously as..." in the realm of assuming self importance, promotion of author ego rather than author content -- it starts to lose credibility.

ON THE OTHER HAND -- I'm taking mySELF too seriously, here, I can tell already -- the fact that Dan Rather is pitiably unable to admit an error or at least is being intimidated into silence by his pitiably unabled producer, or, both, while most bloggers have already well analyzed a situation into reality and out of CBS' unable hands, is, well, heroic. So, forget what I wrote, paragraph one, and give those bloggers a big hand of applause, and more readership. They certainly have mine.

And Rather no longer does, nor does CBS as a network -- not that I wasn't already disillusioned with them.

Back again....I like the na... (Below threshold)

Back again....I like the name, I need a catchy phrase. Anyway, someone here made a bet on the typewriter used to do the forgeries... http://www.schnittshow.com/schnitt2004.html has the ball from one of the type of typewriters used back then. Might want to check it out and see if it's what you're looking for.....






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