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Truly questionable timing

About six weeks ago, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth started getting public attention.

About six weeks ago, the memos cited by CBS and the Boston Globe last week questioning President Bush's National Guard service surfaced.

On Thursday, September 2, President Bush gave his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. In that speech, he lashed out against his critics, specifically citing the New York Times by name.

On Friday, September 3, the Boston Globe sent a crack investigative team to dig up the details behind President Bush's National Guard service, focusing on those memos held by CBS. The editor in charge of the team, Walter V. Robinson, has previously been found liable in a libel suit against the Globe by a Republican politician.

The Boston Globe, it should be noted, has a long history of supporting and defending Senator John Kerry and is owned by the New York Times.

Last week both CBS and the Boston Globe put out stories assailing President Bush's National Guard service, based heavily on those memos.

Those memos have been widely discredited as forgeries, but the Globe and CBS are standing by their stories.

As much as I hate to drag out the cliche, especially since my worthy colleague Paul has so effectively decimated the power of the phrase, I find I have to question the timing.



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Comments (7)

The more this drags out, wi... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

The more this drags out, with CBS insisting the forgeries were authentic, the more this helps Bush. This becomes the only story and it doesn't reflect very on the Democrats or the Kerry campaign. Of Course, with everything apparently going south for the Kerry campaign, maybe this tack is the least damaging.

Hey, look at this! Kerry F... (Below threshold)

Hey, look at this! Kerry FINALLY comes out of hiding
with the press. He does an interview with Time and
what does Kerry say about Vietnam era questions?

"I've answered all the questions I'll answer."

The timing is very suspicio... (Below threshold)

The timing is very suspicious. Who'd a thought a presidential candidate would be attacked during a presidential campaign. It's they want to win or something.

So, I guess that means Kerr... (Below threshold)

So, I guess that means Kerry is admitting that HIS military records are going to remain unavailable.

More people should be asking why...demanding access, actually, but with Kerry saying that the story is closed (not going to answer any more questions), says that he's a closed book in that regard. Meaning, there's a story there that he would rather not be told or read or otherwise, available.

Which is, I realize, what most conservatives are already aware of. Just saying here, is all, just saying...Kerry's military record is certainly rife with issues that can't be defended under current circumstances.

This morning I watched the ... (Below threshold)

This morning I watched the Swift Boat Vets' leader John O'Neill on C-Span2. It was an excellent opportunity for him to actually state their case without Chris Matthews or Bill O'Reilly or any of the other TV big mouths interrupting and defending Kerry. Also, the audience got to ask questions and O'Neill effectively made his case. Chris Wallace kept holding up documents (proof) of Kerry's version of his Vietnam record when O'Neill was on Fox News Sunday. Well, turns out those documents were written by none other than John F. Kerry.

I question the timing of th... (Below threshold)

I question the timing of this post. It is clearly intended to coincide with the news events it purports to discuss. Coincidence? I think not.

George, even better than th... (Below threshold)

George, even better than that one is when the Time interviewer started to ask a political question, and Kerry replies, "I don't talk politics."






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