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Question for the Mainstream Media

CBS has said, on multiple occasions, that the "documents were provided by unimpeachable sources."

Clearly these sources, to CBS at least, have a good reputation. It is therefor logical to conclude that these "sources" have the ability to use the telephone.

Then the question the other members of the media must start asking themselves, privately if not publicly, is why have their phones not rung?

Clearly this source wanted to get the documents into the media cycle. That being the case they can not be please the authenticity has been challenged. It would be in the best interest of this source to provide additional copies to other networks or indeed all the networks. CBS had its scoop on 60 Minutes II, giving them to the rest of the media would only be logical.

So for any of you in the mainstream media that might be reading this... Has your phone rung? Have any of your colleagues' phone rung?

What does that tell you about CBS's "unimpeachable source."


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Comments (16)

Good point. Another... (Below threshold)
1750 heritage:

Good point.
Another question might be why if CBS has been working on this ,according to Dan the Man, for 4 to 5 years, they can't take a few minutes to send the documents to a "LIVE" source before dwelling on the dead's account. Just an observation.
Why can't we create a groundswell against CBS advertisers to begin to correct their position???

I have posted on a few othe... (Below threshold)

I have posted on a few other blogs my thoughts about this matter.

I am smelling Michael Moore involvement on this forgery issue.

Go to michaelmoore.com and read the link on his main page that has a long title starting with "Two candidates."

The reason I even thought of this was the USA Today (6 document) connection.

According to the Washingon ... (Below threshold)
Donovan Janus:

According to the Washingon Monthly (www.washingtonmonthly.com) USA Today got their documents from somebody else than CBS.

If USA Today did not get the documents from CBS, shouldn't USA Today be held accountable for running on false evidence as well?

And, since it is likely USA Today got it from the same source, shouldn't USA Today be pressured also?

I don't believe 60 Minutes ... (Below threshold)

I don't believe 60 Minutes and Dan Blather were working on this story for 4 to 5 years. Now he's resorted to insulting our intelligence. But I do believe all of this stuff -- the phony documents, Ben Barnes' claims, etc. -- was hatched in Texas by the Democrat Party. I also believe that Michael Moore was the inspiration for this attempt to hurt the President. The Dems saw how a film they themselves know is filled with lies, half-truths, and unsubstantiated allegations cause so many Americans to believe Moore is a documentarian rather than a Neo-Marxist, blowhard propagandist.

you wingnut kooks are about... (Below threshold)

you wingnut kooks are about to get a reality check: The American public doesn't give a shit about kerning! They know Bush is a liar an that's that. even if the memos are "fake" (which I doubt) it doesn't hide the fact they should still be told Bush is a big liar, cause he is. We should be talking about issues, but Bush lies and continues to lie and he must be stopped.

Hrm, As far as "unimpeachab... (Below threshold)

Hrm, As far as "unimpeachable sources" go, a question:

Good 'ole former President Bill Clinton was frequently called 'Bulletproof Bill', right? After the Lewinsky scandal and (Rather's) 'preponderance' of proof of Oval Office hanky-panky, he STILL managed to hang on to the presidency, after all the calls for impeachment, after all the proof. Now that he is no longer our CinC, and hence can't be impeached as such, well; I would say that qualifies as an 'unimpeachable source'. 'm just saying is all.... heh

Sooooo.... People will NOT ... (Below threshold)

Sooooo.... People will NOT care if the Democrats forged documents to steal an election BUT they will care if Bush did not show up for weekend drills 30 years ago.

You are an idiot.

Amen, Paul!~C... (Below threshold)

Amen, Paul!

Hrm, as far as 'unimpeachab... (Below threshold)

Hrm, as far as 'unimpeachable sources' go, a question:

Good 'ole former President Bill Clinton was frequently refered to as 'Bulletproof Bill', right?
For good reasons. After the Lewinsky scandal and all of the 'preponderance' of proof of Oval Office hanky-panky, despite not knowing the definitions and uses of the most basic words of the English language, despite the (minimal) bad press, he STILL managed to hang on to the presidency. Now that he is no longer our CinC, and unimpeachable as such, well; I would say that qualifies as an 'unimpeachable source'. 'm just saying is all...

BSL, Would you be... (Below threshold)
Steel Turman:


Would you be so kind as to explain why Kerry:

a) Is STILL not taking questions publicly

b) Is STILL harping on the past

c) Is STILL unable to maintain a position more than
a few days at best

And while your are at it, explain how you ever got
through enough school to even BE here, given the
obvious fact that logic escapes you SO completely.

Here are my reasons for thi... (Below threshold)

Here are my reasons for thinking Michael Moore is involved:

Connections to USA Today (hired to cover the conventions) He has an "in."

Connections to the DNC (not only sat next to Jimmy Carter, but Terry McAuliffe loves him)

Blind desire to see President Bush unseated

Uses Marty Heldt's info in his movie. Who is Marty Heldt? Another question to be answered, but I learned this name vis-a-vis LGF. Google the two names together.

What he posted on his website---an angst and thrashing that Kerry is being slammed and Bush isn''t for "lies" about his TANG records.

A clear desire to bring Bush's TANG records into the focus of the media---this is the very essence of the article.

An M.O. for lies and fabrications.

I am falling short, but this is off the top of my head. I might be wrong, but this avenue cannot be ignored by the blogosphere.

You can't impeach any membe... (Below threshold)

You can't impeach any member of the Carville/Begala crew until they:
A: Shoot Shrum dead in the street;
B: Do something usefull.

- 1750 Heritage - How would... (Below threshold)
Mr GrumpyDrawers:

- 1750 Heritage - How would it be possible to boycott CBS (or all its advertisers) when no one with any intelligence watches CBS to begin with, and CBS's advertisers also advertise promiscuously on all the other networks? Maybe some volunteer can take some anti-nausea drugs so that he can endure 60 Minutes and then post a list of just its advertisers. That would be a start. Also, I think the Danster claimed to have been working on this story of four or five months (not years). From the slovenliness of the production, I would guess development time was more like four or five days.
- Bush STILL Lied (Oliver? You in there?) - Time to get back on your lithium. You are starting to show symptoms of Gore's Disease.

AK Ronin:Clinton <... (Below threshold)

AK Ronin:

Clinton was impeached. They just didn't remove him from office.

Hey you irrational Bush hat... (Below threshold)

Hey you irrational Bush hater....

Let's not forget the DNC with the help of lawyers & liberal judges mocking all Americans by allowing dead people to stay on the ballot, & judges supressing the vote in places like NJ (Torricelli, McGreevey et al.) WHERE ARE THE CHECKS & BALANCES? Yet they want Americans to believe that GWB's judicial picks are harmful??? DUH! That's what sick willie & co. ushered in. I'd say that's not much of a contribution.

A prime example of how absolute power corrupts. You lefties are what's ruining rights for EVERY American with your pushing the envelope too far. So don't talk to me about liars when you supported the most corrupt president I ever saw in my lifetime (sick willie), as well as the fact your guys got caught with their hand in the cookie jar & now want to cry how unfair it is. What foolishness.

Another reason why Bush will win!


BSL's rant almost sounds li... (Below threshold)

BSL's rant almost sounds like something I might have written if I wanted to do a parody of the Kool-Aid® drinkers.

I wasn't the one who wrote it, though.






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