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Bad Bad News

I walked outside this morning and there was a light blue line on my roof.

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Better you than me for the ... (Below threshold)

Better you than me for the third time....

Us Floridians have become a little calloused when it comes to hurricanes now. I guarantee you, if Kerry or Bush campaigned to fund research on stopping hurricanes, they'd get 99.4% of the vote here.

There's a red one passing r... (Below threshold)

There's a red one passing right over mine!

I'm green - and not with en... (Below threshold)

I'm green - and not with envy.

Still no Texas.Heh... (Below threshold)

Still no Texas.


Best $5 I've ever spent!... (Below threshold)

Best $5 I've ever spent! (WU)...

One reason living in Wisconsin may make sense...besides the Dairy Aire!

Living in Clearwater in my youth; BTDT.

Stay Alert!

I have RED line so not much... (Below threshold)

I have RED line so not much sympathy here. I do hope it goes NOT pass over New Orleans, however, as they are so far below sea level. Guess the rest of us could deal with it better. And I am inland enough to stop the brunt. It least I hope I am.

I dunno about you guys but ... (Below threshold)

I dunno about you guys but I'm a foot below sea level and less than 50 miles from the coast.

do the math.

Hope that thing stays out o... (Below threshold)

Hope that thing stays out of north dakota.

Hate to say it but I've bee... (Below threshold)

Hate to say it but I've been thinking for days whenever I saw a projected track, that it was more likely to bear west than they were expecting. So far it has been bearing west more than the tracks have projected.

Get to high ground, Paul.

Good luck Paul. Guess all o... (Below threshold)

Good luck Paul. Guess all of us South Floridians wishing it would vere left ...um...well, good luck.

Hey Hoss, I'm right under t... (Below threshold)
Capt Smythe:

Hey Hoss, I'm right under the little blue line also...only I AM in New Orleans. Some interesting trivia about NOLA and it's unbelievable potential for a hurricane wrought cataclysm:
1. New Orleans averages 7.3 feet below sealevel...that's right, except for the levee system, this place would be called Bayou New Orleans, and it is sinking an average one inch per year.
2. The highest natural point of elevation in the entire city is...you guessed it: THE MISSISSIPPI.
3. Inside the closed door meetings of the FEMA types, from local all the way up to Federal, it is widely acknowledged, though definitely NOT publicly, that if even a CAT I hurricane were to hit the right way, I.E. straight up the river, New Orleans would be under 15 feet of water.
4....over 250,000 would perish.
5. Right now, there is a federally owned building in Slidell that has over 300,000 body bags sitting in preservation waiting for the Big One to hit.
6. The plan is to rebuild New Orleans somewhere between here and Baton Rouge along I-10.

Just came back from a meeting and it looks like we may be bugging out sometime in the relatively near future. For a city of over at least one million (don't know the exact #), there are only 3 routes out of town, all interstates. No local roads due to all the water around us.

As a Captain in the Corps, you can take my word for it that this is all very credible gouge, sorry, info. Ivan is a no-shit bonafide CAT V, with very little land mass between him and the mainland...and a lot of warm water to sit on and gain strength. If it takes the blue track, mark my words, you heard it here first, you will be able to say to your children that you remember going to Pat O's and Flynt's Hustler Club in the Quarter before there was a lake here. The devestation here will be Biblical in proportion...

Semper Fi,
Capt Smythe

Well, in MY neighbor's back... (Below threshold)

Well, in MY neighbor's back yard, someone was filling a dirt hole and going inside to take a cold shower! Go figure.

I've got green, orange and ... (Below threshold)

I've got green, orange and red. :(

Paul: go somewhere else, a... (Below threshold)

Paul: go somewhere else, anywhere that is higher ground and inland or West. Just close up your place, take the valuables you can pack in your car and go. Think about it later.

I'm in California...Santa Ana winds are blowing, it's hot here, raining everywhere else nearby. Avocado trees growin', flowers everywhere...nice.






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