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North Korean Blast Reported

From this BBC NEWS article:

A big explosion rocked a northern province of North Korea near the border with China last week, South Korea's Yonhap new agency is reporting.

The blast on Thursday was seen from a satellite, Yonhap quoted an unnamed source in Beijing as saying.

The cause has yet to be determined, the source said.

In April, an explosion at a railway station in North Korea killed more than 150 people - but Pyongyang only admitted the incident three days later.

Yonhap quoted a diplomatic source in Seoul as saying a mushroom cloud, with a radius of 3.5-4 kms (2.2-2.5 miles), was spotted in Kimhyungjik county in Yanggang province.

But Seoul's top negotiator with North Korea, Unification Minister Chung Dong-young, reportedly played down the possibility that it might have been a nuclear weapons' test.

He said South Korea was trying to get confirmation of the explosion and its effects, Yonhap reported.

The blast is said to have happened on 9 September, as North Korea marked the 56th anniversary of its founding.

The AP story just out has similar details, but does not have the South Korean reaction.

If it's a nuclear weapon don't you think we would already know? That big of a mushroom cloud would be A-bomb size and leave a hell of a radiation finger print (feel free to correct me - as I claim no special expertise in nuclear and non-nuclear explosion investigation). Either way North Korea looks like it's going to be moving up on the The Pentagon's New Map, based on this incident and today New York Times article.

China wanted Hong Kong pretty badly; maybe we can talk them into annexing North Korea - by force.

Hat Tip: Allah and Stones Cry Out


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Comments (19)

I read this just awhile ago... (Below threshold)

I read this just awhile ago and only now hearing it on the news. A giant mushroom cloud. hmm Based on what soldiers have written, it's hard to say whether they detonated a nuclear bomb. You may not be an expert, but it will affect everything - the atmosphere, the weather patterns, everything. Remember Mt St Helen's? Chernobyl? They did make a huge difference in the global atmosphere. Just look around, what they said would happen is happening. The ice is melting in the north and south poles, the US is shrinking so many tenths of an inch from Canada, California has gotten really dry and cooler. These catastrophic hurricanes are a result among other things. Any time somebody does something that affects the earth's atmosphere, the changes happen and if this was a nuke, expect it to be in our air by the weeks end, but the overall change will only add to the already overall changes. The earth is no longer a globe but more egg-shaped or should I say FAT in the middle, flatter at the tops and bottoms. I don't know if North Korea who has been working at developing nuclear weapons did this by accident or on purpose, but we will soon know; they can't hide it for long. It will affect everyone in that region, the birth rate, birth size, medical, environmental changes. It's not like they have a desert there to try these things out. We do and what was done in our deserts helped make me as sick as I am today, along with other environmental causes and genetic causes, caused by other illnesses and genetic traits. We better pray it was not nuclear, biological or neurological because if it's any three of those, we all will suffer at some point of time.

Just saw this on the AP, an... (Below threshold)

Just saw this on the AP, and I'm looking for more.

Let's say it is nuclear, how many do they have left - and can they reach the US proper?

Seeing I caught a story on the news yesterday with comments from N. Korea about NEVER giving up on nuclear bombs, would it really surprise anyone if this was a test?

Ok - <a href="http://www.re... (Below threshold)

Ok - as per Reuters....

A huge blast three days ago in North Korea was unlikely to have been a nuclear weapons test, South Korea's unification minister said on Sunday.

Diplomatic officials in Was... (Below threshold)

Diplomatic officials in Washington are also quoted as saying the nature of the blast is "unclear".

Well I guess thats a little better than:

Diplomatic officials in Washington are also quoted as saying the nature of the blast is "nuclear".

SAC and DOD would know imme... (Below threshold)

SAC and DOD would know immediately if it was nuclear....If theres one thing we learned how to do during the cold war it was how to detect any and all nuclear explosions anywhere on or under the earth....Of course whether or not the boss would see fit to tell the natives is a whole nother question.....

You know, it seems so fitti... (Below threshold)

You know, it seems so fitting that Wizbang is "Explosively Unique" at this time for some reason....

If you havn't already done ... (Below threshold)

If you havn't already done so check out the flash animation of the CYA memo - CBS copy vs MS word. Brilliant...Anyone who has ever tried to line up material from two different sources would know how wildly implausible two documents from totally different sources differing by that much time and technology just isn't happening...The small amount of miss-alignment has the normal characteristics of copier stretch that anyone who has worked for more than ten minutes in an office is instently familier with.....

CNN - <a href="http://editi... (Below threshold)
CBS News acknowledged memos... (Below threshold)

CBS News acknowledged memos it received about President Bush's service in the Air National Guard were "difficult to definitively authenticate", but said they came from "solid sources."

CBS can state "with absolute certainty" that the disputed memos "could have been" produced on typewriters available in the early 1970s when the memos are purported to have been written, the network said. Rather said the typeface and style of the memos were available on typewriters since well before the 1970s.

yeah...and pigs could fly out of Rathers ass

Is this possibly a tiny softening of CBS's rock solid position?...

So they were "difficult to definitively authenticate" but what the hell....they'll fuck with Bushes head so we'll run 'em anyway..... Real good investigative journalism Danny boy.....

no cloud. most likely anoth... (Below threshold)

no cloud. most likely another screwed up train transportin launcherboy.

I think that it is safe to ... (Below threshold)

I think that it is safe to say that if this were a nuclear explosion, we would know about it:


I'm going to relate this to... (Below threshold)

I'm going to relate this to the damage I believe is done by liberal dem politicians and their current campaign stategies. We had intelligence in this regard. Clearly how we evaluate that is going to be influenced by the whole No WMD in Iraq non-sense. From the NY Times:

"WASHINGTON, Sept. 11 - President Bush and his top advisers have received intelligence reports in recent days describing a confusing series of actions by North Korea that some experts believe could indicate the country is preparing to conduct its first test explosion of a nuclear weapon, according to senior officials with access to the intelligence.

While the indications were viewed as serious enough to warrant a warning to the White House, American intelligence agencies appear divided about the significance of the new North Korean actions, much as they were about the evidence concerning Iraq's alleged weapons stockpiles.

Some analysts in agencies that were the most cautious about the Iraq findings have cautioned that they do not believe the activity detected in North Korea in the past three weeks is necessarily the harbinger of a test. A senior scientist who assesses nuclear intelligence says the new evidence "is not conclusive," but is potentially worrisome."


If previous link failed, th... (Below threshold)

If previous link failed, this should work.


According to <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

According to CNN, this doesn't appear to be a nuclear blast.

The last time North Korea fired a missle over Japan, they also launch a Spunik type satellite broadcasting NK military songs. I think they're trying to send up something bigger, and it blew up.

One last thing, Kim Jong Il would really have to be insane to conduct an above-ground nuclear test on the border next to China. The Chinese might interperate that as an act of war against China.

Some analysis <a href="http... (Below threshold)

Some analysis here, comparing the Alaskan seismograph data to other data on nuclear blasts and earthquakes.

"China wanted Hong Kong pre... (Below threshold)

"China wanted Hong Kong pretty badly, maybe we can talk them into annexing North Korea - by force."

I'm not sure if you were joking or not, but there has been a lot of talk about China doing just that in South Korea, which whom China has been involved in a very nasty dispute over the ancient kingdom on Koguryo (which was located in North Korea and Manchuria -- Beijing claims it was Chinese, and Seoul claims it was Korean). If you want to learn more about this, I blogged about it in detail here:

Marmot's Hole Koguryo archive

Just keep scrolling and reading.

Love this line from the CNN... (Below threshold)

Love this line from the CNN report:

"The U.S. official said the cloud could be the result of a forest fire."

Well the news also reported... (Below threshold)

Well the news also reported a few days ago about "an earthquake" in Japan. hmmmm????

A test can be done with a n... (Below threshold)

A test can be done with a nuclear weapon that is
subcritical meaning there is no chain reaction.
This would mean no fallout or radiation.
The US has done tests in Project Sedan that show what
would happen if a small nuke was detonated in a shallow depth.
It seems strange China has commented about it since
it was so close to the border.
Also, there's not a major river to support a hydro project in that area.






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